Chaos Monkeys Antonio García Martínez

Chaos Monkeys Antonio García Martínez

This month we’re celebrating the dizzying rise of some of the most influential companies known to man – that have sprouted from Silicon Valley, California.

The book ‘Chaos Monkey’s explores a few of the negative aspects of this huge Silicon Valley boom and how it can effect your online business – as well as your general day to day lifestyle.

“Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez” is June’s book of the month!

About our book club

I love to read, learn and find better ways to do things – and figured… hey, why not include a few other folks into this too!   Which birthed our Wildfire Concepts book club.

It’s a friendly group of people interested in learning more and doing better when it comes to marketing online – and just being a more awesome person in general.

There are no requirements, nobody is gonna force you to read x number of pages, or get cross with you if you skip a book entirely … this is here for YOU – so just jump in at your own pace.  Have fun with it, discover some new things about yourself and others – and please do post in the comments below too if you have any ideas that jumped out at you that you’d like to share too!

Want to get a copy and join in our discussions too?

Our Featured Book: Chaos Monkeys – Click Here To Get It On Amazon

What is Chaos Monkeys about?

This is all about discovering and learning more about our bad habits, so that you can take what you know from that and turn them into positive habits.  It’s about:

  • Why foreign workers for tech companies keep putting up with less than humane conditions;
  • What Google is doing that’s taking jobs away and putting them in the hands of robots; and
  • Why Silicon Valley success isn’t necessarily the most important thing to think about. 

I’ve broken down my own observations into ‘chunks’ so you can check them out, give your feedback on parts as you’re just digging into the book.

REMEMBER: There are no rules to this book club – of course, you’re going to learn more by getting the book and actually reading it yourself, but you might not have the time – and nobody is going to judge you for that.  If you’ve not even read the book, but some of the comments or discussion points trigger some ideas feel free to post and talk too.  We’re all about learning and growing together.

Here are some discussions we’ve got going on about the Chaos Monkeys, bt Antonio García Martínez, come and join us and share your thoughts too!

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June 6, 2017