Even a minor computer issue can seriously disrupt your business day and it is very frustrating and can even harm your bottom line if you don’t find a fox as quickly as possible.

One way of getting up and running again as soon as you can involve having access to enterprise-level IT solutions at reasonable rates, also, you can learn about some of the common computer problems that crop up regularly and gain some insights into how to fix them.

It’s never good news when your screen turns blue

One of the most frequent and identifiable computer problems that hit different businesses across the country every day is that horrible moment when your PC stops responding and the screen turns blue.

This can be followed by an error message that you barely get time to read before the computer unhelpfully decides to reboot in order to try and fix the problem.

The major concern here is that when your computer reboots without offering you the chance to save your work it could be lost.

A good fix would be to upgrade to Windows 10 if you are using a Microsoft operating system. This version allows you to use your smartphone to scan a QR code that appears alongside an error message, giving you access to advising on what to do to fix the issue.

Your computer is way too slow

Another frequent frustration is when your computer just seems to take forever to do any task and you seem to be constantly viewing the whirling buffering icon.

There are two main reasons why your computer might be running slowly.

The first could actually be your broadband connection. Run a speed test to check what speed you are getting and to eliminate whether this is what is causing the slowness.

Secondly, you might have run out of free hard drive space. If your hard drive is close to capacity it will adversely affect its performance. Perform a disk clean to free up some spare space and see if that makes a difference.

You have adware on your computer

If you are getting frequent pop-up ads and you keep getting sent to sites that you didn’t search these are two classic symptoms of adware running on your computer.

Getting rid of some adware is a real challenge and might need the help of a professional techie to sort it out. Be wary of searching solutions online as some of the downloadable “fixes” are actually malware that wants to infect your PC and steal data.

You can’t get the printer to work

Another major source of frustration is when you want to print a document out and it won’t respond.

The first thing to try here is to check the print queue, which can be found by double-clicking on the printer icon. This should tell you the status of each job and show you if the printer is offline or not selected as the default printer.

The most obvious reason for a printer error is when it is offline. This can happen when you send a job to the printer when it is turned off.

A lot of computer problems are not as tricky as they seem to fix but others are best left to a professional, especially when your PC has become infected.

Do your own troubleshooting, to begin with, and see if you can get up and running with a simple fix, or get someone in to find a solution if you are experiencing regular delays and frustration when trying to get through your business day.

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