Technology is always advancing, and it’s expected that 2020 will be the best year yet in terms of technologies that improve productivity. This is the same year that Japan plans to use robots and AI smart tracking of athletes in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Technology has helped improve efficiency in so many areas of business operations today. This is why all sectors in forward-thinking companies have been quick to embrace digital trends. For example, robotic automation has helped streamline manufacturing processes while surgeons have begun adopting the use of robots when performing minimally invasive surgeries. With these helping those specialty areas, what will help the online marketer?

Here are the top 3 digital trends increasing productivity in 2020Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies have been around for several years. However, it’s expected that adoption will continue to increase even in 2020. AI-powered tools are transforming the workplace by handling repetitive tasks, thus freeing up workers for complex tasks. Businesses are also adopting the use of AI-powered chatbots to help with customer support. These chatbots are learning from salespeople, customer service reps, and real marketers. Allowing them to answer questions as if you were talking to a real person.

AI is also transforming how businesses handle data and analytics. Companies typically hire data scientists to analyze data- a task that AI can handle, even without supervision.


Almost all companies are trying to automate some of their processes to free up some workers, reduce overheads, and improve efficiency. Hyper-automation is the next step in automation. It incorporates technologies such as machine learning, automation tools, packaged software, and AI to improve AI-driven decision making.

According to Gartner, hyper-automation will become an essential part of businesses. Companies are using hyper-automation to create ‘digital twins’. These are virtual models of key processes or assets.  They then collect data and monitor the digital twins. Over time, these twins get smarter giving better insight into the organization and problems facing their systems. They also help organizations assess opportunities and understand customer needs.

The idea behind hyper-automation is to improve the use of collaborative intelligence. Hyper automation isn’t meant to sideline human workers; instead, it seeks to work with humans side-by-side. This creates a workplace that uses data to run efficiently and perform roles optimally.

Immersive technologies

Immersive technologies have all kinds of applications in the workplace. For example, organizations are using augmented and virtual realities to speed up the training process and make it more enjoyable. These technologies are helping improve the reaction time and decision-making among employees. This translates to fewer mistakes and increased productivity, as well as lower training costs.

Training workers, especially in healthcare, oil production, and transport industries using immersive technologies, has no risk but a high return on investment. Companies can use these technologies to recreate physical scenarios to teach their employees how best to handle such situations.

Immersive technologies can allow users access to inaccessible environments. For example, when pitching a project, product, or idea, you can use these technologies to bring your idea to life. You can then use the virtual experience to convince investors to buy into your idea. Real Estate companies are using virtual reality to help potential customers view and walk through properties. Manufacturers are also adopting immersive technologies during the conceptual stage of products. Designers can use virtual reality to create products in 3D spaces and simulated environments to test the products. The designers can also simulate harsh conditions to test the durability of the product and identify design flaws. This ensures that the final products are perfect, reducing the likelihood of failure due to design flaws.

Conclusion: Digital Trends Increasing Productivity in 2020

2020 will be an exciting year as the start of the decade. Companies will be looking to cement their place as leaders in the technology landscape. A lot of trends will emerge, but ultimately, the role of humans in the workplace to implement and make decisions based on the technology will become even more important.

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