15 SEO Link Building Strategies

Link building strategies in SEO include various search engine optimization activities. The placement of external links enables the site to get higher rankings. Both quantity and quality of backlinks allow the page to grow significantly. Let’s find out how to do link building and what the best SEO linking strategies are in 2021.

Competitor Analysis

The first piece of advice in this guide is to make a competitor analysis. Almost every SEO link-building strategy cannot perform only with links. Before choosing anchors and donors, be sure that your resource is optimized. Check out the technical moment.

If you’re just at the beginning of your SEO journey, you shouldn’t rely only on backlinks. They’ll help leap to the tops, but they won’t replace all the tough work.

The main stages of a link strategy plan are as follows:

Analysis of competitors’ link profiles;
Drawing up a work plan for placing links;
Selection of donor sites;
Links placement.

An effective strategy is based on the link profiles of competitors with similar queries in your niche. In other words, you need to look at how many and which links they use. And then improve them and take the top places in the search results ourselves.

Another important thing about the competitor analysis is that search engines meticulously control the quality and quantity of links. An excessive number of the same type of anchors from low-quality resources leads to sanctions.

Besides, it can bring you a lot of trouble for months ahead. So, you should focus on top competitors to analyze their performance and come up with better results.

Profiles on Sites

When signing up on different sites, forums, social networks, indicate a link to your page in the bio. Links won’t have significant weight on each site. Yet, there is still a chance that someone will notice your resource.

How to make it more effective? It’s better to place links in your profile on sites that are similar to your niche. So, they’ll look more natural.

Acknowledgments and Feedback

Write a review for a product on your topic. You can publish both positive reviews and compare two different products from the same category. The second one will bring links from the site of the manufacturer and others who are engaged in this discussion.


If you or your company has a blog, it’s easy to optimize it. Create a page and publish quality content. Sooner or later, visitors will start going to your homepage and learning about your business.

Backlinks Purchase

One of the most popular link-building strategies is buying links on special services. There, you can get some links on authoritative sites to make your site promotion process easy and fast.

If your business is aimed at a foreign audience, you can indicate this on links selling platforms. USA link building service Adsy allows you to choose the US market to promote your website.

Supplier Lists

If you’re a retail or e-commerce website owner, make a list of suppliers and ask them to post on your pages. This method will be especially useful for local promotion. This way, the site receives more NAP mentions. These are name, address, phone number.

Links to the Business Site

If you find a mention of your social network profile on the other platform, ask the author of the publication to refer to your business site. The truth is, links to pages on social networks are useless. They have no weight. On the contrary, a reference to your worksite can contribute to the growth of the link mass.


Take an interview with a specialist in your field. Or vice versa, you can give an interview. In any case, the result will be successful. You’ll receive a link to your site and increase your brand recognition.

Content for Discussion

Publish content that users are interested to read. It could be a personal experience. This works better with controversial topics. For instance, other sites or blogs can write their own content referencing yours.

Don’t stick to commonly accepted dogmas and provide some evidence. So, you’ll see that users who support your point of view will share your post. Besides,  the others who have the opposite opinion will do the same.

Local Publications

If you have a business, try to get into your local digital strategy. Tell the story of your company’s journey and how it differs from the rest.

Local publications often don’t have enough materials. So, they’ll be glad if you give them a relevant topic. Such publications most often accept articles and notes about charity events and fundraising.


Users who subscribe to newsletters are the most engaged. Create your newsletter or participate in others that are relevant to the topic. This will generate a lot of traffic and then backlinks if the users share your content.

Rent Out the Premises for Events

If you have some space to spare, you can give it to other companies for an event. This way, the organizations will mention you on event detail pages and reports. This method is perfect for hotels, restaurants, and bars.


Use research statistics in your publications. Even if you put links to some sources, other publications and blogs often refer not to the original source. They place a link to the site where they’ve found it.

Press Releases

One of the link-building plans includes press releases. By issuing press releases, you can be sure that other sites will link to them in their materials.

Google ignores such links. They won’t affect rankings in any way. However, there is a chance that more people will find out about your company.

Make a Presentation

Prepare a report and speak at a conference, lecture, or the university. Ask to add a link to the site in the announcement of the event.

By hosting a webinar or online master class, you can get links to your site and replenish your email base.

Now that you’re through with the link building strategies tutorial, you can apply the tips above and achieve better SEO link building results.

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