The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg

You’ll see two major common threads that you’ll see with successful entrepreneurs

First: They read – or absorb training in some way (videos, audiobooks, or… good ole fashioned physical books).  Don’t believe me?  Ask any one you know who is doing well what book they’re reading at the moment – and it’s pretty damn rare for them to say ‘I don’t really read’.  You’ll usually get an excited response about what it is they’re learning – and what it’s meaning to them, how they are applying it etc.

Secondly: They have strong routine – even if they’re not really ‘disciplined’ people, you’ll find that when they are most successful, feeling that strong sense of flow – they have a routine of sorts.  It might be a step-by-step type thing, where they go through a strict set of tasks… or, it could just be so subconsciously created they aren’t even aware that they are doing it.

However… when they DO, they get in the zone faster, achieve more and have a higher sense of achievement too!

Which is why I’ve chosen “The Power Of Habit”, by Charles Duhigg as May’s book of the month.

About our book of the month club

I love to read, learn and find better ways to do things – and figured… hey, why not include a few other folks into this too!   Which birthed our Wildfire Concepts book club thing.

It’s a friendly group of people interested in learning more and doing better when it comes to marketing online – and just being a more awesome person in general.

There are no requirements, nobody is gonna force you to read x number of pages, or get cross with you if you skip a book entirely … this is here for YOU – so just jump in at your own pace.  Have fun with it, discover some new things about yourself and others – and please do post in the comments below too if you have any ideas that jumped out at you that you’d like to share too!

Want to get a copy and join in our discussions too?

May 2017’s Book: The Power Of Habit – Click Here To Get It On Amazon

June 2017’s Book: Chaos Monkeys – Click Here To Order Your Copy For Next Month’s Discussions

(yep, I will get 4% commissions… lol, hope that’s cool.  It helps me keep things running here, so your purchase is appreciated.)

What is The Power Of Habit about?

This is all about discovering and learning more about our bad habits, so that you can take what you know from that and turn them into positive habits.  It’s about:

  • Understanding any of the negative habits you have
  • How they’re formed, and what drives them
  • How to change them in ways that stick
  • And maybe most importantly… how to not go back to them in times of stress.

These habits (positive or negative) massively impact every aspect of your life on a regular day to day basis.

The book really opens your eyes to how much of our day is driven by little habits that form our daily routines, pretty much on autopilot for the most-part.  Once you can SEE it, it gives you the power to control these habits – which, in turn, gives you more power to control your life.

The Power of Habit dives into the different areas of our lives that are influenced by habit, including social groups, our professional lives at home and at work – and even political movements, preferences and social change.

It’s an entertaining read that I guarantee you’ll find interesting – with a bunch of relatable examples from people who I felt myself relating to A LOT… it’s fun, insightful and scientifically based – and very approachable and easy to understand and process.

Duhigg shares a lot of practical tools you can learn and use in your life moving forward, including his ‘habit isolation technique’ and ‘alteration technique’.

I’ve broken down my own observations into ‘chunks’ so you can check them out, give your feedback on parts as you’re just digging into the book.

REMEMBER: There are no rules to this book club – of course, you’re going to learn more by getting the book and actually reading it yourself, but you might not have the time – and nobody is going to judge you for that.  If you’ve not even read the book, but some of the comments or discussion points trigger some ideas feel free to post and talk too.  We’re all about learning and growing together.

Here are some discussions we’ve got going on about the Power of Habit book by Charles Duhigg, come and join us and share your thoughts too!

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Shrinidhi S

Thoughts lead upto emotions, which lead upto actions, which lead upto results. Your habitual thinking determines your outcomes and achievements in life. Habits can make or break you.

Dr Ope Banwo

hmmmm. Its strange how many people, myself included, often never stop to think about how we formed our habits; and how those habits actually affect our business and personal lives. We often just say ‘thats who I am’ as if habits are hard-coded into our being and unchangeable. Yet, most successful people have proved that bad habits can be changed and new habits acquired with conscious effort. I have never even heard about these game changing techniques on harnessing positive habits and getting rid of bad ones with stuff like ‘habit isolation technique’ and ‘alteration technique’. Those concepts threaten to… Read more »

scott lichau

I agree wholeheartedly, most of us don’t realise what we can do to change our behaviour and habits, its a process but one that is worthwhile and important, in changing anything in our lives we have to first realise what needs to be changed and then take action to make the changes. reading from positive books helps me in this path!!

Connie Ragen Green

Great points, Shrinidhi. I add in another component, which is that our consistent habits lead up to a change in our nature, something that is even more powerful.

Glen Merrick

I have found many interesting things in here just reading through the writings from Cindy and to me it points out that (in layman terms) Habits are like a piece of string with many knots in it, and so for habits you choose to get rid of by undoing one knot then the other knots linked to it will also come undone and you can remove more than one habit at a time. Just a thought.

Scott Shannon

I’ve suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder) for many years. It doesn’t have a large impact on my life anymore, except when I don’t feel safe. When I feel threatened or when someone yells at me I respond with anger (which is really just fear). I consider this a habit that I very badly need to change. Other than my reaction to not feeling safe, anger is not a problem in my life because I rarely experience it. I’m habitually calm, patient, kind, and loving toward everyone. The description of this book by Cindy Donovan made me feel extremely… Read more »

Karleen L

Wow! I’m glad I opened the email about this new bookclub! I get so many emails, I tend to just delete most of them without reading them. However, the “Free Physical Book Giveaway” definitely caught my eye! I LOVE books and have a lot of bad habits, so as soon as I can afford it, I’ll be picking up this book! It sounds like something I definitely need to help me understand why I do what I do and how I can change it around to a positive good habit. Thanks, Cindy, for the email and for starting what looks… Read more »

WIlbur S

Congratulations Karleen

Scott Lichau

Great idea to have a book of the month club, its great to bounce idea’s off each other, I have done this on my own for years but when i am bouncing idea’s off myself i was too afraid i would get put into the madhouse, hahaha. I have a few favorites- 1. 7 habits of highly successful people, 2. The greatest salesman in the world, 3. The power of positive thinking, 4. How to win friends and influence people. These are just a few that I started with but made an impact for me. I take 20 minutes a… Read more »


There are two habits that cause 80% of suffering. First is fear. Fear of the unknown, of the dark, of strangers, of spiders, of other people’s views, and especially of other people’s lifestyles and cultures. There is an easy solution to break the habit of fear. If you travel widely, whether physical or mental, it will expose you to opportunities to experience and overcome most fears. Immersion in other geography and countries – mountain climbing, scuba diving, rain forests and deserts, gliders and yachts, backpacker hostels and 5-star hotels – will all broaden your view of what you can do,… Read more »


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May 7, 2017