6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Let’s face it- social media is where it’s at. By 2021 over three billion people will be using it every month. Over one billion people look at Facebook every day. They’re not looking at your website that much, are they? The exciting thing is that people can use social media to grow their businesses. The good news is, there are tons of simple ways to grow your business using social media that you can do for free. The major investment you will need to make relates to time rather than money. That includes creating regular quality posts. 

Additional Help

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. People can harness social media platforms for their business. There are now additional tools available as well. I found from the experts at https://linkinbio.xyz/ that it is possible to add extra links to Instagram. Analytical tools can also be used to see which of your links are doing best. By availing yourself of this sort of modern technology it can help get you ahead of the competition. Add Google analytics to this, and you become even more empowered. 

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty, and discuss six simple ways to grow your business using social media.

Be Heard on Different Channels

Each social media platform has a different audience, from Facebook fans watching videos of cats to people tweeting on Twitter. Photographers are using Pinterest and video fans are on TikTok. The value of social media is that they are all platforms from which you can speak. Companies can attract attention and followers, and ultimately gain business. Having said that, you will need to adapt your content to suit. Even picture sizes vary, from square ones on Instagram to rectangular on Facebook. 

Reach Your Target Audience

Instagram allows you to use thirty hashtags with every post. If a business makes them relevant to their post or product, they can reach more people than their current followers. They may even gain more. Why not go to the social media pages of your rivals, and start following their followers on Instagram? (Don’t exceed your daily limit, or Instagram will block you).They’re interested in the same thing you sell, aren’t they? They may check you out and follow you back. Business may be gained as a result. 

Offer Value

Social media platforms are like salesmen shouting about their products to a busy market place. How can your companies’ voice be heard above the others’? One way is to offer freebies. Everyone likes these. Perhaps a free pdf ebook or one month’s free subscription. In return, you can gain their email address. This will open up a brand new way for you to reach them in the future. You can add them to your mailing list for email marketing campaigns.  

Value doesn’t always have to cost you, either. If businesses regularly post free quality material, people will regularly read their posts. People will feel connected to the company and be more likely to choose them because they trust them. 

6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Redirect Traffic

A company may sell products from their website. They may have an online store they are paying Shopify to maintain. Alternatively, they may sell things like digital artwork from host websites like Zazzle or Redbubble. Lots of people do blogging, but they don’t all do it from their own websites – they may use Medium or other similar platforms. 

Once you have viewers for your social media posts, you can utilize your profile page, ready for when they have a look. Add the URL for the site you want them to visit. Facebook lets you add a URL to your posts, which is great (Instagram doesn’t). Facebook restricts how many people see these types of posts because they want you to pay to advertise through them. If you do the latter, it doesn’t need to cost a lot, and you can be seen by the target audience you select. That could be your followers and their friends, or more. 

Become an Authority

People will respond to helpful guidance and information. They’ll respect that your company knows what it’s talking about, and be more inclined to buy from you. If you regularly answer questions on Quora about your niche specialty, you’ll again be viewed as an expert. People can check out your profile page and go to your website as a result.


Ultimately, businesses want to know what people are entering on Google or Amazon.com when they are looking for products or services like theirs. What are the keywords? They need to feature those words on their posts, blogs, and websites. This will help them appear in the search results, rather than be hidden at the bottom. It will involve time and money to learn this, but relevance is key for businesses to remain discoverable. Yesterday’s terminology won’t find business for them today. 

This might be just the beginning of the journey. You might end up posting helpful videos on Youtube, with advert placement at the end. Your organization might be seen on a number of social media platforms, with material designed to ‘hook your fish’. People will be drawn to the free offers and trust your authority. Once they’ve found you on social media they will be redirected to your own websites, where you can advertise as much as you wish.  The key is implementing simple ways to grow your business using social media.

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