Video chat apps are gaining immense popularity with every passing day. Research says that the video conferencing market will reach $13.82 billion by 2023. Have you been planning to build a video chat app of your own?

In this article, we shall discuss the top-performing video-calling API providers in the market that can aid your app development process. Stay with us and read on!

A video calling API can be described as a type of application programming interface that helps you develop a live video call app for your business or integrate advanced video functionalities into your communication system. With a video API, you can create, store, and deliver videos.

The video interaction between two users happens over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The live video calling API that is connected to the internet will send requests to the receiving device. As soon as the receiver gets the call, both audio and video are encoded. This process gets repeated again and again.

Businesses can leverage video call API for one-on-one and group video calling, file sharing, and audio calls.

Different businesses have different objectives and different target audiences to impress. So, it is quite obvious that your video needs will be different from others. There are various video APIs in the market to choose from. Here’s a description of some of them:

1. CONTUS MirrorFly — The #1 Live Video Calling API

MirrorFly provides you with around 150+ video functionalities. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and web platforms. MirrorFly delivers the best-in-industry average response time of 3 seconds and latency of fewer than 100 minutes even during weak network connectivity. As of now, MirrorFly has more than 1 billion concurrent users.

The best part is that it provides you with tailor-made video calling solutions. From identifying the ideal building blocks and the right technology stack to creating the entire app development roadmap, the MirrorFly video chat API handles it all.

2. PubNub — Video Calling App Development API to Power Virtual Communication

PubNub is loved by 2000+ businesses. It is a top-class communication platform with embedded business logic and integration capabilities. PubNub enables you to build scalable apps that can conduct real-time interactions without infrastructure issues.

The PubNub video API is leveraged by different industries such as gaming, telemedicine, E-learning, fleet transportation, marketplaces, and many more.

3. Cometchat — In-App Communication Platform

Cometchat provides you with a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that drives meaningful user-to-user engagements. It empowers you to quickly add one-on-one and group video functionalities into your communication model.

Cometchat is trusted by some of the leading brands like Udaan, Swedbank, Calix, and others. Developers can get access to detailed documentation and tutorials for video call integration.

4. Twilio — Creating Memorable Video Experiences

Twilio is a popular video chat SDK for mobile apps. It empowers you to embed customized video experiences into your application. With Twilio, you can build entirely engaging video applications that are optimized to function across all types of network conditions. The video API is built on WebRTC technology to create bespoke video engagements with customers.

5. QuickBlox — Video Call API for Websites, Android, and iOS

Quickblox enables high-quality peer-to-peer video calling and instantly connects people. It is built on webRTC and ensures safe interactions. The Quickblox API is easy to implement and is compatible with Android, iOS, and web applications.

It contains tools and documentation to assist developers to integrate new video functionalities within minutes. Around 30,000 software developers and organizations worldwide leverage QuickBlox. It facilitates 75+ million chats per day.

6. Agora — Facilitating Real-time Video Engagement

Agora’s live video chat API has everything that you need to build real-time video experiences. The API is fully flexible and customizable and provides you with complete control over every aspect of your experience. You can embed video in your communication platform with just a few lines of code. Agora powers around 50 billion minutes of live voice and video every month. Telehealth, gaming, retail, media, and entertainment are some of the industries that Agora serves.

7. Sinch — Delivering Compelling In-app Video Experiences

Sinch helps you build customizable video chat experiences in mobile, web, or desktop applications to step up brand personality. It is trusted by some of the most popular companies like Google, Tinder, Uber, VISA, and others. Did you know 8/10 of the largest US tech companies are Sinch customers? In fact, Sinch enables 600B customer engagements per year.

8. TokBox — Video Call API for Android

TokBox, now known as Vonage, is a state-of-the-art video chat API for Android, iOS, and the web. It helps you bring people together globally through fully programmable and customizable live video sessions. You can access technical resources to scope, architect, and deploy your application. The Vonage API is built on WebRTC industry standards.

9. EnableX — One of the Best Video Calling API Providers

EnableX provides you with a flexible and scalable video chat API. It helps you build video solutions that engage and create contextual in-app live video calling experiences with programmable building blocks. The EnableX video API is built on WebRTC technology and is compatible with different coding languages like Javascript, PHP, Python, and more.

10. Sendbird — The Friendliest Video Chat API
Sendbird makes it quicker to add high-quality video calling functionalities to your applications. It helps you boost engagement, conversion, and customer retention with life-like interactions. Sendbird serves video chat requirements across different vertices such as healthcare, gaming, marketplaces, and others. It is available on Android, iOS, JavaScript, and Flutter.

Wrapping up

We hope our article helped you gain a fair understanding of some of the top live video calling API providers. It is recommended to select a video API that is tailored to your specific requirements and expectations.

So, wait no more! Leverage the potential of a video API and clear the way for hassle-free business communication. Good luck!


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