You can have the biggest email list in the world, but if you can’t get your subscribers to open your emails, then it’s all for naught.  These could be customers just sitting there with their credit cards in hand, looking for something to buy when your email rolls in.  But if you can’t capture their attention with snazzy and good email subject lines, then your email gets deleted and you potentially lose a sale.

Does that sound like fun to you?

If not, then you’re going to want to drop everything and check out these five secrets for creating attention-grabbing email subject lines that get attention and get the click. Read on…

good email subject lines

Provide a Reason Why

The second your subscriber sees your email in their inbox, they’re going to be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Your subject line needs to answer that question by showcasing the big benefit.

E.G., “Drop fat fast with this trick!”

Good Email Subject Lines Arouse Curiosity

This is all about creating an “itch” that your readers can only “scratch” by opening your email.  Here are three examples of ways to arouse curiosity:

  • Share a secret. E.G., “Secret housetraining trick that works like magic – see inside…”
  • Insert a question mark. E.G., “Double your conversion rates by tonight?”
  • Go against common wisdom. E.G., “Eat brownies and lose weight – find out how inside…”

Here’s the next tip…

Get Personal

One really good way to capture attention – some would say it’s the most powerful way to get clicks — is to personalize the email subject line with the recipient’s name.  E.G., “Here’s your 50% discount, John…”

Can’t use the recipient’s name, or perhaps you don’t want to overuse this strategy? Then use “you” or “your,” which are also powerful, attention-getting words.

Next tip…

Use Social Proof

We humans are conformists, even if we adamantly deny it. That’s why social proof works so well, such as when you hint that others know a secret or that others are already doing something. People will open your email just so they don’t feel like an outsider.

E.G., “Now you too can save $100s on your cooling bills!”

Keep it Short

Most email clients truncate the subject line, and your recipient’s device may make this line smaller yet. For example, Gmail shows 70 characters, but your recipient may see as few as 40 characters if they’re viewing it from their phone.

Let me share with you the character counts of some of the examples from this article:

  • Now you too can save $100s on your cooling bills! – 49 characters
  • Double your conversion rates by tonight? – 40 characters
  • Secret housetraining trick that works like magic – see inside… — 62 characters
  • Drop fat fast with this trick! – 30 characters

Point is, you need to become the master of getting the point across succinctly. Be sure to put the most important bits of the subject in the first 40-50 characters so that your recipient sees it for sure. That’s the last trick to make sure you have good email subject lines!


You can have a big, targeted list and an email with exactly what your subscribers want, but none of it matters if your subject lines can’t get attention and get clicks. That’s why I highly recommend you put these tips to work for you today – because the sooner you do, the sooner you too will start seeing better open rates and more sales from every email you send!

Give it a try! Make good email subject lines today and thank us later!