Did you know that the median blog post just gets 4 shares? Isn’t that saddening?

People publish millions of blog posts every month and most of them receive a negligible amount of shares.

If you are among these sites and want to increase the number of shares and visits your blog posts get from social media, then you have come to the right place. Below I have shared 7 effective tips for getting more blog post shares…

Write longer content:

A study found that longer posts get more shares. Posts that are less than 1000 words seem to be getting the least shares.

More Blog shares


So, if you have been writing short 500 to 1000 word posts, it is time for you to make the switch to writing longer more detailed blog posts.

But make sure you fill every inch of these posts with quality content. If you fill it up with filler content just because you ‘have to’ you still won’t get more shares as readers will not want to share bad content with their followers.

So, pick meaty topics on which you can write in great detail. And make sure you do plenty of research on the topic before you begin writing.

Add share buttons:

Another tactic that can improve shares is adding share buttons. As they remind people that they can share the post with their followers. In fact a study by BrightEdge found that pages with tweet buttons get more tweets than those without.

More tweets


So, add some share buttons to your blog posts. For best results you should only add share buttons to the networks that are already driving the most traffic. Limit them to 4 or 5 as adding too many share buttons for all the social networks will only confuse readers (as a result of too many options) and reduce the number of shares.

Also, make sure that you add floating share buttons instead of just adding share buttons to the top and/or bottom of the post. Floating share buttons are the buttons that usually appear on the side of the post.

An example can be seen here. You see share buttons near the top of the post when you visit, but when you start scrolling down you begin to see the floating share buttons appear on the left side.

Share button more blog post shares


These buttons work really well for long posts like the above one. And if you follow my first tip and write longer posts, your posts will need these share buttons as well.

Reveal content for a share:

Another way to attract more shares is by hiding your content and only revealing it if someone shares it. This can help you get a lot of shares, especially if you are hiding top quality content.

Write guest posts:

Another tactic that can help you get more blog post shares is guest posting. Writing guest posts, helps you build relationships with bloggers. And if you do a good job, they will want to return the favour by sharing your posts with their followers.

So, try to write one guest post a month at least. The Buffer blog is one of the most successful blogs out there because Leo Widrich wrote an extensive number of guest posts when they launched.

guest blog post shares

The guest posts helped him build strong relationships with a lot of top bloggers who promoted his content.

Optimize with visuals:

Adding visuals to your blog posts can also help you get more shares. As the aforementioned study found that posts with visuals get shared more on Facebook and Twitter.

more blog post shares


Adding visuals can also get you more shares on Pinterest too, as people can only share a page onto Pinterest if there is an image on it. For best results add an image that is 600 X 900 pixels as images of this dimension drive the highest engagement on the network.

Use a content distribution system:

A content distribution system is a tool/website which makes it easy for people to find and share your content. An example is Triberr. This website integrates with your blog’s feed.

Content more shares

So, when you publish a post on your blog it is imported onto the site and the users there can share your post with their followers. And you can do the same for their posts.

Conduct a lot of outreach:

You should also spend a lot of time reaching out to influencers in your niche and asking them to share your post with their followers. For this you can use a tool like Buzzsumo.

promote content


Just add a URL that is similar to your post (that has already received plenty of shares) in their search field and hit search. It will then show you the number of shares the post got and the people who shared it.

After that you can reach out to them one by one and ask them to share your post with their followers.


These are all the tactics you can use to get more blog post shares. Use them today if you want to increase your social media traffic.

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