Are you on the hunt for the best SEO Facebook groups that aren’t full of spam? 

When you search Facebook for “SEO” and filter by groups, a ton of groups come up… but they’re not all as good as they seem. 

Many are filled with spam, requests for link exchanges, and the admins are non-existent. But not all of them are like that!

In this article, we’ve compiled 17 of the best SEO Facebook groups on the web today. If you want to get connected with the internet’s greatest minds and grow your SEO with the best of them, join these groups!

17 Best SEO Facebook Groups

1. SEO Signals Lab 

SEO Signals Lab is one of the most active and most valuable SEO Facebook groups online today. The members are active, quick, and helpful for any SEO-related questions. 

The skill range in this group goes from beginner to expert, and it’s a great place to hang out if you want to learn more about SEO. 

2. The Proper SEO Group

The Proper SEO Group describe themselves as “The ultimate grey hat discussion community”. This Facebook group is open to discussing all search engine optimization strategies, and it’s a great place for beginner SEOs, intermediate and advanced. 

Topics range from on-page SEO, to link-building, and just about everything else you can think of when it comes to SEO.

3. Niche Pursuits

The official Niche Pursuits Facebook group is a place for all things about niche websites and digital marketing – and this heavily includes SEO. 

You’ll find all kinds of topics in this group, from building niche websites, affiliate marketing strategies and tactics, SEO, marketing tools, and so much more. 

The Niche Pursuits group is one of the largest and most active Facebook groups about marketing and niche websites, so you’re missing out if you’re not already a part of it!

4. Rank Math SEO Plugin

This group is a valuable and active community that spans all types of SEO topics. Although it’s called the “Rank Math SEO Plugin” group, it’s so much more than just talking about Rank Math. However, you will find the Rank Math team in the group ready to answer your questions and help out with any Rank Math-related issues. 

This group has insider information from SEO experts about subjects such as ranking, content writing, monetization, and others. 

And if you’re not already using the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress, you should be! You can read our full Rank Math review here.

5. Affiliate SEO Mastermind

The Affiliate SEO Mastermind group by Matt Diggity, SEO expert and founder of Diggity Marketing. This is a great group for anyone interested in dominating SEO for affiliate websites. 

But it’s not just for affiliate marketers – all website creators can benefit from this group. This group is open for discussion on any and all SEO tactics, and as the description says, “No hat color is wrong”. 

Popular post topics in this group include onsite optimization, backlinks, schema, and softwares. 

6. Fat Graph Content Ops (SEO & Content Marketing)

The Fat Graphs SEO Facebook Group is all about fat graphs – that is, massive amounts of increased traffic in a short amount of time with bulk content and SEO tactics. 

This group is incredibly active and valuable if you like to see what’s working in real-time with bulk content creation and SEO. 

7. Dumb SEO Questions

No question is dumb in the Dumb SEO Questions Facebook group. This is the group you should join if you’re stumped on an SEO topic or problem and want to go straight to the experts. 

Topics in this group range from on-page, to off-page, and technical SEO processes. Members range from total beginners to advanced SEO experts, and it’s active every day.

8. SEO Surfers

The SEO Surfers group is run by the team at Surfer SEO and is the official Surfer community on Facebook. 

This group has a lot of Surfer-related content, but you’ll find a lot of other helpful SEO content here as well. 

This group’s members range from beginners to advanced marketers, and it is incredibly active – if you post a question, it will be answered. 

We love and recommend Surfer SEO as a way to optimize your content for search engines with AI, and their Facebook group is a great companion! 

Read our full Surfer SEO review here.

9. Sisters in SEO

Sisters in SEO is an inclusive and helpful SEO Facebook group for women and gender diverse/gender nonconforming individuals. This group has over 11k members and is one of the most active SEO groups on Facebook today. 

It functions as a “how-to” and question-and-answer space, a networking space, and an inclusive SEO spot on the internet for what is largely a cisgender male-dominated industry. 

10. SEO Round Table

SEO Round Table is a group for anyone on the internet who wants to learn more about SEO. White hat, grey hat, and black hat strategies are all welcomed here. You’ll also find affiliate and local SEO, as well as newbie and pro SEO folk.

11. SEO Secrets by Detailed.com

SEO Secrets is a group by Glen Allsopp, an SEO specialist who runs Detailed.com. 

This group contains SEO questions and answers, and members range from beginners to advanced. 

Although this group isn’t one of the most active SEO Facebook groups online, it’s a valuable one and has tons of conversations to scroll through and learn from.

12. Google SEO Mastermind

The Google SEO Mastermind Facebook group is geared toward all SEO skill levels. Topics in this group cover all aspects of Google SEO, from on-page, off-page, and technical SEO skills and problems. 

Other topics covered in this group include Google Ads, content creation, web design, and more. 

13. White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO Facebook group is all about… You guessed it: white hat SEO methods. Join this group to learn about and discuss all white hat SEO methods, tactics, and techniques. No black or grey hat techniques are allowed, as you may have guessed from the name.

14. WordPress, SEO, & Internet Questions

The WordPress, SEO, & Internet questions group covers a broad range of topics. You’ll find posts about WordPress.org, content creation, SEO, and other fun topics. Like most of the groups on this list, members of this group range from total beginners to advanced marketers. 

15. SEO & Bloggers Lounge

SEO & Bloggers Lounge exists to help bloggers, SEOs, freelancers, and digital marketers grow their skills and performance online. The SEO & Bloggers Lounge group has over 20,000 members ranging from complete beginners to advanced, and the topics cover all things content marketing, creation, and SEO. 

16. SEO Marketplace

The SEO Marketplace is a different type of SEO group. This group is a marketplace for buying and selling domains, PBNs, links, and other things related to content and SEO. If you’re looking for a marketplace-style group, check this one out! 

17. SEO Masters Academy

SEO Masters Academy describes themselves as “A land of SEO and marketing experts”. Although members in this group range from beginners to experts, there is a lot to learn here. This is a very active SEO Facebook group where you’ll find questions-and-answer posts, case studies, as well as tips and tricks. 

Networking & Engagement Tips for Facebook Groups

No matter what reason you want to join SEO Facebook groups for, here are some tips for making the most of your experience. 

When you become a group member, lurk first! Every group has a different vibe, and every group admin runs things differently. It’s best to lurk and see how the group operates before diving in with posts, promotions, questions, etc. 

Always read the rules, and don’t ever join groups just to spam your links or try to get leads. You can and will attract leads naturally if you use Facebook groups in a non-spammy way… 

This brings us to our next point: Provide value. When you first start interacting in the group, stay in the comments on other people’s posts. Answer questions where you can, provide valuable commentary, and become an active member of the group. 

When you consistently engage in a group, people will start to see you as a group or topic expert. 

Plus, if you decide to make your own posts in the group, your posts are much more likely to be pushed out to group members’ main news feeds if you’re an active contributor already.

Wrapping Up The Best SEO Facebook Groups

The best SEO Facebook groups are the groups that are full of value, from case studies, success stories, problem-solving, and more. And this list has them! 

Social media can be a valuable place to learn about SEO because you can connect with some of the smartest minds in the industry and learn from them in real-time. 

You can save yourself time searching on Facebook because we’ve already done all the work for you. And don’t forget to join the Niche Pursuits Facebook group, where topics range from niche websites, case studies, SEO, and more. 


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