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World First: Artificial Intelligence Powered Twitter Marketing

(A Twitter Bot That Learns, Develops & Markets More Efficiently For You On Autopilot!)

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CinchTweet - Intelligent Automated Traffic Software

From: Cindy Donovan
Anyone needing a better, easier and handsfree source of targeted website traffic

Re: New intelligent software that automates traffic in any niche, to this 330 Million active user database!

It's definitely no secret.  Twitter is here to stay. 

Back on the 21st of March, 2006 this baby bird was born... and in the years that have followed it's grown from a tiny little tweet that mostly went unheard... to tweets that have shaken the nation. 

That tiny twitter bird has grown into a GOLIATH of badassness (yup, it's a word now...), and showing no signs of slowing down

Twitter has grown into a VERY big deal, with it's monthly active users consistently hitting new peaks every single quarter. 

Sure, we've seen other social networks hit the scene and some have even made a bit of a splash and found their way online.  Popularity for sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Linked In & YouTube etc have risen as great places for us online marketers.

However, even with the introduction of all of these... nothing can slow Twitter down

As these new social media sites 'battle' day-in day-out for your attention, Twitter... EVERY quarter, stands strong.

So, if it's so good... why don't more online marketers use Twitter more actively in their online businesses? 

Heck, with this kind of active audience - why aren't we all using it PROactively in our businesses? 

For most of us, the issue is time. 

It takes time to: 
- Find good people to follow (targeted, niche specific, relevant)
- Come up with 'shareworthy' things to say (witty, useful, interesting)
- Actually post and keep it current with enough consistency to create an audience that comes to expect good things from you/your brand

So, what if time was no longer an issue?

Keep reading and I'll show you how you can tap into this 330 Million (and growing!!!) audience and sift through the ones that aren't going to buy from you and find those chunks of valuable gold.

Then use this software to AUTOMATICALLY grow that targeted, engaged audience, in moments from now!

And it all starts... with a little spark of Intelligence...

Real Or Artificial Intelligence?

Twitter posts that don't tie in with your brand or just plain don't make sense hurt your twitter account, your brand, damage your twitter following and the number of people who will pay attention to future tweets you post.

Our intelligent software learns who the best people are to follow in your niche with the best content possible to build a passionate following of engaged Twitter followers.

My Embarrassing Problem With Bots

POTUS isn't the only one goofing up Twitter... and my problem was thanks to an automated Twitter bot that was 'supposed to' find, follow, retweet etc people in my niche.  (NO... my niche is NOT #pornstar...)  

The problem with the (many... oh so many...) Twitter softwares I've tried in the past was that it just didn't let me customise it enough to be able to get good results.

Even though I've got a reputable online software company... I looked like a total idiot when posts like this showed up in my feed for about 2 weeks before I noticed.  

When I set up software I want to be able to trust it won't screw me over
(pun maybe intended here? haha - but seriously - TOTALLY unimpressed!)

CinchTweet FIXED It All

Just a few weeks after having a less than impressive (totally #shameworthy) Twitter account, CinchTweet was able to turn it all around - have a look at some more recent results!

Here's What Happened After I Used CinchTweet

And... It's Not Just (Relieved) Me!

TONS of people who've been using the software are loving CinchTweet! Here's what they've said:

YES! CinchTweet Can Work For You Too!

Are you ready to give it a go?  If so, go ahead and >> click here <<.  You'll be able to access the low special we're offering today AND do it all completely risk free.  If it doesn't work for you, let us know - and you'll get your money back. 

If you want to get into the nuts and bolts of everything this software can do for you keep reading to learn about all of the features CinchTweet has to offer!

To begin with ... one of our biggest features is that we have a very firm anti-death-threat policy... 

CinchTweet is create to build your audiences, drive traffic that builds your lists and makes you money.  

Read below to see what you'll be getting today - and when you're ready go ahead and place your order and we'll be ready to start sending you some of that sweeeeeeet viral traffic!

No Death Threats - Guaranteed!

We've had a lot of fun creating this software, but one thing we take really seriously is the quality of posts.

During product development we spent a lot of time researching where other twitter bots have gone rogue so that we can COMPLETELY AVOID this kind of thing happening.   Check it out, yup... this actually happened to someone who WASN'T using our smart CinchTweet software!!!

Jeffry van der Goot was a victim of a twitter bot gone wild... his bot found words from other twitter posts and attempted to combine them to turn those into unique twitter content.  It went badly, accidentally posting a death threat targeting a celebrity at a fashion show.  (big oops, yeah Jeffry???)

Things like random death threats... are things that, until now you might not have even thought was a problem (with Twitter bots, or ANY other kind of bot), but trust us - we've thought about it - so that you don't have to. 

We know all you want is traffic.  Just connect your Twitter account and know that it's working well for you, right? 

Which is what we've created, and then some!

CinchTweet has added security measures to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

We've developed and fine-tuned positive/negative language detection, so that you can select the tone of language used in the twitter users voice, before requesting to follow, or retweeting their tweets.

Smart, huh?  :)  

Positive/Negative Language Detection Is Just

One Of Our MANY Smart Features

CinchTweet Is SUPER Feature Packed, Just Have A Look At What It Can Do! 

Find & Follow Targeted Users

Connect your Twitter account and choose how fast/slow you want to build your audience (slow is better... more natural looking!) 

Automate Tweets/Retweets

Set our software to look for targeted tweets for you to retweet filling your account with lots of relevant content.

Smart Hashtagging #

Hashtags are where your account will get you traffic from wider sources than just your followers.  This builds your audience even more!

Location Based Tweets

Using our advanced settings, you can set where CinchTweet finds your new followers and which tweets to RT & reply to.

Personalised Follow Suggestions

Finding people to follow is an individual thing, our system will match you with the best people in your niche. 

Custom Search Dates

Build fresher audiences, or use this setting for some 'flashback' fun.  

Call To Action Tweets

Twitter is great for branding, but you want money too yeah? Schedule money making tweets and break up content with cash! 

Send Automated PM's

Create real personalisation with an automated private message that gets sent out to your followers, you can write whatever you like. 

@Conversation Starters

Want to engage people more?  Start automated conversation starters tagging them in to a greeting message with their name in it.

Post Search Type: Video

In the advanced settings you can select to ONLY retweet video tweets if you want to fill your feed with engaging videos

Post Search Type: Images

Or if you prefer, only show Images.  Or... keep things interesting and you can mix it up with a combination of text, video and image. 

Ongoing Free Viral Traffic!

Set it up once and it will work for you forever, building your followers and posting on autopilot - so the best time to start is NOW! 

Works On PC & Mac

There's nothing to install, you simply login, connect your account, pick your settings and it will go to work for you. 

Works With ANY Browser

If you able to view this page (you're reading now, so I'm guessing you can!), then yes - you can use our membership site software. 

Unbelievably Easy To Use

We've got step-by-step training, ready to walk you through connecting your account and start seeting followers and traffic fast. 

Want To See More?  Watch The Walkthrough Video Here!

Get CinchTweet Access Today!

You Need Traffic.  Let CinchTweet Bring It!

Have Thousands Of New, Targeted Twitter Followers

Find people who will follow, click and buy from you!

Get Masses Of Followers In ANY Niche

Twitter has an audience for anyone, in any niche, so build them BIG!

Very Easy To Use, Get Started & Seeing Results Fast

We show you how to connect and set this up to work for you. 

30 Day, See Results Or Money Back Guarantee! 

We know this works, we use it ourselves!  But don't just take our word for it, try it out for yourself 100% risk free. 

Tested & Loved By Top IM'ers

Our software has been tested and recommended by all of these highly respected online marketers: 

And many more...

And Now It's Your Turn

Ready to do this?   Well, get ready for a boatload of followers and real human interaction with your new twitter audience, because we absolutely and very literally...


We're so sure you'll enjoy the extra followers and traffic you'll be getting from CinchTweet, that we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is.   Try CinchTweet for a full 30 days, and if you're not seeing more followers, more traffic and leads - then contact us and we'll give you your money back.  The worst thing that can happen for you right now, is you get to use a piece of software to build your twitter accounts... doesn't sound too bad, yeah?  


During launch we're also going to include access to our Wordpress blogging module at NO EXTRA charge.

This allows you to connect your blogs and have your blog AUTOMATICALLY pull in beautifully formatted posts ready for your Twitter audience whenever you add a new post on your blog, tying more pieces of your business together for a seamless experience for your audience. 


This bonus may be taken down at any time - so grab it now while you still can - and connect all of your blogs for more Twitter juice!

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CinchTweet - Intelligent Automated Traffic Software

Start getting traffic and interactions that lead to sign ups and sales today!

Twitter is only going to continue to grow, so the sooner you take action, the bigger your rewards.  

Just think.  One year from now, you could have a fully thriving Twitter account (or multiple accounts if you like!), that's STILL automatically generating more and more traffic by the day. 

Or... you could be sitting there thinking... oh damn, I wish I'd taken them up on that offer... traffic right now would have been sweet! 

Where do you want to be in one year from now?  I know which one I'd choose! 

Don't waste time living with 'i should have's' - take advantage of the no-risk guarantee and give it a try today. 

To Your Success!
Cindy Donovan


Q: Do I Have To Be A Celebrity? 
A: No!  It's true, many celebrities and high profile people use Twitter, but not all 330 million users a month are household names.  This opportunity is open to anyone that needs traffic.

Q: Are These Followers Real People?
A: The honest answer is, no - not all people who follow you back will be authentic people you can interact with and market to - however, as you start building up your base, you'll it grow faster and faster as people see you have a larger follower list and are more likely to trust you.  You'll get a combination of followers and bots, which is exactly what you're looking for to make this work well. 

Q: Can I Use It On More Than 1 Twitter Acct?
A: During our launch we're allowing you to create and automate not just one twitter account, but up to 3!  If you'd like to get traffic to more than 3 Twitter accounts we've got special members only discounts available (in your members area), but start with 3 first, you might find that's enough for a while! 

Q: How Quickly Will It Work?
A: Your account will be ready to go within about 10 minutes, there are instructions on setting up CinchTweet to work for you.  Once it's active we suggest you set it to slow and let it build up.  You should start seeing your first followers within 24hrs. 

Q: Will I Get Banned From Twitter?
A: CinchTweet has recommended settings, if you stick to those (you'll see notes in your account), you won't have any issues.  While it's not against the Twitter rules to use bots, if you push them too hard... they can get cross, so follow our guidelines and your accounts will be safe.

Q: Is Twitter Only Good For Branding?
A: Twitter is a great place for branding, yes - but also giving a face to yourself, your brand and set you up as an approachable authority.  It's also awesome for building lists, selling directly and advertising products is 'ok', but when you get them onto a list first you're guaranteed much greater longterm success.  

This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility no longer is on their site. 
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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