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Pricey Santa,

It is me yet again – your favorite merchandise manager! You haven’t from me in a while. The earlier few decades have been….interesting, but all is effectively. I am composing to permit you know that I have been very superior this year. I have been absolutely focused on my end users, chatting to them often and not pretending that I am them. I have built a concerted work to be information-informed more than facts-pushed, and have been concentrated on outcomes about outputs. All. 12 months. Spherical.

Of training course, we can not forget about that time previously in the yr when I finished up overengineering my product by creating features as well advanced for our users, but that’s all drinking water underneath the bridge….if you’re not successful, you are learning…am I proper or am I right?!

So in the hope that I have accomplished ample to find my title on the Good List, below is my wish record for this Xmas:

  1. Knowing when my OKRs really do not suck, this calendar year I have fallen into the lure of cargo-cult OKRs, the place I have expected the rituals to solve their complications while shedding sight of my contemplating. Everything to fully grasp how to use them effectively would be Wonderful.
  2. A lesson in communication with Software Engineers. Like me, engineers will need extended intervals of uninterrupted get the job done to be helpful. I really do not know when to interrupt them, and whether it is worth compact conversing about the weather. In some cases I would like to have a phase-by-action guideline on what to do more of, and what to keep away from.
  3. Recognize what product or service manager part ideal is effective for me. As considerably as I have beloved looking at the purpose develop, when I go to a converse or event with so a lot of different styles of solution supervisors close to, I see myself regurgitating a very similar problem “what particularly is it, that you do?” it would be attractive for you to grow on solution operations is as well. Many thanks in advance…
  4. For my sanity, you should present me with a listing of measuring the suitable metrics. For Christmas I’d like to know what to measure to build effective items, I want to be successful with my knowledge and not be overloaded with spreadsheets. Make sure you enable me to continue to keep matters simple and simple.
  5. And lastly on my listing (as it generally is…) is to master the art of indicating no. This could possibly be a massive talk to, but even when I want to say no, I someway end up indicating of course? Educate me the means of the no’s. Feel cost-free to say no to this ask for though…

I haven’t bought close to to obtaining the best stocking nevertheless, it is somewhere on my to-do checklist. But I guarantee it will be in the very same spot as usually, following to the whiteboard and on prime of my pile of sticky notes. I have the greatest milk and cookies on arrival. Searching forward to looking at what Christmas provides!

Merry Christmas!


Overstretched Product or service Manager

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Read Later - DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF >> Click Here <<