The visual search hub, Pinterest, inspires many. It encourages them to try something new.

Millions of people browse through the platform to plan out their future purchases. Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest users exclusively focus on brand offerings.

With its fantastic selling capabilities, no wonder Pinterest is evolving to become home for the next generation of creators.

Both shopping and selling on Pinterest have become more accessible with exciting features like Pinterest T.V. live shopping, Paid Partnership pins, and Shoppable Idea Pins.

It’s safe to say that Pinterest is not limited to driving website traffic anymore. It’s emerging as a platform for branding and e-commerce.

But is the platform cutout for your brand? Only the latest Pinterest statistics can help you decide.

Marketers should consider the below listed Pinterest statistics before planning their marketing and SEO strategy on the platfrom.

Let’s see what the stats say.

Pinterest Demographics Statistics

The Q4 of 2021 didn’t go well for Pinterest, losing 13 million MAUs. However, from there, Pinterest picked up people’s interest again and reached 445 million monthly active users.

It has been the hotspot for identifying trends across multiple industries. Another interesting thing to note is that the platform’s popularity is not just in the U.S. alone.

As per Pinterest stats, more than 75% of the users are from outside America. Females dominate the platform, making up more than 75% of Pinterest users.

Here are some more Pinterest stats for better understanding.

  1. Pinterest has 445 million monthly active users worldwide.
  2. With 86 million MAUs, the United States has the highest number of Pinterest users.
  3. The US was followed by Brazil with 27 million users (though they only account for about 8% of the traffic to the website) and Mexico with nearly 18 million users.
  4. 44% of the website traffic comes from the US.
  5. Females make up more than 75% of the users on the platform.
  6. Women between the ages of 25 and 34 account for 29.1% of Pinterest’s global audience.
  7. Over 16% of Pinterest’s user base are women in the 18 to 24-year age group.
  8. Compared to Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, Pinterest, like Twitter and Reddit, had significantly fewer Gen Z users in 2022.
  9. 31% of millennials in the UK with a household income of over £100K are on Pinterest
  10. More than 75% of Pinterest users are from outside the U.S.

Pinterest Usage Statistics

Pinterest is a great place to create and discover new Ideas. And people love to search on it, so much so that more than 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest each month.

Businesses and creators use this to share their top secrets and hacks and with their followers to build a prolific and long-lasting community.

And when it comes to sharing information, like other platforms, video tops the list on Pinterest too. With close to 1 billion video views each month, you can safely bet on video pins to connect with your audience.

Moreover, 82% of all Pinterest users use the app on the mobile app. Have a look at more Pinterest statistics to get some idea about its usage metrics.

  1. More than 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest each month.
  2. People watch close to 1 billion videos a day on Pinterest.
  3. 82% of users use Pinterest on its mobile app.
  4. Per every Pinterest visit, 5.5 pages were visited, and the average visit duration was almost six minutes.
  5. 77% of their users on Pinterest are loyal to the brand.
  6. UK Users Spend Less Than an Hour on Pinterest Per Day.
  7. 85% of Pinners say they use Pinterest to plan new projects.
  8. The average Pinterest user types in 8 searches per month.
  9. Pinterest users, in general, spend 29% more while shopping than non-users.
  10. In Q3, Gen Z users grew double digits year over year, accelerating from Q2.
  11. 86% of millennials use Pinterest to plan life events.
  12. 63% of millennials use the platform to search for products and services.
  13. Over 75 billion pins have been uploaded to Pinterest.
  14. High-income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income households.

Pinterest Engagement Statistics

Don’t think twice before adding a Pinterest trend to your content strategy. Why? Because trends on Pinterest sustain 20% longer monthly growth than on the rest of the internet.

But how do you follow these trends.? Well, video pins get the most engagement, so start with them. Thanks to videos, Pinterest is no longer all about just pinned images and link posts.

Pinterest stats show that video views have increased by 200%, wrestling in heavy engagement. 55% of Pinterest users use the platform with the intent to shop and buy, generating direct sales for most marketers.

Apart from regular searches, there are also 600 million visual searches via Pinterest lens each month. So if any non-following user stumbles across your product, they can give it a quick scan and purchase the item from you!

How cool is that?

Here are some more Pinterest statistics on engagement to help you create better promotional strategies.

  1. Pinterest trends outperform other internet trends by 21% each month.
  2. 60% of users log on to “view pictures” on Pinterest.
  3. Posting is most effective around noon and at night.
  4. Pinners are 5x more likely to purchase from Try On-enabled Pins than standard Pins.
  5. Pinterest active users have saved more than 200 billion Pins altogether.
  6. 98% of users have tried something they’ve seen on Pinterest.
  7. The average number of pins made by an active female user is 158.
  8. Dads are 3x more likely to have shared boards than the average male pinner.
  9. Descriptions that are 100-200 characters in length gain more popularity.
  10. Pins in the fashion category are most popular on Thursday.
  11. A Pin including a specific call to action increases engagement by 80%.
  12. Video views on Pinterest have increased by 200%.
  13. 78% of Pinterest users say seeing brand content on the platform is useful.
  14. 55% of people use Pinterest to shop and buy.
  15. 89% of U.S. pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase.
  16. 98% of the users have tried something they found on Pinterest.
  17. Pinterest is most popular with women—especially moms.
  18. Related Pins account for 40% of engagement on Pinterest.
  19. More than 56 million pinners actively engage with home content.
  20. 70% use Pinterest to find accessories, watches, and jewelry.
  21. 52% use their platform to develop their knowledge of great food and drinks.
  22. Dads are 3x more likely to have shared boards than the average male pinner.
  23. 80% of moms use Pinterest.
  24. Pinterest trends increased to 56%, while the rest of the platforms rose to 38%.
  25. 600 million visual searches occur via the Pinterest lens every month.

Pinterest Business Statistics

There’s definitely some good news for marketers who have continued to use Pinterest for business. Interactions with Pinterest shopping pins have increased by 44%.

And if you are looking to drive traffic to your online store, then you will be pleased to know that Pinterest drives 33% more traffic to e-commerce websites than Facebook.

If you are a lesser-known brand, Pinterest can help kickstart, as 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded. It’s also recommended to go for several pin types like rich pins, product pins, videos, etc.

Check out these Pinterest stats for using the platform to boost your business the right way.

  1. Compared to Facebook, Pinterest sends 33% more traffic to e-commerce websites.
  2. 55% of people use Pinterest to shop and buy.
  3. For every $1 spent on Pinterest marketing, sales are generated at a rate of $4.30.
  4. 61% of Pinners in the UK have gone shopping as a result of seeing branded content.
  5. 78% of users believe branded content to be helpful.
  6. Shopping is a top priority for 48% of Pinterest users.
  7. In Q3 2022, Pinterest generated $685 million in revenue, of which $575 million came from the US & Canada alone.
  8. Shoppers on Pinterest spend twice as much monthly than social shoppers on other platforms.
  9. The global Pinterest revenue has increased by 8% y-o-y growth.
  10. 46% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest
  11. Interaction with organic Pinterest shopping pins has increased by 44%.
  12. 87% of people on Pinterest have bought a product because of Pinterest, while 93% use Pinterest to plan a future purchase.
  13. 76% of pinners save items to purchase later.
  1. 97% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded.
  2. Pins that show a product or service in action are 67% more likely to drive sales.
  3. 85% of pinners put visuals first when shopping for apparel and furniture.

Pinterest Ads Insights

It’s clear by now that Pinterest users love to shop on the platform. Pinterest wants the same, and hence, keeps rolling out ad features to evolve social commerce on the platform.

Pinterest ads can potentially make you reach millions of people. The best part is 78% of Pinterest users have agreed that branding content, including ads, is very much relevant to their interests, and they would continue to look for them even in the future.

So we suggest pinning almost 5-6 times daily to create a consistent presence on the platform for better branding and reach.

Posting and sponsoring your pins will definitely improve your metrics and help you accomplish your social selling goals faster on Pinterest. Here are a few more Pinterest statistics on ad demographics and performances.

  1. 61% of Pinterest users have purchased after seeing a sponsored pin.
  2. Pinterest’s Ad Revenue Is Expected to Exceed $4 Billion by 2026.
  3. On Pinterest, advertisers may reach more than 200 million users.
  4. Compared to other social platforms, Pinterest’s shopping advertisements generate three times as many conversions and a 2X increase in the positive incremental return on ad expense.
  5. Ads that use “lifestyle” photographs have a 32% greater click-through rate than those that use “stock” product images.
  6. The highest reach ranking of Pinterest is witnessed in the U.S., followed by Brazil and Mexico.
  7. The majority of ad audiences on Pinterest are from the age group of 25-34, which constitutes 38.8% of all Pinterest users.
  8. Quarter-on-quarter change in Pinterest’s advertising reach is +4.4%.
  9. 78% of users say content from brands is useful, including ads.


Pinterest is primarily visual and is geared towards helping people discover and save ideas for things they are interested in.

That’s why Pinterest has become an unavoidable part of every shopper’s journey in the U.S. It is something that experts are calling “an intersection of social media, search, and commerce.”

Hence, if you are a retail marketer, leaving out on this platform is a major miss.

Why? 7 out of 10 Pinterest trend predictions have already come true.

While we understand the Pinterest statistics we discussed in the blog are quite encouraging, marketers will step back from committing to frequent pinning as they have too much to manage already.

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