I was thinking about you. Yes, I was, and before you freak out because you think this is a bit strange, let me clarify. I was thinking about “you” as in the people who read my articles because they want more from life and their online business. What made me think about you this time was a guy who worked in video production for almost 25 years.

Nathan Delack worked for TV stations before starting his own video production agency in 2009. I’ve heard him talk about the Delack Media Group, his company, just a couple of day ago in a podcast interview and he said a few things that made me shout “Yes!” and “That’s right!” and even clap a few times, which was a bit weird for the people who saw me. And because I really want you to get every advantage available in growing your online business, I’m going to share with you 3 things that can help you drive free traffic to your landing pages and change your mindset about non-converting visitors, all inspired by Delack.

The first thing  Delack said that made me think of an opportunity for the many online entrepreneurs who just have to hustle for free traffic because they don’t have a budget for advertising was about how many clients come to him and say “we need a video about our brand”, without any other sort of direction. And it’s not because they like hiring a video production company like playing the lottery, they’ve just never done it before and they don’t know how to send an enquiry even. There are literally tens of thousands of people who have no clue what is the name of the product or the service they need, what can solve their problem, what they should search for to find your landing page.

There are many noobs out there and helping them is profitable!

Just think about it! Let’s say you’re selling a Retinol cream online. Not all people know that’s a Vitamin A1 cream. And even if they knew, only a few of them would know what it’s good for, BUT there are so many people with dark under-eye circles that want the problem to just disappear. How many of them do you think know that a Retinol cream can help? And what do some people do when they are too lazy to Google? They ask online!

Make sure you’re on the social network where they post their questions to tell them:

“Hi. I think this might help you. I read this report and found xxxx and this out, I think the most valuable thing I learned from it though was xxxx.  Check it out when you can. http://YOUR-LANDING_PAGE”

Boom! Free traffic. You’ve added your link in a place where it’s going to be seen by people who weren’t too lazy to search for an answer and also by people who were following the discussion.

So, how should you go about this social listening thingie? Well, you invest in a social listening tool OR take 3 minutes each morning to do a simple search on the social networks where you’re present. Remember that you should search for keywords related to the problem your product is solving not the product itself. For Reddit, you can go here, for Twitter here, for Facebook (although it’s messier) here.

Another thing Delack said that I thought was super clever was about local SEO. What they do is to use local keywords when they publish a new blog post presenting a new project they just finished. Google noticed.

Why on Earth wouldn’t you want to take advantage of local SEO traffic?

Now it’s extremely easy to get a new landing page online, so you have no reason to not implement on-page local SEO techniques on multiple pages. Just take the time to launch a landing page for each country or city you want to get traffic from and adapt your sales copy.

Here’s how to optimise your landing pages for local traffic:

1) Use title and meta descriptions that reflect the city/country you’re targeting with that specific landing page. Your title should be 50 to 60 characters long and your meta description just under 200. The main keyword should be placed at the beginning of the title and that of the meta description – that’s how Google will know what your page is about.

2) Submit your local landing pages to that city or country’s online directories. This is something that Nathan Delack also did and his agency gets free traffic from those as well.

3) Discover and use local keywords. One easy way of discovering local keywords that maybe you wouldn’t normally think of is by going to Reddit and finding local subreddits dedicated to the problem your product solves. Read the posts and pay attention to any phrases that you haven’t seen outside that region. Language can sometimes be a bit tricky. For example,  here in (most of) Australia, we say “rockmelon”. In the Australian state of Victoria people also use the word “cantaloupe” for it, which is also how it’s called in the UK or the US or in Europe. If I’d promote my weightloss rockmelon smoothies in the US people would have no idea what I’m talking about and the same would happen if I’d call it cantaloupe when targeting people in Queensland, AU.

The third thing I thought was smart in what Delack had to say in that podcast interview was about establishing connections. People who land on his company’s blog don’t buy their services on the spot. They might find their work to be amazing but if they don’t actually need any video content or they don’t have the budget for it, they have no reason to buy at that time. That doesn’t mean they won’t be in a position to do so in a few months.

Connections have the potential to become conversions

So if you promote your landing page and not everyone who visits it buys, it doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your time. It just means that your offer wasn’t matching the needs and expectations of all of those visiting that page at that moment in time. You’ve built a few connections and if you keep promoting your landing page, next time, when their circumstances change, you might get those sales too.

Don’t stop promoting your landing page on your Facebook profile, for example, because nobody bought anything the first time you did it. Keep promoting it and generating that free traffic and, in time, the connections will turn into conversions.

When you need free traffic you can’t afford to leave opportunities unexplored. Try things out. Ask others what solutions they found to be the most effective. Heck, you should even post your landing page in the comments to this article, maybe another reader has a great suggestion for you. Keep going and growing!