Hey, everybody, it’s Daren Baker of DBaker Designs, coming to you with 60 seconds of gratefulness! The one person, awesome person, kind, amazingly talented, Katie Curtis, who is owner operator of Inspired Video Marketing. She has done an amazing job for Deanne and I. You recently saw some of her work with the Macfiche, the giant troll that we did. Or giant, giant.

[Video Excerpt]:
[Daren]: “We are DBaker designs, and we make giants.
[Deanna]: I’m Deanna Baker.
[Daren]: Baker. The Pretty one.
[Deanna]: So pretty.
[Daren]: And I’m Darren, the ugly one.

[Daren continues speaking]:
That we recently did, she shot an amazing video. She edited it. She did all this really cool stuff. And, man, she made us look so much better than what we actually are. And I can’t express my appreciation enough for her or for you, Katie, if you’re watching. Thank you so much.

It’s an amazing work, and we recognize that sick talent that you got and the great work and the hard work ethic and all the other stuff that we’ve seen. You’ve done absolutely amazing stuff. The fact that you did ours and we’ve been honored to have you do that work for us, makes it all the better. So, thank you. Gratitude, out to Katie Curtis of Inspired Video Marketing.

[Video Excerpt]:
[Deanna]: Why the giant and what we’d say to them?
[Daren]: That’s the number one question.
[Both Deanna & Daren]: Why not?
[People speaking]: Absolutely incredible. Very nice. We got it.


For those of you who are curious about the work of this extraordinary team, I urge you to check them out at http://dbakerdesigns.com. If you have any artistic vision you want to come to digital or physical fruition, these are the people to talk to! 


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