Gone are the days of easily wooing clients with a sleazy sales pitch – today’s prospective customers are as sharp as a tack! By the time they reach your inbox, they’ve probably already done their research, checked out your competitors, and sipped their morning coffee. So, how does a salesperson with good intentions and a goal-driven mindset create a mystical bond that’ll seal the deal for your top-notch CRM strategy?

Good news: Although using a video is very successful there, it’s more than just a way to prospect. It keeps deals going forward and closing new businesses throughout the sales cycle as it can draw interest.

But when should you use video in your CRM Strategy? In short: anywhere you want higher conversions, more responses, quicker transactions, and greater client retention. But why is that? Because videos alone are inherently more compelling than many other types of content.

People stay 2.6 times longer on sites with video than without. So employing video content within your CRM strategy to increase revenue at your company could help you rise to the top easily.

Here’s how to wave your sales-driven magic wand and create engaging videos that entice viewers to close the deal and shake your hand.

This article is going to cover the following:

  • Creating Customer Engagement – The Basics
  • Video in sales strategy – A new way to power CRM
  • Making video a part of CRM Strategy to build better customer relationships
  • Leveraging videos in post-sales success 

Creating Customer Engagement – The Basics

Before going to the part about using videos in customer engagement, it’s important to know what it means. It is a strategy for developing a consistently good experience that encourages consumers to return to your product.

You should engage them through several platforms to improve your connection with customers. It starts with the first interaction for many companies and continues even after the customer purchases. 

Because experience sets a company apart in a competitive market and requires a customer engagement plan, you may compete with others who offer the same services, and customers can easily discover alternatives.

Offering consumers something of worth in addition to your goods and services is the purpose of customer engagement. Customers are originally drawn to high-quality products, but what keeps them coming back is relevant content.  

Your customer engagement strategy should weave enjoyable experiences into it to stand out. And videos can be perfect for it!

Video in Sales Strategy – A New Way to Power CRM

A sales representative’s most effective sales tool is a video. Top sales professionals acknowledge that it facilitates shortened deal cycles, higher close rates, and higher responses.

The perks increase even more when your complete sales team works together on a bigger video sales strategy. Besides providing a more personal and genuine form of marketing, video also enables teams to promote more effectively and efficiently.

Why Are Videos Better?

One of the most obvious goals of a stunning sales video is to increase sales. More than that, though, a well-done sales video can be a great sales tool for your company and its line of products.

1. Increases Conversion Rate

Most users favor videos over text, audio files, and images. Therefore, it stands to reason that companies will experience higher conversion rates than those who do not take advantage of video benefits.

According to Twitter’s internal data, video advertising is the fastest-growing advertising tool, resulting in a cost-per-engagement savings of over 50%.

According to a recent Statista report, it is projected that US marketers will increase their spending on video ad campaigns by 41.9% by the year 2024, with the expected growth in spending from 10.18 billion USD in 2019 to 12.66 billion USD in 2024. 

The latest statistics reveal that the global streaming market has grown by 55% in relation to video marketing.
Forbes reports that approximately 39% of customers contact a vendor after watching a video.

2. More Engaging

The typical individual only remembers 10% of what they hear, but they recall 50% of what they see. Therefore, videos are fantastic tools for sharing proposals because they are engaging and effectively make their point.

3. Highly Shareable

While videos on your website seem great, they shouldn’t remain there. In reality, video hosting platforms like YouTube and Hippo Video can be fantastic places to post your video, making sharing them much simpler.

4. SEO Worthy

If you’ve been engaged in content marketing for a while, you should be aware by now that Google enjoys video content. Videos have a 53 times higher chance of ranking on every major search engine than simple text.

Which Videos to Create?

Are all videos the same? Do they have the same effect? In no way! You can show a product’s benefits using one of the many product videos. 

Products and Services

Inform your audience about the goods or services offered by your business. Additionally, this is an ideal way to launch novel products.

Your Company Story

A better choice than blocks of text is a video that showcases what your business does.

Explainer Videos

Not all product videos can fully explain your product to your audience. Luckily, explainer videos are here to save the day!

Demo Videos

One of the most common promotional videos is the demo video: they give a product a demonstration by having someone handle, apply, or explain the product. 

5 Proven Ways to Use a Video in CRM Strategy in 2023

Now let’s get into how videos can be a part of the CRM strategy. Here are five ways to use video to your advantage if you’re unsure how to integrate it into your sales process or where to begin.

Way 1: Using video in customer journeys

To say that the customer’s journey to purchase and beyond is essential is an understatement, given that 80% of customers consider their experience with a business to be as important as the general quality of its products. 

It’s unlikely that the client will walk in by themselves. Instead, they will require different kinds of material to help them through and support their decision-making process at each step, and video is an ideal medium for doing so!

How does video support the customer journey?

So, how to do it? Let’s explore it step by step!


The awareness phase can be demanding. Yet, despite growing needs, your prospective customer is still waiting to purchase something. At this point, your strategy should be to determine the client’s buyer persona and then build a case around that. As a result, make engaging videos that respond to queries that draw on your shared interests.


Your prospective client is aware of who you are now. Therefore, your content needs to get more in-depth. Make a list of the queries your clients frequently ask, and then make videos that address each individually. 

Think about educational videos, guides, teasers, and reviews. Brief video testimonials with current clients can also foster confidence and encourage prospects to advance to the next step of the sales funnel.


The customer is confident that you have what they require. In addition, you are now directly competing with the other companies on their list of best choices.

So, make quick videos demonstrating how your product addresses common problems for prospective consumers. Include actual client reviews to make these even more persuasive.


Short explainer videos that walk the buyer through each step are extremely useful for more complex products. The primary goal is to prevent clients from leaving and help them overcome the last few obstacles. Be honest and encouraging, and emphasize those solutions.

Way 2: Using Pre-made Videos to Answer Customer Queries 

Sometimes all it takes to help a client is to give them a link to your knowledge base or support documentation. However, reading, studying, and figuring out lengthy instructions and guidelines can take too long. 

Alternatively, you could pre-record videos and email them to clients asking questions. How? 

Create “How-To” type videos

You won’t be able to pre-record responses to every customer’s question. However, manage the most typical ones in video format. Your customers will be appreciative as they can now take in a lot of information much more quickly and engagingly.

Resolve support tickets

Even though a simple how-to video can typically fix most issues, there are instances when more is needed. When that occurs, a skilled customer support representative can make an easy video in which they perform a tutorial in a brief 2-minute video explanation instead of spending a long time writing a lengthy answer. 

Thank customers

Thanking and showing appreciation for your customers is an excellent way to win their trust. Encourage your support staff to make customized videos for clients rather than the customary thank-you emails that we are all used to getting.

Make customer onboarding videos

You can make a support video to walk clients through the onboarding procedure, drive them to your online booking systems, and show them how to make the most of your product. If that suits you better, it could be one of those graphic motion videos.

Adding video chat

The closest thing to an in-person question answer is a video-driven chat meeting. When used properly, video chat help can simulate in-person encounters and speed up query processing.

Way 3: Using Videos to Send Follow-up Messages

A strong follow-up plan converts your prospects into a paying client. Don’t wait for the charm of that cold sales proposal to work. Sending more interesting follow-up emails with videos will instead do the trick.

Answer questions

Ask your prospects if they have any additional concerns in a follow-up video. Answer any concerns your customer has already raised in response to your sales proposal video email by getting straight to the point.

Use analytics

Utilize analytics to determine who is still interested in your video emails and who has given up. Then, send a follow-up email depending on the open and interaction ratios. 

Add case studies

Demo videos are essential for helping potential customers know your services. Send them a demo video or case study by recording one or by uploading one that already exists.

Invite prospects

Making a video to invite your prospect to your event is important if you organize one. Add the event details to your video by including a call to action.

Introduce customer care teams

A fantastic way to showcase the expertise of your leadership team and customer care team in your video is to include workspace footage. Show your passion for your prospects and tell them you and your team value their business.

Way 4: Using Video in Business Proposals

Prospects are more likely to understand what you’re selling when you include videos in your sales proposals to provide useful context and insights into business processes.

Why are videos in sales proposals better?

CEOs and other important decision-makers rarely have the time to peruse in-depth service details or lengthy product specifications in a sales proposal document. Modern consumers want to watch a product or company in action, so videos are 100% more effective in adding value to sales presentations.

Ways to Use Videos in Sales Proposal

There are many ways you can incorporate videos into your sales proposals.

Add Customer Testimonials

A lot of businesses use video support to bolster their marketing initiatives. You can get help from marketing teams by watching recordings of a few pleased customers discussing their interactions with your business.

Give Product or Service Demo

You can use the sample videos you already have. Alternatively, make fresh, customized demo videos to show your clients what to anticipate when working with your business.

Explain the Problem and Solution

Sales representatives can only sometimes count on customers to peruse the entire proposal to get to the section that addresses their problems. However, videos can describe the solution quickly and reiterate how your business sees the current issue your client is facing.

Way 5: Using videos to build a video-driven knowledge base for agents

Customers need more time to remain on hold for an agent in today’s fast-paced atmosphere. So why not make your clients self-serving agents? Building a comprehensive, well-researched, and consistently updated knowledge base is one of the most effective ways to enable your client base to become self-sufficient.  It may also serve as a reference for your support staff on the inside.

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base video is an educational video that teaches audiences about a particular subject and provides solutions to frequently asked support questions. It can be an answer to a query about the company or its offerings or an example of using software or a tool to solve a specific problem.

How to build training videos?

Including relevant videos can improve customer happiness, alleviate the burden on customer support teams, and improve the customer experience. Here’s how to make them.

Keep videos short

The more the content, the more challenging it is to record. Rather, keep the videos short and only include relevant information you want to share.

Add screen recordings

It’s time to make videos now that your content is set. And making a screen recording is the best way to see a procedure step by step, particularly if you have software expertise.

Use tools

A video knowledge base is a library of content that thousands of clients and your internal team will access. So, use the right tools.

An image of Hippo Video’s video hub

Leveraging Videos in post-sales success 

Once your client has agreed to buy from you and has become a customer, you can keep them happy, keep them around, and upsell them for additional chances. If you work in sales, using video in your CRM strategy can pave your path to success with the following measures.

People are more receptive to video than to text and search for methods to incorporate video into the selling process. So take advantage of the fact and leverage videos for sales and post-sales success!

Wrapping Up

By incorporating video into your sales process, you can stand out in various ways, even in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To make sales presentations and proposals more interesting and interactive, videos have never been more widely used and effective. 

You can establish lifetime advocates for your brand by taking simple steps to help you develop real and long-lasting connections with your clients.

So, give your sales team the video tools they need to stand out from the competition and develop a more powerful broader audience. 

These simple ideas are useful now and will continue to be so in the future.


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