Are you looking for a place where you can learn new skills online? 

There are tons of places where you can learn new things online. However, not all of them offer the same level of quality education.

That’s why we created this list of Skillshare alternatives that will help you learn anything online.

From coding to photography, there’s something for everyone. So take a look below and find out which one is right for you.

Let’s dive right in!

The Best Skillshare Alternatives: An Overview

Before diving into the article, let’s take a quick look at the best Skillshare alternatives on this list:

Simplilearn offers courses on programming, data science, business management, finance, marketing, HR, and many others.

The company has been around since 2010 and grew into a platform offering over 400 courses.

simplilearn online courses

It also comes with an active learning community of students open to answering your questions. You can join their Facebook group or ask questions directly through email.


  • A very well-rounded selection of courses.
  • Open to students of all backgrounds and skill levels.
  • An active community.


  • It may be too basic for advanced learners.
  • The courses are only available in English.
  • Some course reviews on Trustpilot claim a lack of support.

Is Simplilearn free to learn from?

Simplilearn offers free courses, but some are only available with a paid subscription.

However, the prices aren’t too expensive, and you can always take advantage of their 7-day money-back guarantee.


Simplilearn is a good option if you want to start learning about a specific subject. They have a wide range of options so they should fit your needs.

linkedIn learning online courses for creative technology business skills

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers courses in a wide range of topics, from business and finance to creative arts and technology.

LinkedIn Learning is designed for professionals who want to enhance their skills and improve their career prospects.

The courses are developed by experts in each field, and they are typically short and concise so that learners can fit them into their busy schedules.

linkedIn learning online courses

In addition to the courses, LinkedIn Learning also offers a variety of other resources, such as articles, e-books, and video tutorials.


  • More than 5,000 courses are available.
  • Courses are taught by experts in the subject.
  • Short, concise courses that fit into busy schedules.
  • They provide iOS and Android apps that allow you to download the courses and watch them offline.
  • Courses are offered in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Some courses are too basic.
  • The user interface could be improved.
  • The video speed feature missing. Users could benefit from deciding how fast they’d like to watch their course.

Is Linkedin Learning free to learn from?

Yes, most of LinkedIn Learning’s courses are free to take.

That said, if you want to access the full range of resources and get unlimited access to the courses, you will need to purchase a subscription.


LinkedIn Learning is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your field.

The courses are designed for professionals, so they’re short and concise. You can also access them on the go through their mobile apps.

So, whether you’re looking to learn something new or simply want to brush up on your existing skills, LinkedIn Learning is an excellent resource for professional development.

learn the latest tech skills advance your career audacity

Udacity is an online education platform that offers courses in a variety of subjects, ranging from programming to data science.

Founded in 2012, Udacity has grown rapidly, attracting over ten million students worldwide. One thing that makes Udacity unique is its focus on ‘nano degrees,’ which are specialized courses that can be completed in a matter of weeks or months.

online courses programs udacity catalog

In addition to traditional coursework, Udacity offers ‘nano degree plus’ programs, including guaranteed job placement upon completion.


  • They are adding new courses all the time.
  • They offer courses in new areas to meet employers’ demands.
  • They have a partnership with major world tech industry leaders, such as Facebook.
  • A large number of nano degree programs are available.
  • Nano degree programs are focused on providing practical knowledge.
  • Free access to most courses.


  • Udacity certifications are not accredited.
  • Not many free courses.
  • Certifications are available upon payment.

Is Udacity free to learn from?

Udacity offers some free courses, but most of the courses and nano degrees require payment.

However, you can cancel within two days from your first subscription month to receive a full refund.


Udacity is a great learning platform if you’re looking to learn new skills in a short amount of time. The nano degree programs offer practical knowledge that is in demand by employers.

Plus, the nano degree programs are designed to get you up to speed in your chosen field while also offering an incentive of getting a job upon completion.

While there are not many free courses available, the ones offered are very comprehensive and provide a wealth of knowledge.

pluralsight the tech workforce development company

Pluralsight is an online learning platform with over 7,000 courses on a variety of topics, including software development, business, and design. The company was founded in 2004 by Aaron Skonnard and Richard Lin.

In addition to courses, Pluralsight also offers Pluralsight IQ, a skill assessment tool that helps businesses identify the skills their employees need to improve. 

build better tech skills for individuals pluralsight


  • If you struggle with something, you can get start a discussion via the discussion board or their help center.
  • It’s easy to navigate through the website.
  • The courses are regularly updated.
  • 50+ different language courses are available.
  • The offline download is available through their app.


  • The platform offers mainly IT courses.
  • Occasional issues of audio and video quality.
  • There is room for UI improvement in the mobile app.

Is Pluralsight free to learn from?

Pluralsight provides hundreds of hours of free learning material, but if you want access to the full range of resources and unlocked courses, you will need to purchase a subscription.


Pluralsight is a great online learning platform for those looking to learn more about software development, business, and design. With over 7,000 courses and 50+ languages, there’s something for everyone.

alison free online learning with certificate diploma courses

Alison is an online learning platform that offers free, high-quality courses to people all over the world.

Founded in 2007, Alison has grown rapidly, and today it has over 13 million registered users in 190 countries.

Alison’s courses cover a wide range of topics, from business and entrepreneurship to language learning and personal development. All of Alison’s courses are free to take, and most of them offer certification upon completion.

Alison free online courses online learning

In addition to its free courses, Alison also offers a paid pro membership which gives users access to additional features, such as course progress tracking and exclusive discounts.


  • Free courses.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Flexible learning experience, learn at your own pace.


  • Certification is available upon payment.
  • Need to pay a fee to remove ads.
  • The quality of the course material could be improved.

Is Alison free to learn from?

Yes, Alison is free to learn from. All of Alison’s courses are free, and there are no hidden fees for taking the courses.


Whether you’re looking to learn new skills for your career or simply want to explore different learning options, Alison is a great place to start.

coursera online courses

Coursera is a widely-recognized online learning platform that offers courses, specializations, and degrees from top partner universities and companies.

Classes are taught by instructors from these schools and organizations, and students can watch lectures, take quizzes, and complete assignments at their own pace.

Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including business, computer science, data science, personal development, and more.

coursera degrees certificates free online courses

In addition to offering courses for free, Coursera also has a subscription plan that gives users access to additional features, such as discussion forums and project reviews.


  • More than 7,000 courses are available.
  • From beginner to advanced level courses.
  • Learn from anywhere at your own pace.
  • Offline watching videos are available.


  • The courses are not accredited by the CHEA (Council of higher education accreditation).
  • Need to pay a fee to get certified.
  • The mobile user interface could be improved for easy navigation.

Is Coursera free to learn from?

Coursera offers free courses, but some of the more advanced courses and specializations require a paid subscription.


If you’re looking to gain new skills or advance your career, Coursera can help you reach your goals.

Its courses are offered by some of the best universities and companies around the globe, so they’re bound to be excellent.

7. edX Review

edx free online courses by harvard mit

edX is a nonprofit, open-source platform for online learning. Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX offers courses from leading institutions like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and many others.

All of edX’s courses are free to enroll, and they’re designed to be flexible enough to fit into any schedule. Students can choose between self-paced, guided, or instructor-led classes.

edx courses view all online courses on edx org

Students can also earn certificates after completing each class, and they can track their progress through a dashboard.

edX also offers a premium subscription service that allows users to access additional features, such as custom study plans and personalized recommendations.


  • Courses are updated regularly.
  • A variety of formats are available.
  • All programs are accredited by leading top universities.
  • Offline viewing option.


  • To receive your certificate, you must be enrolled in a validated paid course.
  • Some courses could give a more in-depth explanation of the content.

Is edX free to learn from?

Most of the courses offered by edX are free to enroll in, however, some of the programs have a fee associated with them.


If you’re looking to expand your knowledge on a particular topic, edX is a good choice.

It offers a large number of courses with high-quality content, which makes it a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about a specific subject. Plus, their certifications are accredited by top universities.

online courses  learn anything on your schedule udemy

Udemy is another great resource for learning new skills. This platform has been around since 2010 and allows anyone to teach and learn any subject they want. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and some basic computer knowledge.

They have an active community with millions of students who support each other through quizzes, forums, and chat rooms.

Their programs are well-organized into categories, making it simple to find what you’re looking for.

free dropshipping course udemy


  • Thousands of courses are available.
  • You can easily search for specific courses.
  • Free courses available.
  • Subtitles and offline learning are available.


  • Certifications are not accredited.
  • Instructors may not always provide feedback on assignments.

Is Udemy free to learn from?

On average, Udemy offers some of its courses for free, with the exception of those which require an enrolment fee, and yet most of the time, it requires only a small fee.


The platform is not as organized as some of the other online learning competitors, but overall, Udemy can be a great place to start if you want to learn something new.

It may not be the best choice for those looking to get accredited certifications, but it does offer a great way to gain knowledge and skills.

learn a language memrise is authentic useful personalised

Memrise is one of the most popular platforms specifically for language learning. They offer over 200 courses taught by professional teachers and authors.

It’s a very visual site that makes it easy to follow along and study at your own pace. You can take advantage of the interactive flashcards feature to test yourself on what you’ve learned.

There are several different ways to use this app:

  • Study. Memorize vocabulary, phrases, grammar rules, etc.
  • Review. Test yourself on what you’ve just studied.
  • Play. Challenge friends to see who knows the most about a certain topic.
learn a language memrise


  • Hundreds of courses are available.
  • Easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Great for people who prefer studying visually.
  • An active forum community to help each other.


  • No real certification options.
  • Not all courses are created equal.

Is Memrise free to learn from?

Yes, most of the courses offered by Memrise are free. However, they do offer premium subscriptions with additional features, such as in-depth lessons, quizzes, and more.


That said, there are hundreds of courses available, so finding ones that will suit your needs should be relatively easy.

The user interface is clean and intuitive, which makes it easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for without having to spend too much time searching.

duolingo classes

Duolingo is another free learning application that offers users the ability to learn languages from scratch. It’s designed to make learning fun and engaging while also being easy to understand.

Users choose their level of difficulty based on how fast they want to learn. There are three levels: early beginner, advanced beginner, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced.

Once you select the appropriate level, you’ll begin to learn the basics of the language. That said, if you want to change your daily goal, you can do so at any time by clicking on edit goal.

duolingo the world s best way to learn german

Now, the app will keep track of your progress automatically as you progress, so you don’t need to worry about keeping up with manual saving tracking.


  • A variety of lesson types and topics with over 40 languages.
  • Keeps track of your progress automatically.
  • Offline learning option available.
  • Accredited certificates recognized by over 1,000 universities across the globe.


  • Some users complain about the lack of support.
  • Lessons aren’t necessarily tailored to your skill level.
  • Some users find the notifications a bit annoying.

Is Duolingo free to learn from?

Yes, Duolingo is free to learn from. However, they also offer a premium subscription which unlocks additional features such as personalized lessons to practice your mistakes.


Overall, Duolingo is a great tool for anyone interested in learning a language. It has an extensive library of lessons and exercises that cover everything from basic greetings to everyday conversation.

connections academy online public school from home

Connections Academy is a leading, fully accredited online school for students in grades K-12. 

With more than 25,000 students enrolled in over 85 virtual schools across the United States and around the world, Connections Academy provides a personalized learning experience that prepares students for success in college and careers.

Each student has an Individualized Learning Plan that is tailored to his or her unique academic needs, and courses are taught by state-certified teachers who use proven research-based curriculum.

connections academy online public school

In addition to core subjects like math, reading, and writing, students can also take courses in art, music, world languages, and AP honors classes.

Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and access their courses 24/7 from any location with an Internet connection.


  • Tutors are located worldwide.
  • You can learn from experts in various fields.
  • Earn accredited certificates after completing courses.
  • A mobile app is available for Android and IOS.


  • The website isn’t mobile-friendly and easy to navigate for beginner users.
  • No offline option is available.
  • It’s not possible to interact with other learners through an official company forum.

Is Connections Academy free to learn from?

Connections Academy is tuition-free institution, therefore all of the courses and materials offered by Connections Academy are free to use.


Moreover, families can tailor their child’s education to fit their needs and schedule.

Connections Academy offers a proven educational model that is flexible and affordable for families.

online college courses accredited degree programs academic earth

Academic Earth is an online education platform that offers free video lectures from top universities around the world.

The site was launched in 2009 with the mission of providing universal access to the world’s best education. Today, Academic Earth offers courses in a variety of subjects, including engineering, business, science, and the humanities.

In addition to video lectures, Academic Earth also provides transcripts, course materials, and suggested readings for each course.

online degree program

With its commitment to quality and accessibility, Academic Earth is an essential resource for anyone interested in furthering their education.

Their courses range from accounting, marketing, business, and psychology. The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will be able to choose the right course according to your interests and requirements.


  • Free videos and transcripts are provided.
  • Accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location.
  • Course material is easily accessible.
  • Easy-to-navigate website.


  • No offline access is available.
  • Academic earth courses are not accredited by the ICSOC.
  • No other language options to learn other than English.
  • Some courses have been outdated for more than eleven years.

Is Academic Earth free to learn from?

Yes, you do need to register but it is totally free. They offer free courses from the top leading American universities such as Stanford.


Overall, Academic Earth is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about a particular subject or explore different fields.

With its extensive library of videos and course materials, it is an ideal tool for both students and professionals alike. Academic Earth’s commitment to providing quality education makes it a great choice for anyone looking to further their education.

learn to code for free Codecademy

Codecademy is a website that offers free online coding lessons in 12 different programming languages, including Python, Java, jQuery, and Ruby.

The site provides clear and concise instructions on how to write code, as well as how to use various programming languages.

In fact, the lessons are designed for beginners of all levels to learn the basics of programming through real-world examples. 

catalog home codecademy

What’s more, to the interactive lessons that allow users to practice their coding skills, Codecademy also has a community forum that discusses various coding concepts and news in the tech industry. 


  • The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate.
  • Interactive exercises included.
  • A community forum is available.


  • No offline learning option is available.
  • Courses are only available in the English language.
  • Their certificates are not accredited.

Is Codecademy free to learn from?

Not exactly. There are two types of membership: Free and Premium. If you want to access all the features of the platform, then you have to pay $18 or $23 per month. However, if you just want to get started with coding, there is no charge at all.


Codecademy is a great place to learn how to code. It offers comprehensive tutorials and exercises that cover all aspects of coding.

mit opencourseware free online course materials

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW supports MIT’s mission to advance knowledge and education.

OCW makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT’s subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.

With more than 45 million monthly active users from around the world, OCW has translations of their course in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Turkish.

mit opencourseware free online course

You can find many interesting topics such as Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, Business, and anthropology, 

Therefore, you have a wide variety of choices when choosing what to study, so there is no need to worry if you don’t know where to start. Just pick one!


  • More than 2,200 courses are offered.
  • Translations are available in multiple languages.
  • Free access to content.


  • Courses are not always updated regularly.
  • No certification or accreditation is available.

Is Mit OpenCourseWare free to learn from?

Mit OpenCourseWare is an entirely free educational resource. You can access the content without any cost or registration.


MIT OpenCourseWare is a great resource for anyone looking to learn something new as they have a wide range of materials available that cover lots of subjects.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any certifications or accreditations, but their material is still a great way to gain knowledge in topics you might be interested in.

The translations also make it easier for those who may not be fluent in English to understand the content. Overall, MIT OpenCourseWare is a great resource for exploring new topics and gaining knowledge.

semrush online marketing can be easy

Semrush is an online marketing toolbox with a suite of tools for search engine optimization, social media management, and content creation.

It allows users to track their website’s performance, research potential keywords and competitors, as well as optimize content for SEO purposes.

free online digital marketing

But Semrush is much more than just a powerful SEO tool.

Its other features include free educational courses for digital marketers to help them enhance their skills and an extensive library of industry-related articles and webinars.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Certification upon completion of courses.
  • Wide range of tools and resources.


  • Certifications are not accredited.
  • No offline learning options are available.

Is Semrush Academy free to learn from?

Semrush Academy is entirely free to use. You do not need to register or sign up for anything.


Semrush academy is a great place to learn about digital marketing and SEO. It offers comprehensive courses with certification upon completion, as well as an extensive library of articles and webinars.

Although the certifications are not accredited, they can still be helpful for those looking to expand their knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

free online courses business learning and training shopify learning

Shopify Learn is a free online course platform that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to build and grow their businesses.

The platform includes courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike. Courses cover topics like setting up a Shopify store, designing a website, creating marketing campaigns, understanding SEO, and more.

browse free online courses shopify learn

The platform also offers webinars with industry experts to help business owners stay up to date on trends and best practices.


  • Shopify Learn is completely free.
  • The platform offers a wide range of courses that cover different topics related to ecommerce.
  • The courses are easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions and visuals.


  • Courses are not accredited by any universities.
  • The platform does not offer certificates to prove your knowledge and skills.
  • It can be difficult to find specific courses as the library of courses is not well-organized.

Is Shopify Learn free to learn from?

Shopify Learn is a free platform for gaining knowledge in ecommerce. There is no cost or registration required.


If you’re just getting into the world of ecommerce, this is one of the best platforms out there to start learning. 

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • If you need to study on the go, ensure the platform you choose has an app to use offline.
  • Forums are a great way to connect and discuss topics with other learners. Take this aspect into consideration when choosing the platform to study.
  • If you need to get accredited certifications, take a look at edX, their courses are accredited by top leading universities around the world.
  • Finally, ensure to choose clear, concise, and interactive lessons that will keep you engaged throughout your learning journey.


In this article, we’ve gone through some of the most popular skill-sharing sites and have discussed what they offer, why people use them, and whether you should consider using one yourself.

Some sites don’t offer accredited certifications, while others do. If you’re looking for a certified learning platform, Coursera or edX might be worth checking out.

We hope you found our article helpful!

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