When you use PLR content you are able to zoom past the learning curve and have your own content and products online MUCH faster.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are, having a strong production of content is a fast track to being seen as an expert online, which means more sales, higher Google rankings and more eyes on all of that hard work you’re investing in your online biz.

Unfortunately though (or if you are in the seat of someone trying to search for their answers on Google, probably FORTUNATELY!) … even though, yes… ‘content is king’. It’s not entirely true.

More accurate would be to say Quality content is king’

In fact, high quality engaging content is one of the most effective ways to show you are an expert in your space.

So, rewinding just a sec… in case you are new here, let me answer one quick Q:  What is PLR?

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ and when you buy PLR rights, it means you can use relabel them as your own products and use the content however you want.

For those of you who are looking at me like… ‘I totally knew that’… chill…

You might KNOW about PLR, but are you using it – and more importantly, are you using it as effectively as you could be, because there are many more ways to use PLR content than most people will think of straight away.

AND…  because there is so much PLR content out there, you can literally find something for any niche you can think of… from ‘normal’ topics like how to create a website, all the way to the more extreme… like, how to feed and nurture your pet Iguana!

Here is one way to use PLR content quickly and super profitably that many people overlook, using it as high quality engagement content for your email sequences.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways you can make consistent income, drive hands-free traffic and streamline a lot of your business, whatever niche you are in.

Not convinced?  Have a look at some of these stats!

use plr content

But writing email sequences can take a while… which is where PLR content comes in

Step 1. Search out PLR sites that have content that is a match for your niche.

These are easy to find but these two are my favourites:

1. Surefire Wealth – HUGE collection of great quality PLR, I’ve been a member here since 2007 and every month they add more and more content.   You can get an entire YEAR’s silver level access if you use this link too – make sure the Ad Code says “CindyB” so that the invite works.

2. Automated List Profits – This isn’t free, but it’s one of my favourite resources for completely done for you lead capture funnels. This has prewritten giveaway reports and targeted email sequences with all of the source files you need – so you can customise them however you like.

You’ll also get lifetime access for just a once-off price… getting two completely done for you funnels every single month – so it’s well worth the investment.  Check out Automated List Profits here.

Step 2. Rewrite the content quickly or outsource it.

You want your content to be concise, to the point, and interesting. You want the reader to feel engaged with at least one big takeaway.

I rarely use ‘PLR’ as is. I use it as a way to brainstorm and formulate ideas that I can use for my own content. I like apps for Mac like ‘Rough Draft’ so I can write, tweak, and edit later.

Step 3. Make sure there is a clear call to action in the content.

You’ll want to make sure there is a clear call to action in the content. Such as ‘If you’d like to learn more about how I build a seven figure business from my home office – hop on my email list so I can send you more cool content and stuff like that. Don’t just sit there go do it now.’

See, it doesn’t have to be a strong arm approach – it just needs to be clear, concise, and to the point – and… tweaking content that’s already been written, removing ‘fluff’ to make them more clear is the EASY part…

So, don’t start with a blank page and find yourself still be sitting there a week from now, frustrated at getting nowhere. Use this PLR content as a starting point and start seeing a bit of traction faster, which makes things easier for you to keep moving forward and keep motivation levels higher.

Do you have any ideas about how to use PLR content more effectively?  If so, post them in the comments below – I’d love to hear ’em!