Feels a little bit meager, correct? You did not really hear me paint webinar listing sites in a glowing light šŸ¤”

Which is since except you pay out for BrightTALK you are unlikely to see extra than a handful of registrations from any of these internet sites.

To seriously generate far more attendees to your webinars you truly only have three options:

  1. Electronic mail marketing and advertising
  2. Co-Advertising and marketing
  3. Fb Advertisements

I explain how to leverage these a few webinar marketing methods right here. Read that article now. The 5 minutes you are going to have to have will very likely be a much better investment than distributing your webinar to totally free listing providers šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

If you could do with some help endorsing your party, how about you choose me as your virtual party marketing consultant? Iā€™d appreciate to assistance šŸ¤“



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