Looking for some inspiration to create the perfect Facebook business page for your ecommerce store?

Having a great-looking and engaging page is an essential element of establishing an ecommerce brand on Facebook.

But what should that page look like? What kind of features do ecommerce stores use to make them successful?

In this article, we’ll look at 15 examples of ecommerce stores that have created successful Facebook pages so that you can get some ideas for your own brand.

Let’s get started.

The top 15 Facebook page examples for ecommerce stores

Let’s get going with the 15 examples of ecommerce stores that have created successful Facebook pages.

1. Sephora

Sephora’s Facebook page is a great example of an ecommerce store that’s created a successful page. They have over 19 million followers, who are regularly updated with the latest products and trends in beauty.

It serves as an excellent way for Sephora to keep in contact with its customers and offers updates on all the latest beauty news, amazing deals, and new product releases for beauty enthusiasts to get excited about.

But that’s not all; Sephora gives visitors to their Facebook page access to exclusive contests, special discounts, and even a live chat to provide assistance for visitors.

This makes it a great place for anyone looking for quality advice or deals on cosmetics and other beauty essentials.

sephora facebook page

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Audience. Focus on your audience and their needs by listening to the customer’s feedback.
  • Coupons. Offer exclusive contests, discounts, and advice to engage your followers.
  • Interaction. Allow users to interact with you by providing a live chat for assistance.
  • Content. Use attractive visuals to draw in customers.

2. Barner

barner facebook

Based in Barcelona, Barner was founded by two friends that work in the digital IT industry.

After years of working in this industry, they have identified a major issue that affects global society, eye strain due to exposure to blue light emitted from screens.

Over time, they’ve built an ecommerce store that specializes in luxury eyewear. Their Facebook page is an excellent example of how to create an engaging page for an ecommerce store.

In fact, within the page, you can see the prices of the glasses, saving you time while searching for the perfect pair.

barner facebook page

Barner’s Facebook page features stunning visuals of their products, along with helpful tips and advice on choosing the right glasses for your face shape. They also post regular updates about new product releases and special offers.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Shop now button. Within the same Facebook page, they’ve enabled the shop feature, something that makes them stand out, which makes it easier for a potential customer to make a purchase.
  • Live chat. Offer a live chat option, so customers can ask questions directly.
  • Content. Feature helpful content such as tips and advice.

3. Victoria’s Secret

victoria s secret facebook

Who doesn’t love a little bit of glamour in their life?

The Facebook page of Victoria’s Secret is an excellent example of how to create an eye-catching yet informative page.

On the page, you can find everything from inspiring quotes, videos, and images to customers’ reviews on their favorite products.

On a less positive note, the Facebook page misses the live chat. This is an add-on they could implement since most of the customers are looking for immediate help.

victoria s secret facebook page

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Community. They have a great community of followers actively engaged with their content.
  • Attractive visuals. Their page is filled with captivating visuals to draw in customers.
  • Special offers and discounts. They regularly post updates about upcoming sales, exclusive deals, beauty tips, and advice.

4. Dolce & Gabbana

dolce gabbana facebook

If there’s one thing Dolce & Gabbana understands, it’s luxury fashion. Their Facebook page is no exception.

On the page, you can find stunning visuals of their products and regular updates on new collections and campaigns. You can also find inspiring quotes from famous designers such as Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

dolce gabbana facebook page

What makes their page stand out is the strong focus on the luxury environment, meaning that all the images showcasing Dolce Gabbana’s outfits in luxury events and outstanding panoramas create an elevated presence.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Engaging visuals. As mentioned, their Facebook page content is focused on luxury events, panoramas, and celebrities wearing their clothes.
  • Traditions. When fashion meets traditions, it oftentimes makes a brand stands out; that’s why they are posting content related to their origins.

5. Nike

nike facebook

Nike’s Facebook page shows how to create a strong presence on social media. The company emphasizes its call to action in the page’s description, which encourages visitors to join their worldwide community of athletes.

nike facebook page

The page is full of inspiring visuals, from videos and photos featuring world-famous, award-winning athletes.

Even though their page may seem simple, they’ve established a strong brand identity for a very long time.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Strong brand identity. Nike has a long-standing, recognizable brand image that they’ve been able to maintain and nurture over time. Building a brand takes time and effort, but inspiring people by triggering their emotions always works.
  • Inspiring visuals. The page is full of inspiring videos and photos featuring athletes and their success stories.

6. Bloomingdale’s

bloomingdale s facebook

Bloomingdale’s is a well-known general store that sells clothing and accessories.

Their Facebook page is designed to be an interactive source of inspiration for customers, featuring information about upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

bloomingdale s facebook page

They have one of the richest about-page descriptions, where they link to Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, giving people even more ways to engage with their content.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Interactive content. Bloomingdale’s encourages customers to interact with their content by sharing real-life videos that give people a closer look at the products.
  • Detailed about-page description. The about page is full of details about the company and offers customers multiple ways to engage with their content, as well as live chat, which is a great way to connect with customers.

7. Target

target facebook

Target is a general store that sells a variety of products, ranging from electronics to home goods.

On their Facebook page, they feature colorful visuals and updates about upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

target facebook page

What makes Target stand out is its focus on customer engagement. They regularly post fresh content to encourage customers to engage with their page and share feedback.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Creative. They show their products in real-life use cases, which helps to create trust and encourage customers to buy their products.
  • Encourage customer engagement. By posting fresh content and encouraging customers to comment and share, they are able to create a strong community of followers who are actively engaged.

8. Sears

sears facebook

Sears is an example of a retail store that has successfully leveraged Facebook to help customers find the perfect shopping solutions for their needs.

Now, it might be just another ecommerce store, right? Wrong! They do something that many of their competitors don’t.

If you have a business, Sears allows you to sell your products through their marketplace by simply filling up this form.

sears facebook page

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Deals. They offer exclusive deals and discounts to encourage customers to shop on their page.
  • Marketplace. They have created a marketplace for small businesses to sell their products through their page. This is a great way to get more visibility and sales for their products.

9. Superdry

superdry facebook

Superdry is an iconic fashion brand that has built a strong presence on Facebook, and its page is full of colorful visuals and creative videos.

Superdry is able to showcase not only its products but also the lifestyle that customers can expect when wearing Superdry.

Their ecommerce value is based on real-life stories, which help to give customers an idea of what they can expect when buying their products.

superdry facebook page

Moreover, this is a company that goes even beyond the products. They have a strong on educating their customers about topics like sustainability, modern slavery, and other important values.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Emotions. Create an emotional connection through storytelling, with real-life stories that help customers to connect with the brand.
  • Education. Educating your customers about topics like the sustainability of products makes customers more aware and encourages them to take part in responsible behavior.

10. Vans

vans facebook

Vans is a lifestyle brand that has built a strong presence on Facebook, and its page focuses on showcasing the culture of skateboarding.

vans facebook page

The brand its been around long before even Facebook existed, and they have managed to keep the same essence and style of its old brand while also adapting to all the changes that social media brought.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Authenticity. Vans has done a great job of keeping the same essence and style throughout its more than 50 years in the market without losing its originality. That’s why its page reflects that vibe in all its posts and visuals, creating a strong connection with its followers.
  • Audience. Vans is a lifestyle brand, and its page reflects that through the content it shares. Their products are showcased in real-life scenarios, and it’s clear that their audience is made up of skateboarders and street-style fans.

11. Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club facebook

Dollar Shave Club is an ecommerce company that sells razors and other grooming products, and it has built a strong presence on Facebook.

dollar shave club facebook page

Its page is focused on educating customers about the benefits of its products, and one in particular that makes it stand out from its competition is the sense of humor they use for its electric razor.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Humor. Dollar Shave Club stands out with its humorous ads, which help it to connect with customers and stand out from the competition.
  • Educate. It also takes the time to educate customers about its products, showing them why they should buy from Dollar Shave Club. They make sure to explain the features of their products and what makes them unique.

12. Burga

burga facebook

Someone once said, less is more, and he was right. Burga sells few but very distinctive products; they have really mastered the art of storytelling and visuals to present their premium product in the most appealing way.

burga facebook page

Their Facebook page shows their product’s uniqueness and style, including colorful iPhone cases in the stylish context they are used.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Visuals. Luxury iPhone cases shown in a luxury context don’t leave any doubt; Burga knows how to capture the attention of its potential customers with amazing visuals.
  • Call to action. Most of their content has a call to action that encourages customers to explore their products and purchase.

13. BioLite

biolite facebook

BioLite is a company that produces energy products, from solar panels to stoves. Its Facebook page showcases the solutions it offers, which is camping outdoors and off the grid.

biolite facebook page

I’ve seen this company growing since I first got some interest in their products, and they have done a great job developing new items.

In fact, they initially started selling camping stoves, and now they have a full line of energy products.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Innovation. They have a full line of energy products, which shows that they are constantly looking for new ways to make their products better. This is great for staying competitive in the market.
  • Storytelling. BioLite does an amazing job at storytelling, showing real people enjoying their products and sharing how it has changed their lives.
  • Vision. Their company vision is noble, developing devices with clean energy solutions to enable people in developing countries access to energy. This is always a great message for customers and potential ones, showing that the company is focused on helping others.

14. Meowingtons

meowingtons facebook

The founder of this company must definitely be a cat lover, as the name Meowingtons implies.

It’s a company that sells cat-related products, from clothes and accessories to home decor items.

meowingtons facebook page

The engagement on their Facebook page shows that it’s working, as they have a huge following of cat lovers that share photos of their cats wearing Meowington’s products.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Humor. Just like Dollar Shave Club, Meowingtons also uses humor to engage its fans. They often post funny memes and videos that entertain their followers.
  • Creative content. They stand out with the creative content they share. In fact, they use funny moments to advertise their products.

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15. Raycon

raycon facebook

We will finish this list with Raycon, a company that sells headphones and other electronic products.

raycon facebook page

They have a vibrant and fun Facebook page, where they share cool photos and videos as well as promote any giveaway to create hype around their products.

What can you learn from this Facebook page?

  • Promotions. Raycon always has cool promotions and giveaways, from discounts to giveaways. This is a great way to create buzz and encourage customers to purchase their products.
  • Few products. I emphasize that less is more. Even though they have more products on the website, the main focus on the Facebook page is earbuds and headphones. This makes it easier to get customers to focus on the products they offer.

Why are Facebook pages important for ecommerce stores?

With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach potential customers.

Facebook pages are an essential part of any ecommerce store’s marketing efforts. Not only do they enable businesses to connect with their customers, but they also enable them to create meaningful conversations around their products and services.

Facebook pages are an important tool for ecommerce stores to build:

  • Social proof
  • Brand awareness
  • Meaningful relationships with customers


Before we go to the conclusion, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Focus on a few products and make them the best.
  • Use storytelling, humor, and promotions to engage your customers. Showcase innovation and a noble vision to make them trust you. 
  • Target a specific audience with visuals and a call to action.
  • Create visuals that are attractive to your target audience.


In conclusion, there are many ways to create an effective Facebook page for your ecommerce store.

From BioLite’s focus on innovation and storytelling to Meowingtons’ use of humor and creative content to Raycon’s promotions and a few products, each example provides valuable insight into how you can make your own Facebook page stand out. 

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