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Accounting Software for freelancers: A Beginner’s Guide

Working as a freelancer has its benefits. You are your boss. You get to choose a flexible schedule and able to earn a good amount of money. However, with the benefits, come challenges.

As a freelancer, you are running a small business of your own. You have to file the business tax returns and have a proper track of your income and expenditures to keep the business growing. Keeping track of your clients, and how much money they own you can be difficult to manage. However, with accounting software for freelancers, you can stay ahead in collecting payments and checking outstanding invoices.

You will be better able to understand your business and have the potential to take it to the next level if you keep a consistent business activity log to view your cash flow.

If you are working as a freelancer, getting paid by your clients is important to you. With accounting software, you can find out which client owes you money if you have multiple clients. Accounting software ensures that you don’t miss out on getting paid by your clients.

Why do you need accounting software? 

As a freelancer, you are also a small business owner. It gets difficult to have a track of the day-to-day operations. If you are wondering “Do I need small business accounting software for freelancers?” Take a look at the reasons why accounting software is important.

Often, small business owners and freelancers can see huge benefits from accounting software. You are better able to track your expenses and simplify the tasks of filing your taxes. If you use the right small business accounting software for freelancers, you’d be able to keep a track record of your business without spending much time on it.

It improves business efficiency: 

With accounting software, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. Growing your business becomes easier when you can complete the administrative tasks in a matter of minutes with the help of the accounting software.

The best accounting software makes bookkeeping an easier task while you can concentrate on the profit-generating tasks. All you are required to do is enter the transactions of your business and the software takes care of computing the totals.

Moreover, accounting software makes it simple for you to refer to past transactions by keeping all the information in one place. You don’t have to bother digging the spreadsheets to look for past transactions.

It makes tax filing simpler: 

The crucial part of being a freelancer is to get ready for the tax season. Dealing with the penalties, fines and legal concerns is not something you’d want. Therefore, you need to replace your receipts with accounting software so you can file the tax with no risk of discrepancy.

Accounting software helps you accurately and efficiently file your taxes. It makes every step simple and easy while checking the errors all the way. You can maximize the credits and deductions without any risk of error.

It automates your accounting: 

Accounting software automates the accounting system. You don’t have to deal with the manipulation of the documents. Everything becomes transparent.

You can get the automatic totals that are more precise and accurate compared to the manual calculated figures. There is no room for error when you are using an automated accounting software system.

The automation of your freelancing business gives you a clearer idea of where the business stands.

It stores the necessary invoice information: 

With accounting software, you can store the invoice information. Creating and distributing the invoices to your clients becomes easier.

You can enter the information of the clients who owe you money. Moreover, you are also able to enter the vendor invoices to whom you owe money.

When creating the invoice, you have to enter the name of the customer, date, invoice number, due date, the quantity of work, service provided, and due date.

Spreadsheet software 

Freelancers who are looking for an easier way to manage their work, income, and expenses can use a spreadsheet software that they can set up on Google docs, excel or Open office.

All you need to do is enter the date of transaction, your services provided, the type of transaction, and the amount of transaction.

With this format, you get enough information about who owes me money and what is the due date of the payment.

Cloud-Based accounting systems 

If you want to access your accounting information no matter where you are, you can have a cloud-based accounting system. This system is an online system that requires you to have access to the internet. Thereby allowing you to access the cloud accounting system on different devices.

If you are a small business owner and work with multiple people, you can give access to everyone concerned about the accounting information through the cloud accounting application.

Accounting Software available for freelancers. 

Quickbooks: This accounting software is a feature-rich cloud-based accounting system that lets you maintain your finances and cash flow. It allows you to track your sales and get faster payments. You can run your business from your iPhone or laptop.

FreshBooks: As a freelancer, you’d want to use accounting software that lets you manage your invoices and track your expenses. Freshbooks gives you a well-rounded accounting experience.

Vyapar: This is the # 1 Small business accounting software for freelancers. It lets you manage your freelance income no matter where you are. You can get paid faster as a freelancer from different parts of the world by sending your clients the invoices.

Vyapar Accounting software for freelancers makes your bills look professional and you can maintain an efficient accounting system for your freelancing business.


Having accounting software for freelancers is going to allow you to focus on what you do. Therefore, allowing you to relax over organizing your finances and business records.

Investing in the right accounting software solution is a challenging decision for you to make. However, you have to ensure that the accounting software you are choosing is relevant to your field. Additionally, check it has the maximum resources that fulfill your needs.

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