Sales has never been an easy job to automate. For every tool that pops up promising automatic follow-ups or additional data points for tracking engagement, there still needs to be a human element to the sales process. Remember, as Fast Company put it, “People don’t buy products – they buy better versions of themselves.” And for all the technology that’s available, the best way to help prospects connect the dots between your product and the person they want to be is a bona fide, living, breathing human being.

But sales teams aren’t working stacks of lead cards anymore either. The average marketing database is in the thousands, and grows by hundreds of leads every week, meaning that by the time the MQL become SQL, there is no shortage of prospects for salespeople to… well… prospect.

And if each salesperson is trying to juggle dozens of possibly-engaged leads, how can they best prioritize their time? Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do this with video!

Engage at the right time

Knowing a prospect has downloaded a whitepaper is useful information, but you may never know if they actually read it. That’s where video is a game changer from an engagement perspective – not only will your salespeople know that a prospect has clicked play, but they can see exactly how long that prospect viewed the video. Powerful tools for separating the wheat from the chaff.

Once your sales team decides to engage with a prospect, it’s still not easy to know whether or not the prospect really cares about what you’re saying. In other words: email open rates are great for knowing when a prospect has clicked on an email, but really don’t tell your salespeople anything about how engaged they are. Maybe they just deleted it right after!

And voicemails are even worse – you may never know if your prospect even listened to your voicemail, let alone whether they were excitedly jotting down a follow-up number to call you back.

That’s why high performing sales teams have been moving video into the prospecting process and using it not only to drive more engagement but to help prioritize the leads worth pursuing versus the tire kickers that aren’t really interested.

Automate to reduce workloads

Look for sales and video tools that can become part of your reps’ workflows to save time and improve efficiency

Focus on tools that reduce rather than add steps in the workflow. The key here is finding tools that are simple, seamless and integrated.  For example, if your team uses Vidyard and Outreach, you can now record and send videos in your email right from within Outreach. And when your prospect views the video, that activity triggers your next task so you can immediately take action to convert at the highest level.

Your team doesn’t have to worry about creating 1:1 videos for every prospect (because time is money) they are able to use pre-recorded videos within their sequences, templates, and snippets.

Vidyard is excited to be included in Outreach’s new app marketplace The Outreach Galaxy. The Outreach Galaxy is a commitment to bring all your sales actions into a single workflow within Outreach. Click here to learn more.

Tools that live in workflows reduce the amount of the non-selling work reps must focus on, while also increasing their chances of actually adopting the tools and seeing success.

Bring Marketing into the mix

Ensuring reps have the tools and collateral they need to be successful is hard — especially for leaders in high-growth companies, where scaling creates a constantly evolving environment. Creating a strategic sales enablement plan will make your team more productive and help you reach your goals each quarter.

When it comes to content, video is an innovative sales enablement piece that, when used in tandem with other digital and traditional marketing content, can reach prospects most effectively.

Sales and marketing should work closely together to develop and leverage video content to craft demos that focus on the benefits of their product, making it more clear and easy to digest for the prospect in a few quick bites. If reps are using video in their prospecting emails, they can use a CTA button with a Calendly link embedded at the end of the video to capture new leads and quickly convert them.

The most successful sales teams collaborate with their marketing team on an ongoing basis to provide the insights they need to develop meaningful, innovative video content to engage, and ultimately convert, the right leads.


Sales enablement isn’t easy, but by choosing tools (like Vidyard GoVideo) that complement your reps’ workflows, including your marketing team, and adopting a video first mentality, will allow you to close more deals than competitors who still rely on email threads and clunky spreadsheets.

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