10 Must-Have Website Features to Increase Conversions

In today’s digital world, a website is vital to attract visitors and persuade them to become paying customers. You can no longer afford to have an outdated website that was designed decades ago. A visually appealing and functional website design plays a key role in building your online brand image as well as driving traffic. 

Whether you’re creating a new website for your business or planning to update the old one, here are some must-have website features. Take a look.

1. Easy Navigation

A new visitor isn’t going to spend hours trying to figure out how your website works. There are a lot of aspects of website designing you can get creative with, but it’s best to stick to standards when it comes to navigation. The navigation bar should be placed where visitors expect it to be.

2. Search Bar

When users are visiting your website with a specific product in mind, a search bar will make their website experience smooth. With the help of a search bar, they can quickly search exactly what they are looking for without the need to scan the entire website. The search function plays a significant role in conversions.

3. Original Graphics

Stock images are way too generic for a website. Every website has a message to convey, and that won’t be possible with stock images from the internet. Create original graphics and images that resonate with your brand and company vision. 

4. Effective CTA

We cannot emphasize how important is an effective CTA for a successful website design. You don’t just want people to visit your website, but also take action. And for that, a persuasive call to action is a must. You should also focus on ensuring that the CTA is visible and easily accessible.

5. SEO-Based Content

Carefully plan website content keeping in mind the questions your visitors are likely to ask. This is one of the critical must-have website features if you want to increase conversions. The website content should also be SEO-based in order to attract visitors searching for relevant keywords.

6. About Us

The ‘About Us’ page is a way to tell your story to visitors and help them learn more about your business. Try to be creative with your About Us page instead of just copy-pasting the company’s mission statement.

7. High-Quality Blog

A high-quality blog is an additional website element that will further enhance your online presence. You should create high-quality content for your blog that’s useful to your target audience. Also, make sure it’s shareable on various platforms and SEO optimized. You cannot overlook the impact of this online marketing tool for your business. 

8. Testimonials

Any positive feedback and reviews from existing customers is a great way to gain new visitors’ trust. That being said, don’t make the mistake of fabricating testimonials. Get in touch with your customers and ask for permission to use their real names and images, if possible. Reliable testimonials help build credibility.

9. Live Chat

Live chat is an increasingly popular function to make visitors feel seen and heard. Include Live Chat on your website to provide excellent customer service. It allows customers to get their questions answered with minimum effort as they don’t have to bother sending an inquiry email or reading FAQs.

10. Social Media Links

The business website is one of the several components that help create your online presence. Social media is another important aspect. You should include social media icons on every page’s footer to encourage visitors to check out your social media. 

Final Words

Website designing is not a purposeless or frivolous task. It’s an investment that will bring in paying customers and help increase your business revenue.  Evaluate your current website for these must-have website features.  If you’re setting up a website on Shopify or planning to build it from scratch, it’s worth hiring professional Shopify developers.

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