Using Habits At Work

Using Habits At Work

In May’s bookclub book, The Power of Habit – we’ve been talking a bit about why we do what we do – how to understand our habits (good or bad) and how to use that part of our brain as a way to strengthen our lives instead of being controlled by them.

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Discussion: Using Habits At Work

Setting positive habits within an organization is the best way to improve business and create as productive an environment as possible. Habits can be used to shape an entire corporation at every level, and many companies today successfully use this method to ensure great results. By identifying changes they want to make, industry leaders can begin to instill habits and actively move their companies in the right direction.

Just as a brain would be overwhelmed if it was necessary to think about every tiny daily process that needed to be done, so too a company would get bogged down if every function needed to be discussed and approved by too many people. By the time something made it through the process, it might be completely useless.

By introducing effective business habits, it is possible to organize the chain of command and balance the power within a company so that work can be conducted as efficiently and fairly as possible. These habits ensure that no one person carries everything on their shoulders, and that every person has a job and enough power to take care of what they need to. They also promote good interpersonal relationships and prevent a dog-eat-dog environment developing, which can be very detrimental to a company’s success.

It is the responsibility of leaders to see that these positive habits are set in place. Although the higher up in the company the leader is, the greater their sphere of influence, the empowering of all levels of leadership to shape the professional habits of a business will reap maximum benefit.

As one example, the CEO of Alcoa, an engineering and manufacturing company, made the habit of worker safety a top priority. Workplace safety became the concern of every employee from the CEO all the way down to the newest hourly employee, and within a matter of months changes began to take place. Soon Alcoa was not only one of the safest places to work but it had also vastly improved in many other aspects as well.

Introducing positive habits has the power to transform every part of a company, especially if those habits are keystones.

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May 7, 2017