7 Small Business Success Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 90% of startups end in failure? You want to avoid your small business resulting in disaster.

If you’re going to launch your small business with the goal of achieving success, you need to listen to the mistakes of other entrepreneurs.

If you’re a new entrepreneur, there is probably going to be a lot that you need to learn quickly in order to stay afloat.

Check out our tips for achieving small business success below. Let’s get started!

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job 

If you’re ready to be an entrepreneur, you’re probably already eager to quit your day job and get started.

But, there are reasons to think twice about becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

One research study found that people who keep working their day job are up to 33 percent less likely to fail when they launch their small business.

When you’re financially dependent on your small business, you may be less creative and driven at the start.

You don’t want to come across as desperate when you’re trying to win over clients or building relationships with other people. 

2. Be Prepared to Put in the Hours 

Whether you’re planning to quit your day job to become an entrepreneur, or you’re trying to run your side hustle, you need to be prepared to work even harder than you were before.

You may imagine that running your own small business would give you the freedom and authority to decide everything yourself.

However, business owners work on average more than twice as much as employees. Around one-quarter of entrepreneurs are working more than 60 hours per week.

You may get a lot more work-life balance. But, starting a new business from scratch needs your blood, sweat, and tears if you’re going to make it a success.

Remember, now you’re the HR, marketing, finance and sales for your business. The buck always stops at you now.

3. Understand Your Target Clients 

You may think that you know exactly what your target client/customer wants. But, can you really be so certain?

Around 80% of customers surveyed say that brands don’t know them as individuals. This shows that your company may not understand your clients as much as they think they do.

You need to discover ways to get to know your target clients. Send out feedback surveys to hear what they think. 

Don’t simply dismiss everything your clients ever say. The most successful business owners listen carefully to what their customers are saying.

4. Keep Tight Control of Your Finances 

Many small businesses go under as a result of poor financial management. You don’t want to allow your spending to get out of control.

This is especially important when you are starting off. You need to start spending money early to get your business off the ground.

However, make sure you have good control of the purse strings. You don’t want to be launching with tons of debt around your neck.

You can find ways to raise funds before you even launch. Convince financial backers to put their money behind your idea.

5. Never Stop Networking 

Around 78% of entrepreneurs have said that networking is essential if you want to be successful. You can’t do everything on your own.

Networking is an amazing way to exchange ideas with other people in your industry. You may develop your sales pitch or drop a product that would have flopped anyway.

You never know when your next market opportunity is going to emerge. But, you can be confident that your network will help you with the chance to build your business.

You can’t be good at everything. The effective entrepreneur recognizes what they can do well and what needs to be outsourced.

From tax planning for small business owners to run a successful digital marketing campaign, you can’t do everything yourself. 

6. Focus on Your Passions 

Entrepreneurial life isn’t always easy. You need to love what you do if you’re going to make it succeed. That’s why focusing on your passions is crucial to ensure that you achieve what you want in your industry.

Are you especially passionate about saving the planet? Making sure your company is eco-friendly and green is important.

Do you thrive when you’re surrounding yourself with other people? You have the chance to bring people together with events or as a recruiter.

Don’t just do what you think the world needs. You also need to think about where your passions and interests truly exist.

7. Always Keep One Eye on the Future

Many small businesses drive themselves into the ground because they don’t consider the future. You can’t merely focus on the here and now.

Working out how to ensure that your business is sustainable long-term is essential if you want to stick around for a while.

Putting things in place early can help you make sure your business has a sunny and bright future.

Recruit talented and hard-working young people to make sure your business continues to thrive as you step back. 

Don’t just have knowledge stored up in your brain. You need to introduce systems for passing on knowledge about your industry to the rest of your team. 

How to Ensure Small Business Success

Now you know how to ensure small business success. Entrepreneurial life has many benefits. But, you need to learn from other startups if you’re going to achieve your goals.

From preparing to work harder than ever before and looking to your future success, there are many important tips to improve your small business.

Do you want to discover more about running your own small business? Check out everything you need to know on our blog.


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