How to Turn Customers Into Superfans (and Why You Need to)

  You’ve worked so hard to get followers, subscribers, and customers … but now what? Is it possible to nurture these relationships to build an amazing tribe of loyal, excited, passionate fans? In this post, you’ll learn it is possible, and we’re going to tell you...

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Can $100 Make Your Life Better?

Funny you mention that! I was just revisiting an idea ...
  • February 3, 2018 by Cindy Donovan


Pay It Forward Friday

This is great I produce animated videos and part of ...
  • March 2, 2018 by Mark L Stidham


List Building Tricks For Your Blog

Hi Cindy ! Awesome this article, with high value content. ...
  • January 3, 2018 by Symphorien


What Does Your Daily Routine Look Like?

This is so true and I do have a silly ...
  • May 7, 2017 by Dr Ope Banwo


Making A Free WordPress Blog

Carlos, hi 🙂 If you’re using the pro version our ...
  • March 19, 2018 by Cindy Donovan

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Use PLR Content To Rapidly Build Your Email List

Use PLR Content To Rapidly Build Your Email List

When you use PLR content you are able to zoom past the learning curve and have your own content and products online MUCH faster. It doesn't matter what niche you are, having a strong production of content is a fast track to being seen as an expert online, which means...

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Using Instagram For Marketing, Turbo Charging Your Sales.

Using Instagram For Marketing, Turbo Charging Your Sales.

Using Instagram for marketing  to build influencer status, drive your marketing, and network with celebrities, experts, and other professionals- is one of the smartest uses of your time online right now. It's also a way to drive a huge volume of sales if you use it to...

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Smart Audience Profiling Methods

Smart Audience Profiling Methods

Audience Profiling “He’s Called Bob!” 10 Easy Ways To Research Your Market And Better Understand Your Buyers! Knowing Your Market How well do you know YOUR market? Even though there are plenty of sources and resources you can go to online for information in this...

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What If Clients ‘Don’t Have The Budget’?

What If Clients ‘Don’t Have The Budget’?

Sometimes you'll come across businesses who could REALLY benefit from a stronger online presence, you have the skills and software tools to help businesses make more money - but... their biggest objection is pretty clear.  They just don't have the money. Money is what...

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What People Have To Say About Wildfire Concepts

And their experiences with the founder, Cindy Donovan

"If you want to get connected, Cindy has probably lost or forgotten more contacts than I have in my entire rolodex. But it's not just having a contact, with Cindy it's a true caring relationship with people and that's what I really like about her and why I've been privileged to call her a great friend over the many years.

She's fun, witty, and a blast to hang out but when it comes time for business she knows her stuff and gets things done. Cindy keeps it real 🙂 "

Jeremy Gislason

Co Founder Memberspeed Inc

Cindy is one of the most incredible business people I’ve had the pleasure and the chance to work with. I’ve known Cindy for three or four years now and the quality of work that she puts out is second to none.

She has a unique ability to engage with people, and to deliver exactly what’s needed in the marketplace at exactly the right time.  Cindy has an ability to really delve deep into what’s needed in a marketplace and deliver that en pointe.

If you have the opportunity to work with Cindy, the opportunity to be taught by her, to work next to her in any kind of functionality or forum then that’s an opportunity that you should not miss because it will do you well for today and into the future. Walt Bayliss

Walt Bayliss

Cindy is a smart, business minded entrepreneur who, for many years now, has been able to consistently produce quality products and services that sell, which as an affiliate is great because I know that promoting something she releases will make me money and give my subscribers products they will use and benefit from.

She has made it her mission to continuously grow and learn, and share what she has in ways that are easy to connect with and powerful in their application.

Any opportunity to join Cindy in any capacity would be one not to be missed. Mark Thompson

Digital Kickstart