It’s no secret–B2B buyers are more enabled and empowered than ever before.But they’re also a little shy…Before a potential customer reaches out to your team, they have combed through your content, read your blogs, watched your videos, and consumed as much information about your product or service as possible.In short, they have been avoiding talking to you for as long as they could.

A carefully crafted demo video can speed up the sales cycle, save your sales engineering team hours, and help weed out unqualified leads–inevitably giving your sales pipeline better velocity and improved accuracy.Most importantly, it’ll give your customers even more reasons to feel empowered, and therefore make you their number one choice.

Something our solutions consultants (SCs)  have been doing a lot more of is recording product demo videos. You can check out some great tips from one of our top SCs in the on-demand webinar below.

Fast Forward - Nov 2017 - Steph Yi - Sales Demo

Now I’m sure some of you are saying, wait what? Why would you bother recording your demonstrations? Isn’t that more work?

While this definitely is a valid point, there are many reasons you should be recording demo videos. I’ve summed up to two key reasons below;

Give The People What They Want

Today’s customers, who are unequivocally overloaded with messages and short on attention, demand a more personalized sales process.

They don’t want to suffer endless emails to coordinate a demo time any more than the sales rep wants to push the sale back another week or you want to perform a demo that you’re not sure the customer needs.

This is where video comes to play.

With a recorded demo you can do less work and allow customers to consume the information whenever they please, with recorded demo videos.While your customer watches your pre-recorded custom demo, you could be anywhere, like focusing on more important demos. As any seasoned SC will tell you, not every customer needs a full-fledged demo, just as not every lead needs to be hounded by a salesperson.

Recording demos takes less time and allows you, and other reps to focus their time on more resource-intensive opportunities.

Did Your Prospect Ghost You? Turn That Into An Opportunity

Recording your demos when a prospect no-shows can be really helpful. First off, this can be used as a resource for re-engagement with the prospect later on. Your preparation and effort didn’t go to waste as you’re able to still get that demo in-front of them via email/Linkedin outreach vs. trying to get them on the phone to schedule another demo.

Another great reason for recording the demo is for the occasions where your prospect arrives to the demo, but other key stakeholders from their organization who were scheduled to attend do not. Your demo recording is now a great resource to give your prospect enabling them to be a better champion for you.

Your prospect can now share the recording with other stakeholders, gauge their opinions, and get their initial feedback before preparing an even better demonstration with them all in the room.

Get started recording your own demos by checking out our quick webinar “Calling All Sales Engineers! How to Record a Great Demo in Under 10 Minutes” where our very own SC, Stephanie Yi discusses why recording demos is important and some key tips and tricks to get started today. If you’re a technical sales rep, this is a can’t miss video.

Are you already using a video-first approach when it comes to demos? Excited to try it out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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