An-Easy-to-Follow-Plan-to-Create-Your-Free-Website-Opt-in-Offer-315People will not simply give out their email address without a good reason. Give them something of value in exchange for their contact details, this is what a free opt-in offer can do. This offer of value is typically rich in information that subscribers need to solve their problems. It can be an e-book, whitepaper, case study, workbook, etc., or it could be a coupon or video.

It may sound strange to give away something for free to generate more business, but it works. A free opt-in offer is a reliable way to build trust and to build your email list.

But why build your email list?

First-time visitors to your website often are not ready to make a purchase. They’re looking around and comparing their options. They want to do research and understand your company and offerings, so they won’t give you money at this stage. But they may give you their email address if they receive something they’re interested in. From visitors, they turn into potential leads, which you can nurture via email marketing and ultimately turn a portion into sales.

So how do you create a free opt-in offer they can’t resist?

Choose your topic

Determine what challenges and problems your target audience wants to solve. It’s better if you pick a topic that hasn’t been addressed much.  Next, think of solutions your products and services provide. Voila! You’ve got your topic.

Produce the content

Create the content for your free offer. Decide on the format. Is it a step-by-step guide? An infographic? A checklist? Something else? Be ready to do research, repurpose and expand old content, etc. You want to be as informative and authoritative as possible, so visitors see you as an expert and trust you.

Design your offer

An offer can be valuable and still get ignored if the design isn’t compelling. Good design makes things look professional.  Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Canva is a free graphic design app that creates professional looking graphics quickly and easily.

Using a website software tool like or Optin-Monster you can create a widget or pop-up box to add to your website to draw attention to your offer.

Make your landing page

Set up your free email opt-in offer on a landing page on your website. Design a landing page with engaging copy and attention-grabbing graphics. Add a link to your landing page to your social media accounts to draw more eyes, and keep the form simple, name and email address to get more submissions.

This simple four-step plan should help you easily create a free opt-in offer for your website. A free-opt in offer is one of the fastest ways to generate a list of leads and future customers.


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