Social Change & Habits – What Do You Want?

Social Change & Habits – What Do You Want?

In May’s bookclub book, The Power of Habit – we’ve been talking a bit about why we do what we do – how to understand our habits (good or bad) and how to use that part of our brain as a way to strengthen our lives instead of being controlled by them.

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Discussion: Power Of Habits For Major Social Change

Duhigg talked about WIDER ramifications of habit, with many social movements being influenced by the power of habit.  This affects communities of all sizes, but the fact is the same in all of them:

[bctt tweet=”When a large number of people agree to follow the same habits, the ripple effect can be astonishing” username=”wildfireconcept”]

You can see this at work in local social clubs, where you have a group of people all thinking the same way about something, which sparks a major social habit switch.  When a group take action based on their strong feelings and thoughts on a subject, and begin to passionately spread their ideas it can have massive impact.

The real power happens when the individuals inside of that group take their ideas, habits and routines in to other groups – where these ideas can go viral – because once these concepts and beliefs are grabbed and worked into the daily lives of more and more individuals, entire groups and communities start to act on the same impulses, with the same end goals.

We saw this phenomenon in the mid 1950’s – when Rosa Parks chose to sit when instructed to give up her seat.  Friends and supporters rallied together to protest her arrest, which drew in other friends, their families and more until people were boycotting buses to such an extent that it because a movement, positively impacting civil rights.

In fact, this movement was noticed by Martin Luther King Jr, who took the movement to even larger, global recognition and now – the habits that were ingrained in many generations of the past are often looked at with shock and disbelief.

We’ve still got a long way to go as humans in this area, but far out! There have been some major steps forward, that were inspired by a belief, an action and thankfully, a reward.

When communities work together, guided by a powerful leader with a clear focused agenda, we can see incredible things take shape!

As a leader, you can do great things and use your habits and beliefs form global movements, using the power of habit.

  • If you could change any habitual social construct, what would it be?
  • Do you have any ideas for social change you’d like to inspire?
  • How do you influence the people around you now, in the area of social change?

I’d love to hear from you!  Post your comments below.

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May 7, 2017