6 Ways to Market, Protect & Grow your Boat Charter Business

There is never a shortage of tourists who want to rent boats or yachts. Whether they want to explore the ocean, fish, or just rent the boat for a special event, they are willing to pay a pretty penny for such services. This is why it could be a smart idea to start your own boat charter business. However, just like any other business field, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your profits, not to mention that the boat chartering business comes with its own set of risks. Understandably, you might feel like you are way in over your head, but no need to fret over it. 

We’ve got you covered with the following 6 tips that will help you grow, market, and protect your boat charter company.

1. Discover Your Niche

First things first, the best way to set yourself apart from other boat chartering companies is to find your niche. You might think that all boat charter businesses have the same niche, but this could not be further from the truth. While some companies focus more on renting their boats for fishing trips, others offer more tourist-oriented services like dolphin-watching excursions. Moreover, you can also rent your boat for the soon-to-be-wed couples who want to have a unique wedding and enjoy the elegant flair your company can add to their special day. In any case, figuring out the area you excel at is key to kick-starting your business and attracting customers.  

2. Follow Safety Regulations

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen all the time. Notably, boating accidents are always on the rise, and this is why you need to ensure that your business values its customers’ and employees’ safety. So, start with fixing your boat and upgrading it, making sure that it is 100% functional and reliable. The Texas-based offshore injury attorneys at https://www.treybartonlaw.com/personal-injury/houston-offshore-injury-attorney/ point out that you are completely responsible for any injuries that happen to your boat due to negligence. They add that you need to make sure that your equipment is safe and that your crew is adequately trained. Moreover, you can get insurance to stay on the safe side. This way, if worse comes to worst and an accident takes place, the insurance company can cover some of the damage.

3. Upgrade Your Boat

If your boat has seen better days, then chances are that you will not attract many customers. The more luxurious and functional your boat is, the more income your business can generate. A simple way of upgrading your boat is to hire a crew to operate it because boats that come with professional crews usually have higher hourly rates, which can help you boost your profits. Moreover, think of expanding your business, meaning that you should consider purchasing more boats and yachts. It might cost you a bit up front, but it is a sure-fire way to expand your company.

4. Forge Strong Partnerships

 6 Ways to Market, Protect & Grow your Boat Charter Business

Although you can skip this step, flying solo is not always the best option in today’s business world. Due to the current market disruptions, you have to partner with other companies that work in your field. For example, you can look for businesses that offer diving lessons in your area and partner with them. Similarly, you can look for professional photographers who are willing to lend you their services if you want to offer your clients more inclusive packages.

5. Set Up a Business Website

This tried and true marketing strategy is sure to make clients flock to your business. If you want to expand your reach and customer base, you must create a business website through which your customers can book their trips. To do this, you can hire a professional to make your website look sleek. This will help you utilize effective SEO strategies and boost your website’s ranking. Also, do not forget to make the website mobile-friendly, as many people use their smartphones to browse the internet nowadays.

6. Have a Strong Online Presence

If you want to grow your boat charter business, creating a professional-looking website is not enough. Currently, most people rely on social media platforms to find services. So, you can harness the power of social media websites by creating business profiles for your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You also need to post attractive pictures of your boats and yachts to entice more customers to hire your services.


Starting a boat charter business can be a great idea if you are a seafarer. Yet, you need to work hard to expand your company and ensure a steady flow of income. By following the 6 tips above, you can grow and protect your company without any undue effort. Just remember to follow your state’s safety regulations if you want to offer your clients the best possible experience.


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