High-paying remote jobs – It’s the holy grail of employment, isn’t it? Finding remote jobs that pay well, especially in this economy?

Fortunately, those types of remote careers exist and provide a host of other benefits besides the paycheck.

As the title states, all the jobs in this list can be done remotely, granting a flexible schedule and, in some cases, a six-figure salary. This means you can work on your couch, co-working space, or at a resort in Bali — wherever your heart desires.

When you factor in the additional revenue you get from not having to commute into an office – saving you on gas, business attire, and other necessities — it’s a home run.

If you’re starting your job search for a new high-paying remote job (even some entry-level positions are available), this list is a great place to start. 

13 Remote Jobs that Pay Well 

A full list of the highest-paying remote jobs that pay well would require thousands of words, so we’ve narrowed it down a bit.

The jobs on this list are (for the most part) digital marketing-related.

Why? Because the vast majority of Niche Pursuits readers are digital marketers themselves, involved heavily in remote work. Some may also be doing jobs similar to these already, making them perfect careers to pivot to.

Many of them also have great salaries too, so it’s a win-win.

Media Buyer

Expected Salary: $75,000+

If you’re really good at handling paid advertisements — Facebook, Google, or even display ads — a remote job as a media buyer may be perfect for you.

Ad agencies are always looking for people with enough copywriting and graphics experience to supervise their paid ad specialists. It’s a very valuable skill to have, and they’re willing to pay handsomely for your talent.

Depending on the agency and job description, you can either get paid in a commission or a flat salary. You can sometimes ask for a mixture of both for this remote role. 

remote jobs that pay well

When you’re looking through potential agencies with in-demand remote jobs, always consider their clientele. Some agencies have clients with a revolving monthly budget of six or even seven figures. The commission on a remote job of being a media buyer is rightfully enormous.


Expected Salary: $61,000+

Copywriting is one of the original remote work skills that nearly everybody needs and you will find many companies hiring for this position. The ability to persuade people to take action based on a few hundred words is more of an art than a science.

As such, top copywriters can make six figures quicker than most other freelancing jobs. That alone makes it one of the best-paying jobs for remote work.

If you decide to work for a company in one of these remote positions, your earning potential could be limited. If you advance well through the ranks and become one of the account managers, however, you could earn enough to make a very comfortable living, at the very least.

Those who start their own freelancing copywriting business can earn a lot more. However, you also have the prospect of constantly hustling for new clients. For some, the trade-off is more than worth it, making this a desirable high-paying remote job.

To learn more about making money from copywriting, check out this course from Earn More Writing.

Content Writer

Expected salary: $65,000+

You may be surprised to learn that a content writer can earn a great living just by writing blogs, but that is the case for some. More and more companies are starting to understand the power of content marketing. That means more are looking for writers who can develop for them.

remote jobs that pay well

This content writing job, for instance, starts at $80,000 a year, with the expected salary ranging all the way up to six figures. The content that will be written is technology-based, such as data engineering and cloud transformation.

Of course, one thing you must consider is how dedicated you are to your niche. You can always be a generalist, but real money is found in specializing in a certain area. Those who can distinguish themselves by having expertise can usually demand a higher salary for this remote work. And one of the best ways to learn these skills is by following a course like the Authority Site System (TASS). It’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a content site that can make you money and work as a great portfolio of your writing!

If working for multiple clients is more your style, for more info about different types of writing opportunities in the freelance world, check out our post on the best freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Front-End Developer

Expected Salary: $50,000+

Generally speaking, there are two parties to a software development web design application.

There’s the backend developer, which builds the technological base that the application exists on. Then, there’s the front-end developer that creates the visual experience for the consumer. You need both to have a successful end product that customers can enjoy.

Both of these positions require skill, but a front-end developer needs to have both technology and design experience. They need to understand HTML almost as much as they understand user experience and visual elements.

The Internet is always changing, so front-end developers are tasked with ensuring that their software stays up with the times. And they’re usually paid high salaries for doing so.

Graphic Designer

Expected salary: $55,000 +

remote jobs that pay well

A good graphic designer is kind of the Jack of all trades when it comes to digital marketing and high-paying remote jobs.

In some cases, you may be a wireframer that knows what visual elements work with the curtain company. At other times, you may be called upon to develop social media images for a skateboarding brand.

Graphic designers are always in demand, so a skill set in this area isn’t in much danger of going anywhere. That being said, you will have to stay up with the latest design trends and software sets to make sure you create the best image you possibly can.

The only downside (if it is in fact a downside for you) is that these workers are generally very isolated, making it very different from a traditional office job. Remote employees can work in teams, but this job can almost always be done at home, as long as you have the right computer set up.

Cyber-Security Analyst

Expected salary: $50,000 +

Almost every day, it seems like there’s some kind of security breach that takes place in a major company somewhere. Millions (if not billions) of dollars are gone, and the company has to spend a few years rebuilding trust with its customers.

If acting as a firewall against those types of threats appeals to you, then remote job opportunities as a cybersecurity analyst may be right up your alley.

On an average day, new employees will monitor computer systems for weak points, run operations to ensure your existing security is safe, and work with a team to monitor new technological trends. This is one role where staying one step ahead of everybody else is absolutely essential for a successful career and will help you make great money.

Because your job consists of you working online, this job can be done remotely. But if working for the private sector doesn’t interest you, there are also a lot of government agencies that are in desperate need of help to monitor networks. Depending on the person, the job satisfaction in doing that may be worth its weight in gold.

Art Director

Expected salary: $70,000 +

Even though most of the world is moving online, there is still a need for art directors to oversee print media.

These people have the final word on how the layout and the tone of different publications need to be. From newspapers, magazines, and even product packaging, you’ll have your eyes on it all.

Obviously, art directors will also spend quite a bit of time managing digital media as well. You’ll work with a team of graphic designers, copywriters, and software developers to ensure everything you create is on brand.

Since this is a director-level position, most new employees are required to have a bachelor’s degree and significant experience. Most companies will require this to be with other agencies but may accept freelance experience depending on the situation.

Sales Director

Expected salary: $45,000 +

There’s a reason why people in sales have high-paying jobs — because they directly impact revenue. Even though these remote jobs may start lower than others, the potential for income can be through the roof.

Whether you succeed in a sales director position all boils down to building relationships. How well can you create new clients and cultivate relationships with existing clients? How can you leverage those relationships to drive new sources of revenue from your existing client base?

Since a lot of this work is relationship-oriented, it can be managed online, creating an opportunity for those seeking remote jobs. Salespeople have traditionally been road warriors anyways, so in the digital world, remote work opportunities come as second nature.

Cloud Engineer

Expected salary: $75,000+

Ever since cloud computing strategies replaced traditional server-based operations, most companies have invested a significant amount of money in developing their online assets in this department. It’s cheaper to do so, for one, and it’s less susceptible to shutdowns and hacks that are traditionally associated with physical servers.

That being said, cloud architects are one of the remote jobs that pay well and are in high demand because of their ability to leverage this software for their businesses. Whether that’s networking, monitoring, or developing applications that exist on the cloud, the ideal applicant will need a significant amount of technical knowledge.

With a starting salary that is higher than others on this list, this type of virtual work is also relatively future-proof. Job security seems relatively stable for the foreseeable future with this high-paying remote job.

Data Scientist

Expected salary: $95,000 +

If staring at page after page of numbers sounds like a dream for you, then you should strongly consider a career in data science. Not only will you be responsible for interpreting massive amounts of data, but you also help with the decisions that come from that data.

One day, you may be involved with the sales department to track revenue projections for the next year. The next day, you may work hand-in-hand with the human resources department to discover employment trends. Time management is key in increasing revenue for your company.

It’s an ever-changing job and one that requires an understanding of the world as much as an understanding of computers. Most of these people seeking remote jobs come from a mathematics or computer science background. The best ones advance because of their ability to create custom solutions for the brands they work with.


Estimated salary: $90,000+

An actuary is somebody who determines and analyzes risk assessments for businesses, much like a data scientist. It’s another one of the remote jobs that pay well because it’s a very specialized skill.

They use structural models to determine the risks of certain events. They’ll then help their clients to make the best financial decisions that they can.

The main sector that actuaries exist in is insurance. Every single day, actuaries determine how likely an event is to take place, then use math to determine the financial fallout. This is what drives the majority of their business decisions.

Most companies have at least some need for risk assessment, so don’t limit your search to insurance agencies. These types of remote jobs may be hard to find, but once you get one, you’ll almost always be in demand.

Virtual Assistant

Expected salary: $60,000 +

Either you’ve used a virtual assistant, been a virtual assistant, or understand the value that virtual assistance can bring. The side hustle space is filled with people telling you to outsource most of these everyday activities to people that you can trust to accomplish them in a timely manner.

For that reason, a career field as a virtual assistant will almost always keep you busy and is a great option for a paying remote job.

The experience of most virtual assistants runs the gamut of everything you could possibly need. They schedule meetings, proofread papers, handle basic bookkeeping tasks, and do anything else you can think of. Basically, for any job that you can outsource, a VA can most likely handle it.

remote jobs that pay well

If you really want to set yourself apart, develop rudimentary skills in areas that most won’t think of. Becoming exceptional at basic design or transcription tasks or learning another language will help you sell to clients. 

Basically, make yourself indispensable. The best VAs can earn an annual income well into the six figures, making it one of the highest-paying remote jobs out there for those responsible enough to try a remote career.

Digital Marketing Manager

Expected salary: $50,000 +

If you think of yourself as being good at everything digital marketing related (even if you’re not an expert at those things), then you should consider being an account manager.

Most companies need somebody at the head of operations to ensure that a client account moves smoothly. This involves monitoring all aspects of an account — ads, content, visuals, and overall strategy among others.

Fully remote jobs like this usually have commission attached to them depending on the client and offer a nice average salary package that provides a comfortable living.

remote jobs that pay well in Closing – They Exist!

Finding remote jobs that pay well is not always easy, but it is always worth the time to find one. With ultimate flexibility, more time at home, and the potential for a huge paycheck, job seekers have little hesitation in leaving the physical office behind for remote jobs.


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