For the entrepreneur who is overworked or the business owner that just wants to outsource everyday activities, virtual assistant websites can be a lifesaver.

We only have so many hours in a day, so it’s important to use yours as efficiently as possible. Invest your bandwidth in the tasks that only you can take care of, and let other people shoulder some of the load.

Unfortunately, finding a virtual assistant is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Some are reliable, while others can be a complete waste of time and money. 

Virtual assistant websites can help you cut through the noise and find the individual that’s right for your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

It’s tempting to think of virtual assistants as simply those who handle the “grunt work” that you don’t want to do, but nothing could be further from the truth. These highly trained individuals are valuable for the breadth of their skill set, offering expertise in a variety of areas. They provide a much-needed utility player to the workforce, able to step in and handle the workload in multiple environments.

All tasks from a virtual assistant job are handled remotely and can include tasks like:

  • Handling travel
  • Scheduling meetings with others
  • Handling internal and external communication

Some even specialize in a certain area, such as graphic design, writing, or accounting.

The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant for your business is flexibility.

Since most of them operate on a contractual basis, you can hire one to suit your needs in the short term, with the option to hire them for long-term work. Because they are remote workers, you also save on overhead expenses like office space, equipment, and taxes.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Website Do?

As mentioned above, finding a dedicated virtual assistant can be challenging. Virtual assistant websites fill that gap by not only vetting these remote workers, but also creating a marketplace where you can look at portfolios and interview potential assistants at your leisure.

In some cases, these virtual system websites will even find the ideal assistant for you.

Not all virtual assistants will be exclusive to you, either. In some cases, you’ll hire them directly from the website and then pay them a flat fee. However, most virtual assistant websites offer an escrow service that allows you to hire the assistant through them. They’ll take a cut for providing the service, and handle any relevant issues that may arise.

22 Best Virtual Assistant Websites

You’ll undoubtedly have many options when it comes to looking for virtual assistant websites, but here are some of the most popular choices in the marketplace today.


Founded in 2016, TaskVirtual provides social media management, content writing, data entry, and even administrative support to clients all over the world. Specifically, they can also handle real estate and e-commerce management, so if you’re in those fields, it’s worth taking a look.

TaskVirtual claims to have an extensive screening process for all of their assistants and is managed by in-house employees. Every time zone is accommodated as best as possible.

The pricing ranges from $60 for five hours to $600 for 80 hours.

As you can tell, the price per hour decreases the more hours you buy in advance.

They also have flexible bundles for full-time or part-time work that are cheaper than the block hourly rates they normally offer.

Virtual Assist USA

As one of the oldest virtual assistant websites around today, Virtual Assist USA has a stronger reputation of experienced virtual assistants and highly skilled areas. All of their virtual assistants are college-educated and have at least a decade of experience on the job.

Ongoing virtual assistant training is a priority for all workers as well.

There is cost to reflect this premium service. They have three different pricing options – 15, 30, or 50 hours a month — and the prices range between $35-$38 per hour.


For £270 a month, you can buy 10 hours of UK-based virtual assistant talent for whatever you need. Their “Ultimate” package is £1440 a month – a substantial increase over most of the other companies on this list.

What sets them apart?

Aside from the fact that Virtalent has a talent pool of the best VAs on the market, complete with experience in blue-chip companies and startups, they also offer expertise in logistics. General administrative tasks and social media management are available, or you can hire them for event organization and travel booking.

It’s a professional virtual assistant service for professionals who need a more hands-on experience.


While most virtual assistant websites provide workers that are a “jack of all trade” type of individual, MyTasker connects experts skilled in a single area with people who need that skill.

From content writers and web designers, to IT personnel and accountants, MyTasker doesn’t give you someone who’s kind of good at everything. Instead, they provide contract-based personnel that has proven their worth in key areas.

They never sleep, either. Their offices are open 24/7 and are available on all major holidays, making them the perfect VAs for international companies.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

When you think of outsourcing your work, a company like 24/7 Virtual Assistant most likely comes to mind. They have locations all across the world, both US and overseas, and provide around-the-clock services for all their clients.

Some of those basic packages include things like customer service and bookkeeping, but can also provide a ministry of support as well.

Their plans start at $349 per month for overseas workers, and US plans for $399 per month.


A good virtual assistant is multitalented, but it’s almost just as valuable to have a virtual assistant business that is multitalented as well. Instead of hiring an individual, VaVaVirtual has a team of U.S.-based assistants that can be interchanged depending on your needs.

VaVaVirtual prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all of your business needs, and their packages reflect this flexibility. There are no contracts, but most of their support averages between $25-$45 per hour. Services include:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Social media management
  • Back office support


The key selling point for FreeUp is exclusivity. It’s very clear that they only want the best virtual assistants in their network. Only the top 1% that pass their extensive vetting process are allowed to advertise their skills on FreeUp.

Another one of their key features is that you’re not responsible for finding your own freelancer.

FreeUp pairs you with the candidate in less than a day, which is perfect for emergency projects.

The pricing is varied; expect to pay anything from five dollars to $75 or more per hour. There are no monthly fees, and all freelancers are expected to speak fluent English no matter their location.


One of the drawbacks of working with a virtual assistant is the reliance on them to be self-managing. With Prialto, every virtual assistant is given an Engagement Manager that monitors their progress and ensures the work is being done.

If that isn’t enough, there are also additional support teams and premium security to provide you peace of mind.

Every potential assistant is on boarded in the same manner, and then integrated into your workflow.

Best of all, their assistants don’t just handle everyday tasks, but also manage executive and operations services as well. Pricing starts at $1,350 a month.

Virtual Staff Finder 

Virtual Staff Finder, or VSF, is a VA service that outsources work exclusively by Filipinos. VSF has been operating in the Philippines for more than a decade, so they know the market and are able to recruit the best talent for your business needs.

Some of the services offered are:

There is a $595 service fee when you sign on, so using them requires a bit of a commitment.


Like other U.S.-based contractors, the prices for Belay’s services start at $34 per hour and go all the way up to $50. Additionally, you have to provide a 30-day cancellation notice before services officially stop.

The good news is that Belay has been around for more than a decade and is headquartered in the United States, with contractors in virtually every time zone. They have won numerous awards for their efforts and provide expert-level services in:

  • Accounting
  • Social media
  • Website services

While they might not be the cheapest option on this list, there’s no question that Belay has a strong reputation of getting results.


If you’ve been looking for a virtual assistant position for any period of time, you most likely heard of Upwork (or its predecessor Elance). 

Upwork won’t find your contractors for you, but it does let you post a job along with interview questions and screen your own candidates for whatever role you need. The tasks can be as varied as you want — everything from content writing services to tagging images for your website.

The freelancers have a success score, along with reviews that you can examine. Sign-up is very simple, and the fees for using their services are low at only 3%. You’re able to set the terms of the contract when you post your job.


Located in Miami, WoodBows is one of the highest client satisfaction rates on this list. They claim that 99.7% of their clients return to WoodBows to select another virtual assistant after their initial experience.

Clutch.co, which handles online reviews, has ranked WoodBows as the best virtual assistant website against 300 other similar companies.

Their expertise is vast. WoodBows can accommodate your needs, whether that manes:

  • Customer support reps
  • Mobile app development
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Data entry

The packages start at $600 a month for 40 hours and go all the way up to a premium plan at $2,500 a month.


While having a virtual assistant is nice, what you’re really looking for as you grow your business is partners that can help you scale. RemSource seeks to provide that exact service by spending quite a bit of time getting to know you and your business before assigning virtual assistants to help.

The first three months that you work with RemSource, they’ll help you put workflows in place and discuss your needs. They’ll then quote a flat fee for the services they feel you need the most and communicate with you as you grow.

The services include anything from virtual administration, project management, and niche VA services.

Remote Coworker

As the name implies, Remote Coworker provides virtual assistants that can help you with technical support, sales and billing, and back office support, among others. Their support team is available around the clock, and also comes with a weekly progress report. 

If your business includes Spanish-speaking customers, they also have bilingual virtual assistants.

Remote Coworker’s pricing is very competitive; pricing starts at $7 an hour and goes up depending on skill level. Additional support can be added at a reduced rate depending on your needs.


Sometimes, what you need is not a business assistant as much as a life assistant. Efficise offers both. No matter if you need help with transcription or travel planning, they have virtual assistants that can help you.

Efficise strives to be an extension of your existing team and prides itself on handling the everyday tasks that need to be outsourced.

In turn, this gives you more time to focus on your business and improve your work-life balance.

The pricing model sets them apart as well. Instead of paying by the hour, they offer “task credits.” Five tasks, for example, will cost you $20, while 50 tasks will cost you $100. This is perfect if you have a bunch of micro responsibilities that don’t take require a full hour’s worth of work, but still need to be handled.

Fancy Hands

Another company that is making the move to task-based pricing is Fancy Hands. Founded in 2010, Fancy Hands is based in the US and only hires US contractors, so you’ll never have to worry about the language barrier or time zone issue.

The diversity of Fancy Hands skill set is another distinguishing factor. They can do everything a regular assistant would do, such as scheduling meetings, planning your travel, and even answering your emails. For business-related tasks, they help with lead management and data collection.

For three tasks, expect to spend around $18, while 30 requests will cost you $150.


With three different pricing plans beginning at $10 per hour and going up to $2,000 per month, the virtual assistants at Magic can provide a plethora of different types of assistance.

Administrative assistance covers the generic tasks that a regular secretary would handle, sales tasks such as qualifying leads and data collection, or talent sourcing. With recruiting being one of the main costs for brands looking to expand, Magic’s pool of experts can bring your next great hire right to your doorstep.

Billing is weekly and there are no contracts, so it doesn’t take much of a commitment to give Magic a test drive.


Instead of the standard per-hour rate that many virtual assistant websites on this list charge, Uassist.Me only has one plan. For $1,059, you have a part-time assistant that is shared with a few other clients. You still get around 80 hours per month, but no longer than four hours at a time.

The founders of Uassist.Me comes with some serious credibility. They have been featured in Inc. Magazine, CNN, and a few other publications around the world. Their service began by offering basic administrator services but has since spread into lead generation, back office, and other digital marketing tasks that you might need. 


Zirtual doesn’t provide all of the services that other virtual assistant websites will offer, but what they do offer is usually done at a high level. Available tasks include:

  • Inbox management
  • Travel booking
  • Expense reporting
  • Social media management
  • Some personal tasks

Broadly speaking, Zirtual also offers package services — a grouping of services that work together, rather than a single task. This includes remote office management, online project management, and even virtual paralegal services.

The cheapest package will cost you $549 per month and nets 12 hours of tasks, while the most expensive plan is $1,699 per month for 50 hours of tasks.

Time, Etc.

The 1,032,559 hours (and counting) of work that Time, Etc. has billed to their clients so far don’t tell the full story of this company.

Of all the virtual assistants that apply to work at Time, Etc., only 2% are actually hired. The ones that make the cut have more than a decade’s worth of experience in top companies like Apple and Virgin.

The tasks include everything from sales and marketing administration to general research, providing virtually everything you need to help run your company. The cheapest plan is $310 per month for 10 hours worth of work, but you can save some money by buying 60 hours for $1,680 per month.


One of the main draws for working with an assistant from ClearDesk is the flexibility. Multiple pricing plans are available – whether you need a general assistant for around $11 per hour or a more specialized assistant for $4,500 per month.

The general assistants cover basic projects in admin support, but ClearDesk also specializes in assistants that can handle real estate, bookkeeping, e-commerce, and legal tasks.

ClearDesk has been in business for more than 15 years and has more than 130 employees. Rest assured they can find somebody to handle your day-to-day tasks as well.


If you are nervous about making sure that you get the right virtual assistant for your business, then Boldly might be the virtual assistant website for you.

Instead of simply paying for a subscription service where you are matched with an unnamed assistant, Boldly lets you meet your assistant before you pay for anything, making sure that the fit is right.

The types of assistants that you can hire include people familiar with project management, bookkeeping, customer service, and even C-level executive assistance. For companies that have customers all over the world, bilingual customer service in admin is also an option.

You’ll pay for this type of premium service — nearly $51 per hour, on average – but many clients believe that the personal touch and quality of work is worth it.

What Will You Use Your Virtual Assistant For?

One of the reasons that most people don’t use a virtual assistant is because they can’t think of things to offload. Look around at your business and find some everyday tasks that don’t require your specific touch, then head online to one of the above virtual assistant websites to find a match. Doing so may be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business.


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