3 Metrics Lawyers Should Monitor To Avoid Being Taken By A Law Firm SEO Company

If you want your law firm to stand out amidst the thousands of other law firms available online, then you’ve got to understand the delicate details behind the art of promoting your firm’s website. Luckily for you, there are some things you can observe on your website in order to improve your website’s online rating, while also increasing the number of visitors you get exponentially.

Here Are 3 Metrics Lawyers Need to Monitor Closely on Their Websites:Organic Search Growth

If you want to observe how successful your previous SEO efforts were, then you always have to keep a close eye on the organic search growth your website is getting. The organic search growth is a term that’s used to define the number of times your website has been searched for by unique visitors purely from your own publicity and not any marketing related efforts. Tracking this specific metric helps you understand the type of people visiting your website, the amount and the frequency of their visits. Using this data can help you figure out when you’re less likely to attract many visitors and then you can start working towards solutions to increase the number of visitors you get during that specific time.

This way, you can directly track how your numbers have grown from the start of your SEO efforts until the present day and this helps you see whether or not you get what your money’s worth from any SEO company you’ve hired. If you’re having trouble with finding an easy way to track and analyze the data that you have, then consider searching for some websites that can help you out with tracking the metrics mentioned in this article. 

Backlink Growth

Search engines function a lot like humans do, as much like how you’re more likely to visit a restaurant recommended by some of your trusted friends, search engines are more likely to recommend you if they keep hearing about you from different websites. Backlink growth is just increasing the number of times you’ve been mentioned by other trusted websites online. This generates a huge boost to your website as the more you’re mentioned, the more likely you are to be seen online. To get any results from link building to your firm’s website, you must play the search engine optimization for law firms’ game correctly as you can’t just have an SEO company place your firm’s links all over the place, when all of the websites it’s mentioned on are unrelated to what you offer. Backlink growth is a process that always chooses quality over quantity as placing your site on any untrusted websites can yield negative effects on your website due to its association. 

Monitoring the amount of growth your link has seen along with tracking the websites that it’s been featured on is essential in finding out whether or not the SEO efforts being implemented are working out in your favor or not, so keep a close eye on it at all times. You can always monitor your website analytics on several different websites including ahrefs.com that offers that service for a very low price while still giving you an extremely thorough report. All you have to do is to insert a keyword to find out where you rank on it or insert your web address and find out the details regarding your content, research, competitors in an instant.

Overall Organic Visibility

Checking whether your website has been searched for is completely different from checking how much organic visibility it has. Overall organic visibility is the term referred to when checking how your website is doing in relation to the various keywords that it’s related to. This means that when your law firm is associated with a specific keyword, it also has a specific ranking on that keyword and tracking whether that ranking is increasing and how you prove if your SEO efforts are successful or not.

If your SEO efforts are yielding no results with regards to the keywords that your website is associated with then the Return-On-Investment (ROI) rates for your SEO efforts will not be that high and that’s not what you want to be seeing. The higher the ranking, the more organic visibility your website has, and that’s why lawyers should be keeping track of this metric at all times as it’s essential to the growth of their website online. Keep in mind that other law firms are constantly trying to increase their rankings on the same keywords at all times, so even if your SEO efforts have been the same for a while, your numbers can still drop over time if you don’t increase your efforts over time as law firms are relentlessly competitive when it comes to search engine optimization. 

Google gives you the option to check the most searched for keywords regarding a large number of different topics and that can be very helpful if you start working towards increasing the amount of organic visibility generated from up-and-coming keywords that are related to your topic. Staying informed about the numbers your website is getting along with the new keywords constantly coming into the game can be very helpful when looking at your current SEO efforts along with any future ones you may have in mind.


If you want to stay relevant, then you need to stay involved in the SEO process. Lawyers need to understand the ins and outs of SEO and data analysis as it’s one of the most important aspects of marketing law firms online at the moment. Monitoring your graphs daily can take no more than five minutes once you’ve understood the details behind the process; however, not monitoring the three metrics listed above can greatly reduce the quality of your law firm’s SEO campaign. Ensuring everything is going according to plan while also keeping an eye out on any opportunities available is how you elevate your SEO efforts from subpar to extremely successful. With the combined efforts of increasing your search growth, link building and increasing organic visibility, you can take your law firm’s rating on search engines higher than ever expected: all you need is commitment and discipline and you’ll be ready for success.


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