No doubt about it, video has become a powerful marketing tool that works for businesses of all sizes across different industries. Social media marketing is just as powerful. Having a presence across the various social media platforms is no longer just an option for a competitive business looking to thrive. Now, if you create video content for Instagram, Facebook, and other top social media platforms, and promote it, you have quite the power-packed marketing strategy. For the best results, the types of video your business needs you to create and share include the following:

Main Types of Video Your Business Needs to Create1. Product/Feature Videos

Product videos are just as much for prospective clients as they are for your existing clients. At the heart of any compelling product video is a value proposition. What value will the product add to the lives of your clients? What problem or challenge will the product solve?

Don’t just subject users to five minutes of you highlighting your product’s specifications. Instead, go for an original and well-written script; a story that focuses more on the benefits of your products rather than the technical details. Tell your story in a tone and style that suits your target audience.

Let your audience see the product in action. A slow and thorough demo can be a great touch. At the end, of course, make your call-to-action noticeable, and be sure to reiterate your product’s value.

2. How-To Videos/ Tutorials

How-to videos can be about teaching people to use your product. You can also narrow the scope of such a video to focus on just one particular feature of your product.

You will want this to be as informative as possible, but not at the expense of losing that captivating element by drawn-out information. Keep it simple all the way through and, as with the product videos, strive to not be too technical, unless, of course, being too technical is the only option.

Start with a catchy intro, and let the audience know what they will be learning in the video. Do a step-by-step video, and do not rush over the content. Remember that it does not have to be absolutely perfect, but helpful and real.

Tackle any challenges the user may experience and demonstrate how to work around them in your video. Also, refer to FAQs and cover the same questions in your video.

As always, be sure to end with a call-to-action. You can also refer users to complementary resources that will be just as helpful such as blog posts, FAQ sections on your website or to contact your company.

3. Customer Testimonials

You have introduced your users to your products with the product/feature videos and showed them how they can make the most out of the product with a tutorial, so what’s next? What better than a customer testimonial video to reinforce the message you have already been passing along to your users.

The most cleverly crafted sales pitch cannot compare to the influence that an unbiased review or testimonial will have on a potential client’s decision. People want to see and hear from other people about how your products or services are changing their lives. It builds a level of trust that will generate leads and guarantee high conversion rates. Make sure to be paying attention online, especially when clients tag you in videos and posts, you can then share these authentic testimonials to your audience.

The Take-Away

It’s easy to set out to make a video about anything, from the products and services you offer, to how to best use the products. However, you will need to keep several things in mind, as mentioned above, if you are going to share the videos successfully on social media. Be creative and make your videos interesting to watch, while at the same time striving to be informative for your audience.

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