Anxiety Is A Modern Day Epidemic & Business Opportunity

Anxiety is everywhere. In the U.S. only, it is the most common mental illness and affects over 40 million adults every year. It’s roughly 18.1% of the population who struggle with high stress levels, depressive disorders, and fear and panic disorders. More often than not, anxiety is attributed to challenging situations that people can’t cope with, chronic stress, and lack of self-confidence. Fortunately, anxiety is highly treatable. However, only about a third of people with anxiety disorder seek treatment, while many others are unsure how to discuss their issues. 

Modern-day lifestyle has made it easier for individuals to manage their day-to-day responsibilities with anxiety disorders. Indeed, for freelancers and remote professionals, for instance, the possibility to work from home can reduce potentially stressful interactions and provide protection from social obligations. While it doesn’t stop anxiety from affecting their choices and opportunities, the fact that you can make a living despite the issue can prevent many people from actively seeking treatment. 

The truth is that you can’t benefit from therapy until you are ready to receive it. In other words, the only way for anxiety patients to free themselves from their worries is to look for support. There is a gap in the market for pre-therapy anxiety support. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to look for lifestyle improvements before considering behavioral or medicated treatments. Those positive lifestyle inspirations can act as a nudge to help move patients with high anxiety disorders in the right direction until they are ready to seek mental health support. As a result, there is an opportunity for lifestyle and health businesses to help people understand and manage some aspects of their anxiety. Nothing can replace professional psychological knowledge. However, helping people to cope with their stress and accept their mental health issues is essential. Only then can they seek mental health treatment. For 40 million Americans, a business that offers self-improvement solutions is the first step toward medical treatment. Here is how lifestyle businesses can maximize the pre-treatment niche: 

Creating a safe community for same-minded individuals 

Anxiety creates isolation and shame. People who struggle with the disorder often feel they can’t discuss their issues openly with friends and relatives. They are worried about being judged and misunderstood. That’s precisely where a dedicated social community can make a huge difference in dealing with their problems. Ultimately, social media communities boost engagement. From a personal perspective, finding people who know what you are going through and can help you to accept your issues is essential for the healing process. From a business perspective, you could gain in building a supportive community. Indeed, you can work closely with professionals to create a safe space that attracts potential patients and direct them to the best interlocutor. Your online anxiety community can serve as a welcoming platform for therapists, for example. 

Create a self-help shop 

It’s important to understand that the first step for people with anxiety is not to seek professional treatment. More often than not, people prefer to find rapid relief, even if it is only a temporary phenomenon. As a result, a shop that can help with stress by providing soothing consumables can offer short-term relief. Herbal products, for instance, such as chamomile and lavender, can be a neat addition to the household. Additionally, CBD oil is a proven stress-relief ingredient, which can provide support in real-time. If you are considering offering herbal remedies, you may find the information provided by Cannabis Consulting Nationwide helpful to launch your legally-compliant cannabis dispenser. Ultimately, there’s no denying that self-help herbal remedies can regulate your mood naturally. 

Create self-improvement services

Improving your life and making smarter decisions can ease the symptoms of anxiety. While it’s true that a life coach isn’t a therapist, life coaches can provide helpful advice to regain control of stressful situations. Learning how to be in charge of your life is sometimes all you need to get rid of your anxiety disorder. Additionally, it’s also a practical tool to build resilience to stress and improve your day-to-day experience in the long term. Life coach businesses are detrimental to the effective recovery of anxiety patients. For mild disorder, they can even provide the necessary support for a full recovery. 

Build a relaxation program

Did you know that not many people understand how to let go of their stress? For a lot of individuals, relaxing is a difficult task. As a result, they accumulate stress until it morphs into anxiety and panic disorders. Learning to relax is a skill that yoga and meditation instructors can teach their students. Providing yoga programs and retreat packages that target specifically stress relief can become a life-changing business. Besides, it can also be a profitable opportunity for yoga instructors to create an online program – which can be delivered through an app. 

You are what you eat says the nutritionist 

Food doesn’t exactly create anxiety disorders, but it doesn’t always help your body to release tensions. Starting a stress-free nutrition business can make a big difference for professionals who are struggling with a hectic lifestyle. Processed foods, high carbs and sugar caffeine contents create a favorable terrain for anxiety. But developing an individual meal plan to help people relax can change the situation. Asparagus, avocado and salmon are the perfect addition to a relaxing diet. Besides, teaching your clients healthy and non-stress-creating alternatives to their favorite snacks can help in the long term. 

Self-care starts with self-love

How much you believe in yourself define how easy it is to let go of everyday worries and control negative thoughts. Helping people to feel happy in their skin through a makeover appointment may not seem like much at first. But it can create a positive state of mind that keeps anxiety at bay. When you boost someone’s self-confidence, you give them the weapon they need to shut down mild stress and negativity. From hairstyling services to providing fashion advice, looking your best can help to feel better about yourself. 

Anxiety Is A Modern Day Epidemic & Business Opportunity

While there is no denying that anxiety disorders need to be taken seriously and treated by a professional, it’s fair to say that when only one-third of people who struggle with anxiety seek treatment, it’s essential to create a path of self-realization for patients. There is an opportunity for dedicated businesses to accompany individuals along this path by providing improvement tips and short-term relief until they are ready to tackle long-lasting issues with a certified mental health expert. 

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