Does the mere thought of scheduling multiple social posts at once make your heart race or your palms sweat? You might have an unwarranted fear of bulk publishing on social media. For fans of task batching, scheduling a month or two at a time is a dream come true. But for social media managers who aren’t yet on board with bulk publishing, it’s easy to dream up worst-case scenarios.

Let’s look at why bulk publishing on social media is more satisfying than scary with Agorapulse.

1. Your workflow will get ridiculously simple

As an experienced social media manager, you already have your workflow down. From crafting campaigns and creating on-brand content to sharing tweets and monitoring engagement, you’ve made a plan and stuck to it. Wouldn’t a new scheduling system require extra steps to complete and more time to master?

If you’re already familiar with Agorapulse’s publishing process, you’ll find that the bulk interface looks almost identical. That means adding bulk scheduling to your workflow is a breeze.

Agorapulse bulk scheduling interface

Importing social posts from a spreadsheet might add an extra step to your process, but you’ll save tons of time in the long run. Our guide to bulk uploading will get you up to speed quickly. Once you have the hang of bulk publishing, you can queue up to 100 tweets in a single upload.

To make scheduling even easier, try bulk publishing via an RSS feed. Just type the URL, and the Agorapulse bulk publisher will input post titles and links for you, saving you even more time.

How to bulk schedule an RSS feed on social media

2. You can maintain control over complex social campaigns

Adding dozens of evergreen content to your social media queue might not sound too scary. After all, these posts are relevant in any season, and slotting them into available spots doesn’t require a ton of precision. But can bulk uploads on Agorapulse work for campaigns that require specific sequences and exact timing?

While adding posts to a queue is the quickest way to bulk publish, you can also use more granular scheduling. Just add columns for times and dates to your CSV file, and you can avoid having to input a schedule for each post.

How to add dates and times when bulk publishing on social

With this process, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the convenience of bulk publishing and the precision of your campaign calendar. You’ll also ensure that your campaign goes off without a hitch, from launch to completion.

3. You can modify the look of your content before it goes live

Whether you’re managing social media for your company or for a handful of clients, you strive to create an on-brand look and feel on each platform. Images that look off or copy that doesn’t resonate can fail in a big way. Won’t bulk publishing take away some of the control that you have over how your social content appears?

Even when bulk publishing, you’ll have a chance to review and modify each post before adding it to your schedule or queue. That means you’ll always know what to expect from your bulk uploads.

bulk publishing

From giving your posts a quick once-over to proofreading captions to swapping links and images for Twitter Cards, you can make sure each tweet looks just right before it goes live.

4. You won’t have to worry about keeping hashtags consistent

Whether you use a set of branded hashtags for your tweets or your team has created a handful of hashtags for an upcoming campaign, you’ll want to keep these terms consistent with every scheduled post.

When you bulk publish, you don’t have to worry about your hashtags getting lost by the wayside. Consider adding hashtags to your CSV file before uploading it to Agorapulse. Or create hashtag sets in Agorapulse and select the right one to attach to each post before scheduling.

How to add hashtag groups when bulk publishing on social

5. You won’t lose the ability to track your traffic

Correctly attributing traffic and conversions is essential when tracking the return on investment (ROI) for your social media plan. Is bulk publishing really going to let you monitor traffic effectively?

You can add UTM parameters to your links before bulk uploading your posts. If you’d rather tackle UTM tracking right in Agorapulse, simply switch on the toggle as you’re reviewing each post and add the right parameters. Now you’ll know exactly where each click or conversion originated.

How to add UTM parameters when bulk publishing on social

6. You can stay engaged when using bulk publishing on social

Bulk publishing can be a great way to automate your social media strategy. But won’t this style of scheduling tempt you to set and forget your social media plan?

One of the biggest benefits of bulk publishing on social media is the time savings you’ll experience. After speeding up the scheduling process, you’ll have tons of extra time to grow your following. Try taking advantage of Agorapulse’s social listening features to monitor conversations about your brand, engage with your community, and follow key hashtags.

Agorapulse social listening features

7. You can pause or edit your bulk posts to stay current

Having the power to schedule up to 100 tweets at once can do wonders for your workflow. If you plan right, using Agorapulse’s bulk publishing tool might even free up extra time for crafting better campaigns, engaging with your community, or developing more in-depth analyses. But aren’t there downsides to scheduling content too far in advance?

You don’t have to worry that breaking news or unexpected events will compromise your carefully laid plans. You can always pause queue categories, edit your posts, or reschedule your content in order to stay current. Be ready to respond to key happenings, and you’ll never appear out of touch or behind the times.

How to pause a queue category in Agorapulse

Ready to get over your fear and start scheduling? Begin bulk publishing on social media in two easy steps: select the Bulk Publishing button on your preferred platform, and schedule all your social content in Agorapulse within minutes.

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