Online lead generation and management

You know how vital generating and managing leads is for your business. In any company, actually having business is the most crucial facet. Generating leads online is likely an important side of your lead generation strategy, whether it is via your website or from email lead generation. Without any variety of leads, either online or offline, your business is likely to falter and fail. In today’s digital world, online leads are quickly gaining precedence over offline. With that in mind, below are some tips to help increase the successes of your lead generation and management.

1. Quality over Quantity

It is an axiom that goes back to school days, but quality over quantity is especially true when it comes to your leads. Generating a huge number of leads is unlikely to be a bad thing, but if they are all wasting your time and your resources, then you could learn to be a lot more efficient. A good way to do this is by coming up with a lead quality rating system. To do so, you should learn how to work with conversion rates and lead value. Get the potential client to fill out a form that allows you to capture data and target only those least likely to be timewasters. The worst thing would be to have hundreds of leads and waste time, money and hard-work chasing those who don’t have genuine intentions. Instead, focus on those quality leads which will actually turn into a loyal customer.

2. Know your limit

Did you know that in 2012, Ralph Lauren lost 50% of their profits due to not controlling their own inventory? Though something as dramatic as that is unlikely to happen to your business, it stresses the importance of your own inventory. Lead generation is utterly futile if you do not have the inventory and stock to support them, so it’s for this reason why you must know your limits. Know your reorder point, know your sales velocity and know your lead times.

3. Reject Mass Marketing

Nobody wants a pitch that is so vague it applies to thousands of others. Everybody’s business is unique, and your lead generation strategy should treat them that way. Get to know the customer as you approach them, center how you reach-out around personalization. You can use CRM software to do this, or just take time and effort and approach fewer leads.

4. Accept Mass Channelling 

You have a massive number of channels at your disposal for online lead generation. There are so many different ways you can do so, from automated Facebook bots, to emails to tweets, and even through a good old-fashioned letter. You can even work cold-calling into your strategy, but understand that the best way to target a customer is through the combination of strategies and channels, approaching them from as many angles as you can afford.

5. Create Valuable Content

Content generation is so important for you to attract leads, but also manage and nurture leads. If you simply don’t have time to deal with specific leads that day, you can slow down the process by directing them to original value-adding content that can help them make an informed decision. If somebody is keen to get a quote, but you don’t have the resources to direct to them, you can send them an infographic or brochure of the various ways in which you can help them. This provides them with a better idea of what they want from you, which in turn makes producing them a quote easier and simpler.


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