There’s nothing like one of the best content marketing TED talks to inspire a new perspective.

At Marketing Insider Group, we love learning from the industry’s thought leaders to keep our own marketing efforts both innovative and effective. A

nd what better way to inspire our readers to do the same than to share some of the best content marketing TED talks ever given?

Whether you’re in a content marketing rut or just looking to learn something new, you’re in the right place. Here’s 11 of our favorite content marketing TED talks to help shed light on how you can take your own marketing efforts to the next level.

Quick Takeaways

  • To create viral content, you need to be a trendsetter, have a creative community, and be unpredictable
  • Keep your content interesting and well-designed connect with your audience and keep them engaged
  • Effective content marketing makes an emotional connection with its audience  
  • Creating a buzz-worthy headline is great, but only when our content is sharing trustworthy information and valuable insight

Learning from content marketing TED talks is one of the best ways to keep your knowledge up to date and ideas inspired by industry thought leaders.

11 TED Talks Every Content Marketer Needs To Watch

Sometimes, all you need is an impressive TED talk to reignite your love for content marketing. With some of our favorite content marketing TED talks right at your fingertips, we’re hoping they do just that.

1. The Tribes We Lead

By Seth Godin

Video Source: TED

In this content marketing TED talk, Seth Godin, American entrepreneur and computer scientist, suggests that the internet has reintroduced the concept of “tribes” into today’s society. Forget about mass marketing – Seth Godin recommends that you focus on the idea of tribes instead to hone in on an audience that feels passionately about your brand.

2. The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

By Morgan Spurlock

Video Source: TED-Ed

Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker and TV producer, guides us through the thought process behind his documentary about advertising and branding, called “The Greatest Film Ever Sold.” In this video, Spurlock shares his experience with marketing agencies, finding funding for the film, and his results.

3. How Physics Helps Me In Marketing

By Dan Cobley

Video Source: TED

In this TED talk, Dan Cobley, former Chief Marketing Officer at Google, argues that physics and marketing have a lot in common. In fact, he shares that Newton’s 2nd law, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and thermodynamics are the key to understanding the fundamentals of effective brand marketing.

4. How Videos Go Viral

By Kevin Allocca

Video Source: TED

With TikTok as today’s most popular social media app, everyone wants their video content to go viral. In Kevin Allocca’s TED talk, he sheds light on how you can make that dream come true: be a trendsetter, have a community, and be unpredictable. As a content marketer, you can use the same recipe for success to create content that makes an impact.

5. Life Lessons From Advertising Man

By Rory Sutherland

Video Source: TED

As an expert content marketer, you already know that advertising goes beyond product design and performance– and you also know the importance of making an emotional connection with your audience. In Rory Sutherland’s TED talk, he discusses how you can influence consumer behavior with emotional marketing and the effect it has on the perception of a product.

6. What Are You Willing to Give Up to Change the Way We Work?

By Martin Danoesastro

Video Source: TED

Marketing transformation expert, Martin Danoesastro, shares his own insight on how companies can better structure their management system and provide employees with the tools and skills they need for effective decision making. In this video, Danoesastro emphasizes that as the world becomes more complex, we must continue to find innovative ways to empower the people around us.

7. 404 Page Not Found History

By Renny Gleason

Video Source: TED

Renny Gleason, leader of interactive strategy at an advertising agency, began his career as a game developer. In his content marketing TED talk, Gleason emphasizes the importance of surprise and entertainment if you want your brand to stand out from the competition. Keeping your content interesting and well-designed will not only connect you with your audience, but also keep them engaged.

8. 8 Lessons for Building A Company People Enjoy Working For

By Patty McChord

Video Source: TED

Patty McChord has had her hand in product culture creation for the past 14 years. As former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, she shares her own expertise on how to build trust with employees, curate productive teams, and initiate positive change within your own organization.

9. The Technology of Storytelling

By Joe Sabia

Video Source: TED

In this content marketing TED talk, developer of Elle magazine’s most viral video series, Joe Sabia, emphasizes the importance of visual storytelling. From the 1800s until now, Sabia takes us through the timeline of the science behind telling a story to connect with an audience.

10. How Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google Control Our Emotions

By Scott Galloway

Video Source: TED

Scott Galloway, expert in brand strategy and digital marketing, touches on the importance of targeting consumer instincts. In fact, he explains that it’s impossible to build a successful, multi-billion dollar company without first identifying consumer habits and building a strategy around them.

11. Beware of Neuro-Bunk

By Molly Crockett

Video Source: TED

American neuroscientist, Molly Crockett, discusses the buzz around attention-grabbing headlines and why, as content marketers, we need to get the story straight. Creating a buzz-worthy headline is great, but only when our content is sharing accurate, trustworthy information and providing value to its audience.

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