Web Marketing Owning a small business is rewarding but comes with unlimited challenges. It’s hard to be a marketing guru when your job at the top requires that you handle a variety of responsibilities. Sometimes your business may stagnate because you simply don’t have time to devote to web marketing strategies.

One solution is to get a small business loan, like the ones offered by Camino Financial, to have extra cash on hand and hire a marketing professional. Likewise, you can carve out some time in your schedule and implement some of the following web marketing strategies.

Try these web marketing strategies1. Create videos

Videos are a proven marketing tool that converts potential customers into sales. You can launch a new product or service and have a video that shows customers how it works.

When you place a product video on a landing page, those viewers convert into buyers. Remember, consumers prefer seeing helpful and engaging information.

2. Host an online mini-course

Webinars allow you to promote your business and connect with potential customers. After making a presentation, you can follow up with viewers with a question and answer session.

Webinars can potentially turn leads into sales and long-time customers.

3. Add a FAQ page to your website

Not only can you enhance the visitor experience, but the page may also increase traffic to your site.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Most people use smartphones to surf content on websites. If they can’t navigate on your website, they won’t stay more that 2 seconds.

Plus, Google considers mobile-friendliness as an important factor when ranking your website.

5. Offer a newsletter subscription

Connecting with customers is an important way to communicate new information about your products and services. You can let them know in real-time about updates and promotions thanks to a newsletter.

6. Go where customers hang out

Without a doubt, social media is here to stay. Having a presence on your customers’ favorite social platform is imperative.

You could also join a forum and look for questions you can answer related to your business product or service. Make sure to include your website’s link to drive future traffic.

7. Optimize content for SEO

SEO means using keywords that will help your website rank in search engine results better. You may have an award-winning site but people need to be able to find it.

If you don’t already use it, implement Search Engine Optimization on your site ASAP.

8. Hold an online contest

People love competing for prizes.

By having an online contest, you’ll create a buzz and potential customers can discover your brand. Offer a prize related to your business in exchange for adding a person’s name to a subscriber list. You can offer tiered prizes and a free digital download about one of your products just for signing up.

9. Optimize images

Nothing slows down a website quicker than images that aren’t optimized. You’ll lose potential customers because they won’t wait for your website to load. And you don’t want that.

Plus, Google also considers page speed when ranking your website.

10. Translate your website into other languages

According to Babbel, the top three most spoken languages in the world are Chinese, English, and Spanish. You can build better relationships with clients when your website is available in several languages.

11. Add a live chat

When customers shop, they want answers at the moment. Not only is it a convenient customer service feature, but live chat also increases conversions and sales and gives your business a competitive edge.

12. Set up a customer loyalty program for online shoppers

Repeat business helps to fast track your business. You can incentivize customers by offering online discounts, rebates, and coupons.

Reward your customers every time they make a purchase or for providing referrals. Customers could earn points for every dollar spent and redeem their earnings for free merchandise or use earned points toward future purchases.

What’s next for you and your business?

Are you in a similar situation where you need to actively market your business’s products or services?

Perhaps getting a small business loan to hire a marketing consultant is your next logical step after implementing the above strategies.

A trained expert knows how to work with you to create and implement a marketing plan. They can pick up the slack when you’re inundated with other tasks. Not only are they skilled marketers but they understand consumer behavior in order to motivate customers to buy.

So, there’s only one more question to ask: Are you ready to get the funds you need to position your business for growth?

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