In the midst of rapidly developing technology, the rise of digital marketing, and the dominance of the online world, some “old school” marketing techniques remain some of the most effective.

Trade shows are one strong example of this – they are still one of the most popular, and most successful ways to reach new customers, promote products and market your business. With hundreds of thousands of businesses attending trade shows every year, standing out from the crowd in important, and the key to doing this is to have a great booth.

In this article we will cover the top 5 tips for creating an effective trade show booth which will market your business and help you to meet your business goals in 2019.


1) Use Strong Branding Elements


Branding your booth is important, particularly if you plan to regularly attend trade shows. It can be a great strategy to establish a presence across multiple trade shows, as well as building a relationship with your customer base. In order to do this you need your business to be strongly recognizable. And the best way to do this? Branding.

Brand your trade show booth through signage and displays which heavily feature your business name and logo. Also be sure to use your brand’s color story throughout the booth, as well as any other design elements which are part of your branding and messaging strategy. Overall, make sure your booth has the same feeling and vibe as you want your brand to come across: whether it is hyper-modern, traditional, professional, family-friendly or something else.

Building this kind of relationship with your target customer means that when they see your brand outside of the trade show, whether they are browsing online, making purchasing decisions or viewing your advertising, they will already have a valuable connection to you.

2) Use Your Trade Show Space Effectively

Trade show exhibition companies hire our booths and charge based on size. So if you are on a tight budget you will probably find you have a very small booth. Alternatively, if you decide to invest in a larger booth you will want to make sure you get your money’s worth!

When designing your booth, start with thinking about designs which will most effectively use the space you have. If your booth is small, keep furniture and other bulky elements to a minimum and focus on impactful design elements on the walls. Don’t forget you can use the ceiling too! If you have more space to play with, think about what creative displays and customer-friendly spaces you can create to use all the space you have.

3) Be innovative

Visitors to trade shows view dozens, if not hundreds, of booths. If they regularly attend shows, you can imagine how many booths they view every year!

Relieve their boredom by bringing something different to your booth! Think out of the box and bring different elements which they haven’t seen before: think interactive displays, games, and other things which will bring visitors to your booth and encourage them to stick around. Whatever you come up with, make sure it fits with your brand and your message. Companies like Fret Free Productions Booth Design can help you to come up with unique, custom booth designs to let you stand out from your competitors.

4) Look After Your Customers

Attending a trade show can have many benefits for your business, but almost all of them link back to your customer.  These include building relationships, building your database, gathering leads and maybe even making sales. Because of all this, one of the most important things you can do is make your booth customer-friendly.

If you have the space for it, put in some comfortable seating where your visitors can take a load off after a long day perusing the trade show. Provide outlets and/or usb cables where people can charge their devices. If these kinds of ideas are not feasible, at least make sure your booth is a comfortable and pleasant space to be in: consider this when it comes to lighting, sound and music.

5) Make Use of Interactive Technology

Just because trade shows have been around for a very long time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in the latest technology. Interactive tech is a great way to attract visitors to your booth and engage them while explaining more about your products and services.

There are a range of interactive technologies which you can bring to your booth: interactive screens with product information, displays with maps or statistics, digital games, VR and AR, to name just a few. Many trade shows these days also have their own app, which you can use to send push notifications about your displays, special offers and events.

By creating a booth which is innovative, on-brand, interactive and an attractive space for your customers, you are sure to maximize your presence at trade shows, promoting your business and ultimately growing sales and revenue.


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