Do You Use Targeted Marketing Based On Habit? Is It Ethical?

Do You Use Targeted Marketing Based On Habit?  Is It Ethical?

In May’s bookclub book, The Power of Habit – we’ve been talking a bit about why we do what we do – how to understand our habits (good or bad) and how to use that part of our brain as a way to strengthen our lives instead of being controlled by them.

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Discussion: Selling More As Marketers, Using Habits

With the glorious dawn of the Internet, we’re now able to target advertising more directly than ever before.  We’re talking about things like the massive chain, Target – being able to track our shopping habits, gather information about what kind of things we buy and when…

There are data specialists whose entire job is to gather information about our shopping habits, discover algorithms about our general behaviour online, but also while we are in our physical shops/supermarkets etc.

They arrange items in a store, not by accident – but with the intent to make sure you leave that store with as much produce as possible.  Our habits are very telling.

Duhigg spoke about the fabric and air freshening product ‘Fabreeze’ as an ‘almost failure’.  The actual scent had to be changed dramatically and was changed based on feedback from their target audience – who discovered that a driving force behind the customers motivation to use cleaning products, was that they loved that nice clean home smell.  When they changed their marketing to reflect this ‘clean home smell’ angle, it took off!

  • Do you use any targeted marketing in your online business?
  • Do you think this kind of ‘big brother’ type thing is dangerous?
  • Have you ever been ‘stalked’ by targeted ads? Can you remember the campaign?

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May 7, 2017