Are you excited about starting your own clothing business but struggling for the perfect name? Coming up with great clothing business name ideas can be tricky, and it’s important to find one that reflects your brand identity.

You want something memorable, unique, and attention-grabbing! That’s why we’ve compiled some inspiring and creative name ideas to help you brainstorm and come up with great names for your next clothing line.

So let’s get started on finding a brandable, meaningful name that will stick in the mind of your target audience and make them eager to know more.

Find the Best Clothing Business Names That Fit Your Brand

Finding the right name for your clothing brand can be daunting! A great brand name that ticks all the boxes will reflect your fashion business, stand out from the competition, and have staying power. A good clothing brand name should also be easy to remember and resonate with your target market.

Do you need some unique, catchy wording? Fortunately, there are plenty of fun ways to come up with creative clothing brand name ideas.

From plays on words to appealing alliterations, discover fresh ideas in this post that will help get those creative juices flowing as you determine what sets your online clothing business apart from the rest!

7 Cute Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Consider these options to get started on making the perfect decision for your clothing brand!

  1. Fashion Fiesta: This catchy phrase will surely draw in customers looking for a fun shopping experience and a unique variety of clothes!
  2. Threads Unlimited: Let customers know there is no limit to the options they have regarding fashion with this clever name.
  3. Closet of Dreams: An optimistic name that will make customers feel they can achieve the wardrobe they’ve always wanted.
  4. All Dressed Up: This punny and fun phrase is perfect for any clothing brand that focuses on stylish, everyday looks.
  5. Mod Madness: This name is sure to convey that you are on top of the latest trends for a fashion-forward and edgy clothing label.
  6. Clothesline: This classic phrase will evoke nostalgia and conjure up images of a traditional laundry day for many customers.
  7. Dressed to Impress: The perfect name to emphasize your store’s quality clothing choices!

7 Fun Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Are you looking for something light-hearted and humorous to name your clothing brand? Look no further! These names will make customers chuckle while also conveying the type of clothes your store offers.

  1. Sartorial Splendor: This one has a touch of old-fashioned elegance while also being modern and attention-grabbing.
  2. Clothes Minded: Another punny name signaling to customers that your fashion sense is top-notch!
  3. Hem and haw: This whimsical phrase will make customers smile upon hearing your store’s name!
  4. Dress to Kill: An interesting title that suggests an aura of mystery and edginess around your clothing line.
  5. Fashionably Late: An ironic name that’s sure to draw attention from those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  6. Wardrobe Wonderland: An ideal phrase to capture the feeling of being lost in a sea of stylish items at your store!
  7. Outfitters Anonymous: A play on words that will show customers you are the perfect place for all their fashion needs!

7 Designer Clothing Store Names 

These names reflect the sophistication and high-end style a cool clothing brand should strive for.

  1. Style Studio: A simple yet sophisticated name representing your store’s luxurious offerings.
  2. Serendipity Chic: This phrase will evoke images of stylish surprises and timeless pieces!
  3. Avant Garde Attire: An ideal choice for a fashion-forward, modern brand.
  4. Design District: A great name for a store that offers unique and cutting-edge collections.
  5. Couture Corner: This phrase will make customers think of luxurious clothing crafted with impeccable attention to detail.
  6. Luxe Lookbook: An elegant and stylish name that will surely draw in customers!
  7. Vogue Visions: A great choice for a store with an eye on the latest trends and styles.

7 Luxury Clothing Brand Names

These unique clothing brand names evoke opulence and extravagance, perfect for a clothing brand that specializes in luxury items.

  1. Couture Boutique: An elegant name that conveys class and sophistication.
  2. Rare Threads: Let customers know your store offers exclusive pieces with this stylish title!
  3. The Finer Things: A great phrase to emphasize the luxury of your clothing line.
  4. Opulence Apparel: A great title to show customers that your store is the perfect place for exclusive luxury clothes.
  5. En Vogue Emporium: A chic name to convey the idea of fashionable clothing in an upscale setting.
  6. The Glamour Room: Make customers feel glamorous with this fun and flirty name!
  7. Upscale Fashions: This title speaks for itself – a store that offers top-notch clothing options in an upscale atmosphere.

7 Tailored Clothes Company Names

These names focus on clothing tailored to an individual’s style and needs.

  1. Custom Clothiers: A perfect title for a store specializing in custom-made clothing pieces.
  2. Fits Your Style: An ideal choice for a store offering unique pieces tailored to the customer’s tastes.
  3. Made to Measure: Show customers you offer clothing made specifically for them with this title.
  4. Threads of Perfection: A great name to emphasize your pieces’ quality and attention to detail.
  5. Style-Fitting Solutions: Let customers know you have the perfect solution for their wardrobe needs!
  6. Tailor-Made Trends: A catchy phrase that speaks to your store’s customized clothing.
  7. Personalized Pieces: Show customers you offer customized clothing that reflects their style.

7 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Clothing Store Names 

These names reflect the idea of sustainable fashion and emphasize the environmental friendliness of your store.

  1. The Green Wardrobe: A great phrase to let customers know your store focuses on eco-friendly clothing.
  2. Earth Friendly Fabrics: An ideal choice for a store that offers stylish items made from sustainable materials.
  3. Conscious Closet: A catchy title to emphasize the eco-friendly nature of your store’s offerings.
  4. Organic Threads: Let customers know you specialize in clothing made from organic materials with this name!
  5. Eco Chic Boutique: This phrase perfectly combines fashion and sustainability into one stylish title.
  6. Planet Fashion: This title is great for a store that focuses on eco-friendly clothing and accessories.
  7. Eco Couture: A fashionable phrase to let customers know you offer stylish, sustainable clothing!
Clothing Business Name Ideas - a rail of linen type clothing in natural colours

7 Boutique Clothing Brand Names 

These names evoke the idea of a boutique or small shop, perfect for any store with a unique selection of clothing.

  1. The Wardrobe Boutique: A great choice for a store offering stylish and exclusive items.
  2. The Glam Closet: This stylish title implies customers will find fashionable pieces in your store.
  3. Fashionista’s Den: Let customers know your shop is where they can find the trendiest items!
  4. Style Studio: A great name to show customers your store offers stylish pieces for their wardrobe.
  5. Fashion Avenue: An ideal title for a store that provides access to the latest trends and styles.
  6. Style Oasis: Let customers know they can find stylish pieces to complete their wardrobe in your store.
  7. Trends On Tap: Let customers know you offer the latest trends with this stylish name!

7 Trendy & Fashionable Clothing Shop Names 

These names focus on fashion and trendiness, perfect for any store carrying fashionable items.

  1. Fashionably You: A great title to show customers your store offers fashionable pieces that emphasize individual style.
  2. The Trend Setters: Show customers you offer the latest styles with this catchy phrase!
  3. Trendy Threads: A great choice for a fashion store offering stylish clothing to keep up with the latest trends.
  4. The Vogue Vault: This title implies customers can expect only fashionable pieces in your shop.
  5. Fashionista’s Paradise: A perfect phrase for a store full of stylish items to choose from.
  6. The Fashion Lab: Let customers know you offer clothing that is always on-trend with this name!
  7. Style Haven: A great choice for a store providing fashionable and stylish pieces.

7 Bohemian Inspired Clothing Company Names 

These names evoke the free-spirited nature of the bohemian style, ideal for any store with a relaxed and laid-back selection.

  1. The Bohemian Bazaar: A great title to reflect the unique items found in your store.
  2. Folklore Fashions: Let customers know your store carries clothing inspired by traditional styles and patterns.
  3. The Boho Chic Shop: This title implies only fashionable and unique pieces can be found in your store.
  4. Free Spirit Fashions: Show customers you offer relaxed items with this catchy phrase!
  5. Gypsy Soul Boutique: This title perfectly reflects the idea of a bohemian-inspired store.
  6. The Bohemian Closet: An ideal name to reflect the relaxed and free-spirited nature of your store’s offerings.
  7. Vintage Vibes: A great choice for a store that offers items inspired by vintage styles.
Clothing Business Name Ideas - a display of boho type clothes against a wooden rack on a wall

7 Event & Wedding Clothes Business Names 

These names emphasize the idea of dressing up for special events, perfect for any shop offering formal and dressy items.

  1. The Formal Boutique: A great title to let customers know you offer fashionable and dressy items.
  2. Fashionably Ready: This phrase implies customers will look their best when they shop with you.
  3. Dressy Designs: A great choice to show customers they can find formal and fashionable items in your store.
  4. Formal Finery: Suggest customers will find the perfect outfit for special occasions with this phrase.
  5. Glam Galore: This phrase implies customers will find stylish and glamorous pieces when shopping with you.
  6. The Special Occasion Store: Show customers they can find the perfect outfit, no matter the event.
  7. Event-Ready Fashions: A great choice for a store offering clothing and accessories for special events.

7 Vintage Clothing Brand Names 

These names evoke the idea of used clothing, perfect for any store selling vintage pieces.

  1. The Vintage Vault: A great title to show customers your store is full of fashionable and unique items.
  2. Second-Hand Style: Let customers know you offer stylish secondhand pieces with this catchy phrase.
  3. The Used Closet: Show customers you offer only the best quality used clothing with this name.
  4. The Gently Worn Shop: This title implies your store has a variety of stylish pieces, all at an affordable price.
  5. The Retro Boutique: A great choice for a store offering vintage pieces in modern styles.
  6. Vintage Fashions: This title lets customers know you carry fashionable clothing from different eras.
  7. The Thrift Store: Show customers you offer stylish items at an unbeatable price with this phrase.
Clothing Business Name Ideas - a rail of individual looking women's garments

Clothing Brand Name Generator 

Although it might be tough to come up with a great clothing brand name, don’t worry – plenty of free business name generator tools are available online.

These tools usually use databases of words associated with the fashion industry and any keywords you input as prompts. The results can give you stylish and creative options or something that’s complete nonsense and unpronounceable!

If you’re stuck for inspiration when naming your business, these generators can help you kick off the process and give you some clothing brand name ideas. We suggest trying Wordlab, Shopify Business Name Generator and Namelix.

Brainstorming Candle Business Names

Naming your clothing company sounds easy, but it’s not. You want a name that will appeal to people and make them remember your brand, but it also has to reflect your dedication to each piece of clothing.

If you’re stuck, try brainstorming with these tips:

  • Think about what makes your clothing special – is it vintage-inspired? Is it made from locally sourced materials? Is it handcrafted? Use these aspects to inspire your name.
  • Although it takes effort, carefully choosing a label for your fashion brand will be worth it in the long run because customers are more likely to remember and associate an accurate description of your company with your offer.
  • Brainstorming can be tough, so if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, try thinking about some of your favorite businesses, both in the clothing industry and in other industries, and what their names say about them.
  • A spot-on pun in your business name can make it more unforgettable and help you distinguish yourself from other clothing brands.
  • Keep your name simple, easy to remember, and spell – so potential customers can easily find you.

How do I Choose a Name for my Clothing Brand?

Once you’ve done some brainstorming and come up with some contenders, here are a few tips to consider when making your final decision:

  • Consider the emotional reaction that you want your business name to evoke
  • Keep your company’s brand personality and tone in mind when choosing a name
  • Make sure the name sounds good when you say it out loud
  • Ensure that it accurately reflects what you do as a clothing maker
  • Trust your gut and choose a brand name that speaks to you and captures the essence of your style and business.

Starting a Clothing Business 

Use the following tips to increase your chances of success when launching your clothing store:

  • Before starting, research the market, what your competitors are doing, and what people are looking for.
  • You need to create a unique selling point to make your apparel stand out from other clothing line names. This should be reflected in all aspects of your brand, from pricing and promotions to product design and presentation.
  • Create a plan for your business. This will help you stay organized and show potential investors that you are serious about this endeavor. Plan out each step, such as researching suppliers, creating marketing materials, and mapping out sales strategies.
  • Don’t try to go it alone – seek the help of professionals, such as an accountant for managing finances and a lawyer for legal matters.
  • Only use high-quality materials for your project – no matter what it is. This way, you know that it will be durable and look good for a long time. Lower-quality materials often show wear and tear much more quickly.
  • You can strengthen your online presence by launching a website and social media accounts. This will help you reach more people.

For more information on how to start a clothing business, read our article for an in-depth guide!

Clothing Business Name Ideas – Final Thoughts…

When naming clothing and fashion brands, you want a name that reflects your brand and what you do. Put some thought into the process and ensure your chosen name is memorable and marketable.

Combine creative wordplay, catchy names, and thoughtful descriptions to create something unique to represent your company. Good luck!


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