3 Sales And Marketing Insight Tips For 2021  

The year 2021 is fast approaching, and many believe it would offer vast opportunities for businesses. It’s a year most businesses are hoping to be better after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has been dreadful, the rise of technological needs has become more critical when operating a business.  From creating to launching and marketing a product, you need to keep up with the trend to be at par with your competitors. That’s why we came up with these sales and marketing insight tips for your business prosper in 2021:  

Using Analytics Is Becoming More Vital  

If you have launched a marketing campaign without analyzing data to understand your target customer, then you may be treading on thin ice. Second-guessing customers will only be a waste of your marketing efforts. If you already have a marketing plan for this year, it’s best to subject them to engagement analytics so you can turn them into better marketing efforts for the coming years.   

As for sales insights, data analysis can help you understand how long it takes your customers to close a deal. You can also check which types of campaigns have more sales conversion rates. By acquiring such data, you can develop more effective campaigns. Or you can stop using the campaigns which give you no sales at all.  

Here’s how you can use analytics for more effective sales and marketing campaigns:  

Identify Customer Hot Spots – Having an existing customer base allows you to make informed decisions since you know which locations are most profitable to non-engaging customers. By then, you can target your marketing campaigns in specific areas.  
Re-Engage Your Inactive Customers – Aside from focusing on marketing campaigns for active customers, you can also create marketing campaigns to re-engage dormant customers to revisit your shop. You can use the information you get from the analytics.  
Compare Campaigns – By regularly comparing data, you can ensure that you’re updated with what engages your customer best.  This is a key element to do as you look at sales and marketing insight tips for year ahead.

Shifting to Digital Is the New Norm  

Using digital campaigns is even more popular as 2021 is approaching. There are many reasons why a business should become digital if you want to have an edge over your competitors. The shift to digital is a key sales and marketing insight to considers and here are some of the reasons:  

Unlike traditional ads that don’t have a specific audience, you can do so with digital advertisements. You can choose a target audience based on their location, interests, demographics, and more. That way, your marketing efforts only focus on people who are interested in what you offer.  
Digital marketing efforts don’t rely only on one medium, but you can use various platforms to post your marketing efforts. From your site to different social media platforms, you can easily share it to these platforms. That way, you can reach to more target audience.  
Most importantly, you can go mobile with your marketing efforts. Since most people are using their mobile gadgets almost every day to search for things they need, your marketing campaigns can reach more potential customers. That’s why every marketing effort you do should be mobile-friendly, so people clicking on your links using their phone will engage better.  
Another reason why digital marketing is the new norm is that they’re easy to create and edit. You don’t have to go back to zero just to create one. Instead, you can always modify your campaigns according to your data analysis. That way, you can focus on various aspects of your business.   
Moreover, digital campaigns are accessible anywhere. You can make it while you’re on the go because you can install many mobile software on your mobile phones. That way, you can immediately fix your campaign whenever needed.  

Customer Experience Is Still Key  

Focusing on your campaigns only will do you no good. Your campaigns will go to waste if your customers don’t have a good experience. That’s why you should also focus on customer service since it’s also a good part of your marketing efforts.   

If a customer has a good perception of your company by having an enjoyable experience throughout their buying journey, you can consider it as a successful marketing strategy. On the other hand, if one experiences an issue before placing an order, expect them to leave your site instantly. But if you satisfy your customers, they might repurchase your products and services.   

3 Sales And Marketing Insight Tips For 2021  

If you want your customer experience strategy successful, you can do the following:  

The first is to set a customer experience vision to use it as a guide when creating your marketing efforts. You should let your team members be aware of such so that everyone knows and embrace it.   
As mentioned, you need to understand your customer based on analytics results to better engage with them.  
Use the emotional connection to engage with customers because it can shape their attitudes toward their decisions. If you have positively appealed to their emotion, they’re more likely to become loyal due to emotional attachment. They might even recommend your business to others out of their happy experience. For instance, instead of complaining, your customer hasn’t returned your product, ask them why. If they can’t attend to returning it due to unfortunate events, empathize with them instead of getting mad. That way, they’ll more likely buy from your shop again.  


Your efforts will be much more effective if you use the 2021 sales and marketing insight tips noted above. If you have existing marketing campaigns, analyze them using engagement and business analytics to understand your customers better. By knowing your audience is, you can make more engaging marketing campaigns based on each customer type.

Then, your marketing efforts should be digital so you can reach a more targeted audience. Digital marketing campaigns allow you to target a specific audience who might be needing your products. Instead of just throwing away your money into ads that might not be effective, going digital will help you maximize your marketing ads.   

Lastly, even with possible changes, you’ll never go wrong with having a better customer experience strategy. Because this strategy vital to make your marketing and sales campaigns more effective.

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