6 PM nightmares, brought to you by Productboard, 280 Group, and mastermind Dean Peters

Just when you considered your technique was protected — your item eyesight clearly described and your roadmap diligently scheduled and planned — we introduce the new and disturbing Item NIGHTMARES, coming to you in the kind of 50s and 60s B-horror flicks.

Stay aligned or beware — these nightmares will get started consuming you alive!

The Attribute from the Backlog Lagoon

Productboard and 280 Group present The Feature from the Backlog Lagoon
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Lots of solution organizations have the lousy practice of stating sure to all aspect requests coming in from shoppers and throughout the business. They never strategy to truly adhere to by means of, but the requests get tossed into a watery swamp of a products backlog in any case. All these unfulfilled claims commence to build, eventually getting a toxic dumping floor — a black backlog lagoon. 

Then the day comes when somebody (probably one of your significant-ticket buyers) will come to acquire. Soaring out of the primordial muck, the beast from your backlog lagoon appears — usually at the worst time possible — killing off your optimum-price stories, scaring absent your stakeholders, and wreaking havoc on your roadmap arranging.


Productboard and 280 Group present Scrumzilla
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When the Scrum course of action requires above, Scrumzilla wakes up and stomps on your whole firm. Anything is about “getting the method right” as opposed to delivering value. And when this comes about, the good little bridges and towers you outlined in your roadmap get stomped into smithereens. Prioritized element requests get scorched from Scrumzilla’s sizzling breath. 

Scrumzilla destroys your roadmap so it turns into absolutely nothing much more than a smoldering mess, and your eyesight of the foreseeable future gets lowered to very little but debris. 


Productboard and 280 Group present Frankensoft
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Frankensoft is the hideous baby of items and options that get mish-mashed collectively without the need of any regard for system or user practical experience. On a retrospective, the beast realizes he is the opposite of a unified set of items and options — that he is terrible!

His horrifying existence can be attributed to random acquisitions, 3rd parties, or siloed departments where by distinct software program gets bolted collectively. When the electric power is turned on for the release, that’s when the mad DevOps engineers maniacally proclaim into the boiling sky: “it’s alive! It’s ALIVE!!!” 

Escape from the Element Manufacturing unit

Productboard and 280 Group present Escape from the Feature Factory
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In a Characteristic Manufacturing unit (a phrase coined by product or service assumed leader John Cutler), solution orgs are trapped in a dystopian, output-centered society. This dependancy to actions leaves teams without an being familiar with of the actual effect of their work. 

This potential customers to groups slaving away underneath weaponized velocities established to 120% optimization with no a strategic objective. The final result is a mediocre hodge-podge of unsustainable complexity that fails to provide lengthy-expression worth. The only escape is to make a break for an results-based paradigm change, supplied they aren’t very first crushed underneath the body weight of shiny objects and invalidated hypotheses

Night of the Dwelling Bugs

Productboard and 280 Group present Night of the Living Bugs
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Evening of the Dwelling Bugs sums up the experience of solution proprietors who inherit backlogs and products where specialized credit card debt and bugs have been swept beneath the carpet. Once the carpet is lifted by the unsuspecting and recently arrived PO, a Pandora’s Box of agonizing, wasteful, and pricey non-functional specifications and faulty code are inflicted upon any upcoming sprint arranging.

As a product operator, your only hope is to get to for a can of exam automation and function prioritization to repel these pests from ingesting up your cautiously prepared solution technique and roadmap.

The Harmful Animals of Products Management 

Productboard and 280 Group present The Dangerous Animals of Product Management
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Regardless of whether you are dealing with the hungry HiPPO (Highest Paid-Person’s Impression), the venomous CoBRA (Cognitive Bias-Similar Assertions), the charging RHiNO (Genuinely High-Price New Option), or an additional Risky Animal of Product Administration, these demanding stakeholders and circumstances still left to run wild can lead to a nightmare for your item and enterprise. The answer? Learning to influence without the need of authority, and education your stakeholders to assume more like solution folks.

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Dean Peters is a principal specialist and coach with the 280 Team whose superpower is reducing by way of the chaos and bringing people with each other to produce important computer software early and continuously — all though guarding and growing the underlying culture that is crucial to extensive-expression success.


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