Are you looking for some stunning WooCommerce online store examples? If so, here’s your chance to get a glance.

WooCommerce is one of the leading solutions for many ecommerce enthusiasts.

We’ve compiled some WooCommerce online store examples that will surely inspire you to open a WooCommerce store. Check them out!

What is a WooCommerce online store?

A WooCommerce online store is a website built using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce platform built on WordPress that enables people to open stores and sell various products.

In short, WooCommerce makes it possible to build your online store on WordPress.

Pretty convenient, right?

If you are willing to open an ecommerce store, WooCommerce might be the right pick!

The best 19 WooCommerce online store examples

Let’s get ready for some WooCommerce online store examples. But don’t worry, we’re not just posting some links.

We will also give informative descriptions of why these stores are on top. So, it will surely be an inspiration for you.

Let’s start!

1. Root Science

Let’s start with Root Science, a skincare store that sells organic products. Root Science’s products are mainly made of natural plants, purified clays, or nutrient-rich botanical ingredients. They offer skincare products for various skin types.

This website is an example of an ideal online WooCommerce store. All products of different categories are sorted in a precise way so customers can quickly find the items they’re looking for.

What makes Root Science an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Product-focused images. On the homepage, they have images showing some of the products. These images clearly show all the product names in the image with a detailed presentation.
Product focused images On the homepage
  • Precisely sorted products. On the first page, the call-to-action button leads to the specific product type, showing precisely sorted products according to the product type.
  • Product showcasing. The product showcasing can easily attract customers by including the exact names, types, and measurements.
  • Skin guide section. Visitors can choose the best product from the skin guides section. Skin guides include sensitive skin, blemish-prone, and oily skin, early signs of aging, and dry and mature skin categories.

2. Henry J Socks

Henry J Socks homepage

The next niche-based product store is called Henry J Socks. This comfy and colorful socks-based store has been selling socks since 2013. Their product contains high-quality materials and is widely chosen by customers.

What makes this store unique is that it’s subscription-based. Customers choose the time intervals and delivery dates, after which their socks get delivered periodically.

What makes Henry J Socks an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Colorful presentation. On the homepage, orange color fonts and vibrant images represent and introduce the website. This attractive and colorful representation helps to attract customers.
  • Slider and subscription box. The slider on the first page shows the different pictures of their socks, and the subscription button directly brings users to the subscription page.
Get a subscription service
  • Black footer with social links. The black background with social links in the footer introduces users to various other services, such as redeeming gifts, return information, contact form, account, and more.

3. Picky Bars

Picky Bars homepage

Picky Bars is the solution for your favorite granola bars, oatmeal, or energy bars. They also sell T-shirts or water bottles for athletes, foodies, and kids.

The Picky Bars website shows different colors of product presentations. The store is based on providing flavorful bars to athletes and food lovers.

What makes Picky Bars an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Black bar and vibrant colors. The website shows different colors on the landing page. On top of the website, a black bar in the body offers a white background, and on the bottom, it shows the green location.
  • Different fonts on images. This store uses white fonts on images with green or black backgrounds. They have used product images in the background as well that look incredible.
  • Products showcase. The homepage shows different bars and other categorical products on their website. Also, on the main page, the different products direct users to the product page when they click on the specific product.
Products showcase
  • Customer reviews: Showing products and customer reviews on the product page. Customers’ feedback is at the end of every product, and customers who buy the product can leave a star-based review. 

4. Sodashi

Sodashi homepage

Here’s another skincare product store. It is an Australian web store (Sodashi) that aims to provide botanical extract skincare. There’s a natural selection option that conveys resourceful product information to customers.

Their store contains a colorful background on the first page, and most of their website is covered with white background for clear visibility of their products.

What makes Sodashi an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • White background. Their website is entirely white in the background. So, the product on the homepage and the product page clearly shows what kind of product they have. Also, visitors can see the black font easily on the website.
  • Sliders and quality images. One of the unique ways to show business potential is to have sliders. Sodashi has the slider box to explain how they started the journey to skin care products, and also quality images show their skin care products are for men or women.
  • Informative product page. With a white background, Sodashi’s product page shows the features, what’s included, and the detailed ingredients. The detailed ingredient part is excellent as it shows what this product contains.
Informative product page
  • Social links and subscriptions. At the website’s bottom are social links and subscriptions for their news and event updates. This introduces customers to new products and updates.

5. Rotimatic

Rotimatic homepage

The website Rotimatic is about roti-making machines; it offers that specific solution. Their machine can make roti within 90 seconds.

The white background and mixture of green and orange colors make the website elegant.

What makes Rotimatic an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Blog links on homepage. The roti-making machine can make different recipes, and they have these recipe blogs in the middle of the website. So, visitors can visit these blogs and know how to use the machine.
  • Recipe pages for learners. Rotimatic includes a whole recipe section for visitors. They have an appetizer, dessert, breakfast, snack, mains, and more recipes. Visitors learn different recipes from the recipe page. Also, the recipe page includes attractive recipe details every page.
Recipe pages for learners
You can find the recipes page here
  • Product warranty information. A specialty of Rotimatic is to provide an extended warranty with a standard warranty for one year. The page includes checking the warranty status for the customers as well.

6. Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box homepage

Kawaii is a Japanese word that defines cuteness. Kawaii Box mainly provides various cute items. This website looks amazing and fits with the products and theme.

The website’s main attraction is the pink-colored background and stylish font that attract visitors. Also, the website shows customer reviews and a colorful collection of Kawaii products.

What makes Kawaii Box an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Pink and white color combination. This website’s theme is to provide its customers with stuffed toys, accessories, home items, and more. The pink and white color combination shows the cuteness of the toys accurately.
  • Free shipping worldwide. The free shipping option for the customers is a surprise. Moreover, they have a global shipping option which is excellent.
Free shipping worldwide
  • Customer reviews. There are several customer reviews on the website, and it defines how trusted and reliable they are. Customers are holding the KawaiiBox and doing a photoshoot. The website shows reviews in the middle and bottom of the website.
  • Plans and subscriptions. Their plans are on the middle of the website homepage with a pink background which looks great.

7. Eat Grub

Eat Grub homepage

Eat Grub is quite interesting! This website promotes western food culture and insects as food. They think insects are precious things that contain particular nutrients.

Eat Grub’s website holds a unique way to represent insects as food with a white background and an animated image on the homepage.

The website’s main attraction is the animated image on the first page, and the whole website is appropriately arranged with lots of links and blogs.

What makes Eat Grub an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Animated image. The first thing you would notice on this website is the animated image which shows the different varieties of insect food products. The animated image holds a ‘shop now’ button to bring visitors to the product page, which is a great way to convert visitors.
  • Promoting with messages. One thing that attracts visitors is the message that motivates visitors about how insects are more nutritious than usual food. It’s all done in a very convincing way!
  • Blogs to promote products. Eat Grub isn’t just about showing foods; they also promote blogs to convert visitors. The blog is enriched with valuable content that helps to get more visitors to buy products.
Blogs to promote products
  • Recipes with videos. Eat Grub includes a recipe page with many recipes and videos. Customers can quickly notice the recipe page while visiting the website for the first time. 

8. Nalgene

Nalgene homepage

Nalgene is a website for supplying bottles for athletes, kids, or adventure lovers. Nalgene’s website shows products in a way that expresses the entire product category in a clear sense.

The slider to show all of the content and explain all the product categories can easily attract visitors within a short time.

What makes Nalgene an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • The big slider. This website has a big slider that repeatedly shows content. On first impressions, visitors can easily observe the website products and content with the slides.
  • The menu bar is on top. The menu bar contains their products and accessories that visitors can easily access without any hassle. Menu bars bring users to the product page, where the product details are explained quite well.
  • Product page with customer reviews. Nalgene’s product page has product features, descriptions, and specifications on every product page. Also, the customer reviews open a single different box to leave a product review.
Product page with customer reviews

9. Only Mine

Only Mine homepage

Only Mine is an Australian delicious chocolate-making store. Only Mine makes chocolate with natural ingredients, and all are handmade. This website also holds a great look to attract visitors.

The website’s main attraction is the big image with close shots of chocolate products. Also, the different colors and products on the main page are great.

What makes Online Mine an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Big colorful image. The homepage showcases a big colorful image that introduces visitors to the chocolate products.
  • Product animation. The product animates when visitors keep the pointer on the product, which looks great. It represents and shows the product from various angles.
  • Varieties of chocolate in shop. The chocolate shop includes a variety of chocolate flavors. Also, they have different bar flavors, chocolates, and colorful presentations of every chocolate. The customer reviews are on the top with a star-based rating.
Only Mine chocolate shop
You can find the chocolate shop here
  • White background on the bottom. While we see most websites use black on the bottom, here we observe white on the bottom, and the font color is black here, which looks sophisticated.

10. Blue Star Coffee Roasters

Blue Star Coffee Roasters homepage

Blue Star Coffee Roasters is a fresh coffee maker providing baking items to their customers.

Awarded as one of the top three micro-roasters in North America by Roast Magazine in 2017 and Best Espresso in America at Seattle Coffee Fest in 2012.

What makes Blue Star Coffee Roasters an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Customer reviews. One of its unique characteristics is the customer reviews scroller. Customers’ satisfactions are their priority, so they’ve posted the reviews on the homepage.
Customer reviews
  • Vibrant colored images. The website has various colors to showcase. Blue, maroon, sky blue, brown, navy blue, and more! This coffee roasters store is well-arranged with brief product descriptions for the visitors. Also, the menu bar displays colorful links for visitors.
  • The product leads to the product page. The website shows the product on the homepage that leads to the product page, and the main attraction is that the product changes the angle when the pointer gets on the image.

11. Gold Eagle

Gold Eagle homepage

Gold Eagle provides automotive chemicals and robust engine problem solutions. Their website has several scrolling text and images with a product description that leads to the product page for visitors.

The main attraction of this website is the scrolling board when it appears on the homepage. Their product page also contains well-arranged products to showcase.

What makes Gold Eagle an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Several sliders with transparent images. The homepage includes slider images with colorful text and transparent images that can attract visitors easily. Also, the call-to-action button takes visitors to the product page more conveniently.
  • Featured products and brands. Gold Eagle has featured brands and products on the homepage. The featured product shows the product images and customer reviews that lead to the product page and customers’ feedback. Also, the brand’s brief description on the next page is included.
Featured products and brands
  • Product page. Their product page has several images with the proper product description. Also, there’s a comment section below every product page for customers who purchased the product.

12. Dineamic

Dineamic homepage

Dineamic is a food-making store that prepares and delivers food to their customer.

They have freshly-cooked food that you will easily love. The website shows the purple-colored top bar and icons with a white background that can easily capture visitors.

What makes Dineamic an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Featured items. The list of featured items is on the homepage. The favorite meals show different recipes that lead to the product page, and it offers the prices as well.
  • FAQs for visitors. The home page shows some FAQs for the visitors on how they can get benefitted from purchasing their products. It helps visitors to convert. (More info about FAQ pages here)
FAQs for visitors
  • Customers say. Satisfied customers provide valuable feedback on their purchases. These are featured at the bottom of the website, and it conveys a positive vibe to the visitors.

13. Sarah’s Snacks

Sarah's Snacks homepage

Sarah’s Snacks‘ website has a unique way of capturing visitors’ eyes. The website provides snacks and cookies for its customers and looks attractive with stylish fonts and striking colors.

The catchy side of this website is the product scrolling and the big image that leads to the product page.

What makes Sarah’s Snacks an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Wholesale and certified business. Women maintain Sarah’s snacks’ more than 50% operation, so they have been announced as a women-based business by Women’s Business Enterprise or WBENC. They have wholesale options for retailers and distributors, and you can easily be a vendor immediately with the form submission.
Sarah's Snacks wholesale page
  • Scrolling products and product page. The website represents some products on the front page with scrolling capability. The scrolling product leads to the product page that contains the product description and all the product information.
  • Font style and colors. One of their main attractions is the stylish fonts and colors. This makes the website look unique and artistic. From the big image to the bottom of the website, they have used different fonts to provide a stylish look for their visitors.

14. Better Body Foods

Better Body Foods homepage

Better Body Foods features different types of butter, sweeteners, and oil products. On first look, you can realize that their theme is the orange color that looks majestic.

Also, their website features a scrolling products category that shows most of their product with just a click of your hand.

What makes Better Body Foods an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Advertising by video. The first thing that attracts visitors is the video advertisement of their products. The video shows different product usage and an attractive presentation that can attract visitors easily.
  • Shop and recipes. Better Body Foods’ colorful presentation is excellent, and they have a shop where all the products are shown in a box with a search option. Also, the recipe page includes many recipes and a brief nutrient description on the thumbnail image, attracting visitors.
Recipes page
  • Product page and scroller. The scroller on the webpage contains the product category, and visitors can instantly visit the link and purchase the product by clicking on the product scroller right away. So, it allows customers to buy and recognize their product without trouble.

15. The Good Batch

The Good Batch  bakery

The Good Batch bakery store is a perfect WooCommerce online store example.

The big image with different sizes of colorful, delicious cakes and a very straightforward way of conveying their website’s information to the visitors are a delight to watch.

What makes The Good Batch an unbeatable WooCommerce store?

  • Small and brief presentation. Good Batch’s small and brief presentation provides clear information to the visitors. Their website is entirely crafted with quick product details and vibrant product images.
  • Outdoor markets and local delivery. Good Batch includes an outdoor market where they sell varieties of their product, and also, Good Batch deliver the product to their customers.
Find The Good Batch
  • Bakery shop and retail business. Good Batch has a bakery shop with their bakery products. Besides, they have a retail business for customers.

16. Stella and Chewy’s

Stella and Chewys homepage

Stella and Chewys include off-white background colors, mainly dog and cat blogs, and a food store.

Also, different options on the website contain a reddish appearance that easily attracts visitors’ attention.

What makes Stella and Chewys an unbeatable WooCommerce store?

  • Pet store locator. Stella and Chewys include a pet store locator where you can find different food stores for cats and dogs. Search using your nearest location on the map, which is excellent.
  • Nutrition philosophy. Stella and Chewys have a nutrition philosophy page describing how they produce this pet food. They provide emphasis on quality and nutrients stuff to make pet food.
Nutrition philosophy
  • Individual cat and dog food shop. Cat and dog food shops have varieties of food collections. Also, food has different nutrients and specifications mentioned on the product page.

17. Jamaica Cottage Shop 

Jamaica Cottage Shop homepage

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a unique store that sells different types of cottages. Thor cottage shop has living, livestock, and storage types of the cottage.

The website has an extensive collection of different cottages featured on the homepage.

What makes Jamaica Cottage Shop an unbeatable WooCommerce store?

  • Small slider under the big one. This one is an excellent addition to the attractive design. This small slider shows different cottages on the homepage. Also, the inspirational quotes on both sides of the cottage images look good.
Different cottages on the homepage
  • Free plans. The cottage shop includes free plans who subscribe to this website’s free newsletter. Jamaica Coffee Shop provides the plans as soon as customer register in their newsletter.
  • Product category and featured products. Visitors can easily browse through their product category with a seamless view and options. The featured products are on the same page as well.

18. Safe Life Defense

Safe Life Defense homepage

Safe Life Defense is an armor suit and body armor store. The store has a complete set of armors and tools to protect anyone from the bullet.

This website’s theme is black, and the armor product looks elegant with the colors.

What makes Safe Life Store an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Buyer’s guide. The website has a buyer’s guide to show the visitors if their product is legally purchased. Also, armor has various features to describe this, ensuring buyers how trusted and reliable their safety product is.
  • Best-selling products and customer feedback. Best-selling products are on the homepage to showcase the quality of their product. Also, customers feedbacks via Trustpilot are on the main page to show the credibility of their product.
Best selling products and customer feedback
  • Big blue button. A big blue button on the website is easily noticeable while visitors visit the website. The blue button leads to the next page, which shows different products with search options. 

19. Swagtron 

Swagtron homepage

Swagtron is a scooter, electric bike, skateboard, and accessories store. They sell various designed scooter bikes for different ages.

The website includes a yellow design on the top; the featured product gives you a hint about their product.

What makes Swagtron an unbeatable WooCommerce online store?

  • Big yellow image with white text. The first thing that captures visiting is the big yellow image and the details of the product with white text on it. Also, different models show the ride they are using.
  • Products with brief details. Swagtron’s bike products are listed on the product page, and who and how can different ages of people use it is briefly described on the product page.
Products with brief details
  • Range and miles selection on search. On the shop option, we can see the range and miles option for selection on search while you want to purchase their selected models. This is convenient for users who are searching for different milage of bikes.

6 Crucial factors for succeeding with a WooCommerce online store

Building a successful WooCommerce store isn’t an easy process. Most people think that it is just showcasing products that customers come to purchase.

But there are more things to it than purchasing and showcasing. Here are some crucial factors for success with a WooCommerce store.

Product presentation

Your store represents your business, one of the aspects you need to focus intensely on. The main thing is that you need to be unique in terms of showing and displaying products to your customer.

Don’t just copy-paste the product presentation; take inspiration from a branded store.

We recommend using a WordPress theme that has options to utilize your products and the themes that help you optimize the customer experience according to the product you’re selling.

Some websites like Picky Bars and Nalgene are perfect examples of product presentations.

Nalgene products presentation
Source (Nalgene products presentation)

So, we recommend:

  • Highlight some of your products on the homepage.
  • Describe the product in bold font.

Attractive content

Engaging content is one of the primary factors you need to focus on. Inform your visitors about the product you’re selling through engaging content.

Content should be precise, and as the customer wants to know more about the product, you need to show brief but accurate information.

Some of the stores like Eat Grub, Picky Bars, Nalgene, and Only Mine are examples of engaging content.

Engaging product description content
Source (Engaging product description content)

So, we recommend:

  • Describe products precisely to your visitors.
  • Use precise and short content to present.
  • Launch an attractive blog section.

Selling quality product

Quality product is a crucial factor for WooCommerce business. This significant part contributes the most to the success of this business.

If you want to stand on a good reputation, you need to establish the quality product in your store.

If you feel managing quality products will be difficult for you, you can take the assistance of a professional sourcing service to help you sell a quality product.

Blue Star Coffee Roasters, Gold Eagle, and Dineamic are good-quality products.

Blue Star Coffee Roasters quality product
Source (Blue Star Coffee Roasters quality product)

So, we recommend:

  • Use legal and quality products in your store.
  • Use fresh, good-packaged products for the store.

Protect your store

Cyber-attack on websites are on the rise, so you need to take necessary precautions to prevent online attacks.

As you need to manage customers’ information within your store, you must find a suitable host, set up multiple-factor authentication, and verify your site with SSL security.

Some examples of popular stores for inspiration are Sarah’s Snacks and Gold Eagle.

Website security checking
Source (Website security checking)

So, we recommend:

  • Take proper security measures for your store, such as domain and hosting security.
  • Use ReCaptcha to protect your site from spam comments.
  • And for more tips on how not to get sued, check out this article here.

Website loading times

People generally expect to load any website within two to three seconds. In the UK, 48% of the audience expects to load any site within three seconds.

So, if the customer finds the website is taking more time to load, you can lose customers. You should be careful about the hosting service you choose with WooCommerce.

There are lots of trusted hosting services that provide reliable service – like Cloudways and Kinsta.

Moreover, using fast and lightweight themes like Astra helps you load your website faster.

Astra homepage

Some examples are Root Science, Eat Grub, Blue Star Coffee Roasters, and Coffee Roasters. These websites provide excellent loading speed.

So, we recommend:

  • Use quality images but if loading times are a problem, make the resolution smaller.
  • Use appropriate fonts, domain, or hosting site to speed up the load.

Customer care service

Great customer service is the key to the success of an online business. So, think about the customer and your store and focus on your role.

Remember to respond to your customer quickly. The fast response makes clients trust you more.

Nalgene and Picky Bars are examples of stores doing a great job with this.

Picky Bars customer support
Source (Picky Bars customer support)

So, we recommend:

  • Answer questions from visitors.
  • Customer service should be up to the mark when opening an online store.

How do you find successful WooCommerce online stores?

Looking to find successful WOoCommerce stores?

If so, you should check out Builtwith here! It has a list of all the websites currently using WooCommerce.

The best thing?

It even has data like projected sales revenue to find the best WooCommerce stores quickly!

An example how to find WooCommere stores with BuiltWith

FAQs about online WooCommerce stores

Is WooCommerce better than Shopify for dropshipping?

The main difference between Shopify and WooCommcerce is that Shopify is more suitable for beginners to understand how to build a store. At the same time, WooCommerce requires domain, hosting, and security to set up your store on your own.

For more information, check out our comparison guide here!

Is WooCommerce challenging to use?

WooCommerce is great for both beginners and experienced users. Their functions and features are compelling, easy to use, and offer full customization.

Is WooCommerce good for an online business?

Yes, as it is connected with WordPress, it contains features like a content management system and many online store plugins.

Is WooCommerce free?

Yes! WooCommerce is open-source software. It doesn’t have any setup charge or monthly fee.


Before we go to the final verdict, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Make sure your store represents a quality product and has a fitting theme.
  • Take inspiration from successful online stores like Root Science or Picky Bars.
  • If you aim for dropshipping with your WooCommerce online store, remember that it is a real business. You need to have the patience to succeed.
  • Use research tools like Builtwith to find successful stores.
  • Have enough confidence, take action, and open your WooCommerce store.


Setting up a successful online store is a long process. You need to have patience and much diligence to make it work.

WooCommerce has made the way much easier as it has all the latest updates and features incorporated for mass use.

So, we hope our list of 19 WooCommerce online store examples will make you start right away as an inspiration.

Best of luck with your WooCommerce online store!

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