Be it websites, seminars or even your home made videos – a few properly placed high quality video footage can bring almost anything to life. For these snippets, sometimes even the best of us, be it designers, video editors, content creators or any other creative artist, spending hundreds of dollars for a short footage is not worth it.

To solve this problem, there are several sites that have free stock video footage that they keep frequently updating – thanks to their ever-growing community of designers and videographers. Be it a short clip you want to include in your movie, a Youtube ad or even to getting started on creating videos from scratch- they have you covered. Especially if you are going to publish, you always need to look for free footage options else risk being caught in copyright infringement problems which can get your video removed leaving you with nothing expect loads of wasted time.

Finding the right video footage can be tricky, especially with sites charging subscriptions fees in between your browsing or premium for their best content. After careful combing, we’ve put together a 7 best free resources online for royalty free stock video footage. Go through them and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need.


Pixabay has a huge collection of around 1.2 million high quality HD stock videos of all sorts. Be it someone dancing or typing, the options are countless. And the best part is that it is released under CCO (Creative Commons Zero) License. It means that you can use the content for commercial purposes or even modify it with no need to give credit or to get permission from the artist for the same.


From motion graphics to free stock videos, Videvo has a great community of videographers and designers. The clips downloaded from this site are licensed either by the Creative Commons 3.0 license or by the Videvo Standard License.

Videos under the Creative Commons 3.0 license can be used for any of your project but you need to give credit to the original creator. Information about downloading can be found on their website for each video.

Those videos under the Videvo Standard License are available for download free without explicitly crediting the original creator, but you are restricted to use it only for your projects and not have it as downloadable anywhere else.


A lot like Pixabay, Pexels started out as a free site for photos, but later branched out to having a stock of free HD videos. Pexels collection is also under the CCO license and you can use it for commercial or modification purposes with no need to credit the original author. You can easily find the most in demand videos by going through their list of popular searches.


As a part of the Eezy Inc. family, Videezy has free high quality videos with some of them having 4k resolution. Categories ranging from sky, urban, open, city and nature, Videezy is worth taking a better look at. The best thing about Videezy is that most of the content is over 1 min long, allowing you to edit to get the best choosy bits that you prefer. But you have to keep in mind that Videezy requires you to credit the original source while using the videos in your project.

Life of Vids

As an advertising agency in Canada, Life of Vids has a huge collection of free stock videos, loops and clips to choose from. You can redistribute the videos, but you have a limit of up to 10 videos.

Every week new videos are added and other than that they also have a great collection of free stock photos that might interest you. In case you need to download a high resolution version, just click on the Vimeo logo on the bottom right corner of the video screen and you can click on the Download button.


Distill is amazing if you need to create an impression. With videos being curated by a team of handpicked creative, Distill shares with you an ongoing supply of high quality free stock videos. All you need to do is submit your email address, and every 10 days Distill will mail you 10 free videos.


Created by web designer Daniel Nanescu, Splitshire has videos and photos free for commercial and personal use. Having largely differing content as compared to other stock sites, Splitshire videos are primarily of scenery and outdoor scenes done with the help of drones. By clicking on the title below each video, you can see the download button.

If you go to research for videos through google, you’ll mostly end up on shutterstock as it does a great job at marketing its own website. And though they offer awesome videos, they do cost a bit.

If you didn’t find what you needed, and you don’t want to spend shutterstock prices, Animate360 is a great last resort that you can always check out.

In fact, you can get $30 off if you use code HAMMOCKVIP and gain access to 5 million video assets and some interesting software’s. Click here for more information and make sure you use the HAMMOCKVIP code to get the best price on Animate360.

By using any of the above resources you can create high quality videos for your next project. If you want, you can easily upload, schedule and promote your video across various social media platforms on Hootsuite once you have created it.

Using free stock footage saves your energy and time, while still making you videos look better. Saving your budget over here can help you to allocate it more wisely over things that need it. Now that you know about these free resources, why not get started with making your best video project today?