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Please consult your primary care provider before starting any new supplement, to see if they are right for you.

If you go to the gym, head off on long walks, embark on a hiking adventure, or even just move furniture around, you’ll probably end up with muscle pain or soreness at some point.

CBD balms that are made to target this soreness are rising in popularity, thanks to their effectiveness in soothing and alleviating muscle pain. 

We’ve gone through dozens of CBD brands that offer balms to target muscle pain and soreness, and now we’re giving you the magic knowledge to find the best-suited CBD muscle balm for your needs.

A Quick Look at the Best CBD Muscle Balm

What is CBD Muscle Balm?

Balms are oily topicals that can be rubbed into the skin, usually to treat injuries or reduce pain and inflammation. CBD balms are designed for the same purpose, but they’re infused with cannabidiol.

CBD is extracted from cannabis but isn’t generally psychoactive, so you don’t have to worry about getting high. For many, CBD balms work to nourish, moisturize, and relieve pain on the surface level all the way down to the muscles. There’s little research on CBD’s effect on pain, but some research has found CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties that could help with this.

Highly-concentrated CBD balms are often used for quick relief when dealing with muscle soreness. Anyone can use them – even if you’re not a highly-trained athlete or a marathon runner. If you ever suffer from muscle discomfort, we suggest trying out a CBD balm as it may soothe aches and pains. 

What Does CBD Muscle Balm Do?

CBD balm can work to relieve soreness for many users because endocannabinoid receptors are found underneath the skin. When you topically rub in CBD, the cannabinoids can penetrate the outer layer of the skin and bind with receptors. In turn, these receptors can help invigorate, relieve, and soothe tired or sore muscles. 

Benefits of CBD on Muscles

CBD balm has many potential benefits for the muscular system. First, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve muscle pain. For many people who often exert themselves physically, CBD has helped them improve recovery time and activate tired muscles. Plus, the all-natural ingredients in many CBD products are great for people who are looking for relief that’s closer to Mother Nature. Because CBD often doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, a lot of people turn to it instead of other soothing balms that may be filled with chemicals or unnecessary additives. 

How Often to Use CBD Muscle Balm

The great thing about CBD cream and balms is that you can use them as much as you want. Because they’re usually all-natural, there shouldn’t be any issues with using them more than a couple of times a day.

Some people might be concerned about developing a tolerance, but that’s highly unlikely. While not impossible, you’d have to apply it multiple times a day for months on end for your cannabinoid receptors to become less sensitive. 

Best CBD Muscle Balm

Best Overall

Wild Theory CBD Cream Extra Strength

Wild Theory’s CBD Cream Extra Strength is their most powerful topical, designed to offer deep and intensive relief along with soothing hydration. Made with a blend of beneficial herbs and essential oils that are meant to work beautifully alongside CBD, this balm may help ease areas of discomfort while hydrating the skin. For people who deal with dry or irritated skin, this balm could be the way to go. Because of this balm’s potency, we’ve got to give it the best overall spot.

Best Scented

BATCH CBD Balm: Original

BATCH CBD Balm: Original smells like a dream and its effects are reported by many to be equally as amazing. With lavender, tea tree, jojoba, and eucalyptus oils that give it its signature scent, BATCH CBD has knocked it out of the park. The no-mess twist-up applicator makes it easy to apply to sore areas, and it promises to absorb quickly to have you feeling better in no time.

Best Fast-Acting Relief

FOCL Relief Cream

FOCL Relief Cream is one of the most fast-acting muscle balms out there. With either 1,000mg or 2,000mg of premium CBD and other soothing botanicals, this balm promises to quickly and effectively zap any aches and pains away. While Camphor oil and premium CBD can work to help recover sore muscles and soothe aches, aloe and arnica can help reduce inflammation. Finally, a botanical blend of menthol, eucalyptus, and wintergreen oil adds to the relief with a cooling action.

Dragon Hemp Warming Balm

If you’re one of the almost 20% of Americans that deal with chronic muscular, joint, or back pain, check out Dragon Hemp Warming Balm. The super-concentrated product with 3,600mg of CBD promises to help soothe topical discomfort, while a blend of Chinese herbs can help disperse blood stasis and stimulate the blood flow for even more deep tissue comfort. 

Evn CBD Salve

Evn CBD Salve, is designed to quickly eliminate pain and rejuvenate tired muscles. With 500mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD, they promise you’ll be on the road to recovery before you can say, Jack Robinson. With added eucalyptus and lavender oils, comfort could be just a massage away. 

Joy Organics Organic CBD Salve

Tap into a truly spa-like experience with Joy Organics Organic CBD Salve. The product with 500mg of zero-THC CBD is designed to help revitalize muscles and joints while nourishing and hydrating dry and cracked skin. With dozens of five-star reviews from people who have felt the relief, this is a balm to look out for. The mild scent is reminiscent of lavender and eucalyptus, adding to the relaxing experience altogether. 

Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm


Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm is an all-natural topical that is meant to saturate sore muscles and joints, giving instant relief and aiding in restoration. Using an unconventional slow-simmered reduction method for CBD, this balm is a doozy. Plus, a blend of soothing botanicals like calendula, grapeseed oil, cacao butter, lavender, and peony can work together with CBD to fight inflammation. Plus: it’s also edible!

Easiest To Apply

BATCH CBD Balm: Fire & Ice

BATCH CBD Balm: Fire & Ice is designed to be the relief you can feel instantly. The warming and cooling sensations it provides can help you recover quickly and get back to feeling your best and taking on the day. 1,250mg of full-spectrum CBD is boosted with camphor and menthol that cools and warms, along with jojoba oil, included to promote quick absorption and fast relief. The lemongrass aroma just adds to the relaxing sensations. 

Best Overnight Balm

CBDfx Overnight Ultra Moisturizing Balm

If you’re looking for overnight, take a look at CBDfx Overnight Ultra Moisturizing Balm. Rather than reapplying all day, you can use this balm as part of your nighttime routine, and many users wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for whatever life brings. 750mg of CBD are packed into this balm, along with other natural botanical ingredients. The secret ingredient is Evening Primrose oil, which, for many, creates a calming sensation and reduces nerve pain. 

Best Fragrance-Free CBD Balm

Lazarus Naturals Unscented CBD Balm

Maybe lavender-scented balms aren’t your thing. No worries, turn to Lazarus Naturals Unscented CBD Balm for relief that won’t make it up your nose. 3,000mg of full-spectrum CBD are packed into this balm that is designed to give all the relief without any of the scents. Although it’s odorless, the effects won’t be lost on you. 

Charlottes Web CBD Balm Stick

Putting your wellness over anything is important for any daily self-care routine. With Charlotte’s Web CBD Balm Stick, it’s easy to incorporate a love of CBD into your everyday habits. You can use it in the morning, after a workout, or before bed, and is designed to target areas that need extra care. The product comprises of 525mg of CBD infused with menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, and ginger oil, all included with the intent of making you feel your best.

Avid Hemp CBD Relief Balm

Avid Hemp’s CBD Relief Balm has a cooling menthol aroma and 300mg of full-spectrum CBD that is designed to give you the full benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids to soothe muscle aches and pains. With superior-quality ingredients and manufactured in-house, this balm promises to zap away any pain and have you feeling like million bucks again, ready to continue on with your day without discomfort. 

Best Full Spectrum

TheraOne CBD Revive Body Balm

TheraOne CBD Revive Body Balm promises to fix anything related to muscle pain, from sore muscles after a workout to aching feet after a long night in heels. This balm is designed to help jumpstart recovery by soothing discomforts and nourishing the skin in problem areas. The 300mg of full-spectrum CBD in this product allows you to reap the potential benefits of the entire cannabis plant, while turmeric, menthol, and Shea butter are a welcome addition to the recovery process. 

Irwin Naturals CBD Balm

Irwin Naturals CBD Balm taps into your endocannabinoid system, designed to provide deep benefits that can help soothe and relieve muscle pain. With aromas reminiscent of Lemongrass and Blue Tansy, all ingredients are carefully sourced for purity and potency, allowing you to soothe pains without artificial dyes, preservatives, or unnecessary fragrances. The 1,000mg of high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil is enhanced with aloe, black elderberry, and rosemary for deep relief. 

Best Heat Roll-On

Enjoy Hemp CBD Heat Roll-On

If heat is how you find muscle relief, try out Enjoy Hemp CBD Heat Roll-On. The high-potency 2,000mgs of full-spectrum CBD can work along with eucalyptus, chamomile, and menthol for added comfort. This roll-on product is designed to make it easier than ever to reach problem areas, soothing sore and aching muscles anywhere on your body effectively and quickly while providing a warming sensation. 

Best CBD Isolate Balm

Joyful Bath Co Ultra Therapy Hemp Balm

Joyful Bath Co Hemp Ultra Therapy Hemp Balm is made with 200mg of pure, CO2-derived hemp CBD isolate that’s joyfully created to improve your life by relieving sore muscles. The added menthol and coconut oil is meant to help soothe the skin, muscles, and joints. To use, all you need to do is massage the balm into the affected area and wait for relief to settle in. 

Koi Healing Balm

Koi Healing Balm is a CBD-isolate soothing balm that is designed to help active people ward off soreness by getting to the root of the problem. As a leader in the CBD industry, Koi CBD has been helping people find relief for a long time, making all-natural hemp products that are high-potency and reported by many users to be great for any aches and pains. Pick between 500mg and 1,000mg of broad-spectrum CBD isolate to tackle sore muscles and joints. Both products are designed to give you instant and lasting relief that’ll help you power through the day. 

Sly Fox Full-Spectrum CBD Soothing Salve

For a highly-concentrated and potent CBD salve that easily targets and zaps out pain in problem areas, Sly Fox Full-Spectrum CBD Soothing Balm may do the trick. With a zesty lemon scent that shows off the greatness of citrus, along with 2,500mg of full-spectrum CBD, the manufacturer promises this balm is fast-absorbing and sure to have you feeling your best in no time. 

Best CBD Balm for Lips

CBD Daily Salve + Lip Balm

Your lips can also benefit from CBD. Try out CBD Daily Salve + Lip Balm which is designed to work as a two-for-one: targeting and relaxing painful muscles while soothing and moisturizing lips to make them even more kissable. It’s the perfect size for a gym bag, purse, or even just your pocket! The hemp-derived CBD, coconut oil, soybean oil, and shea butter are included to make it fast-absorbing while providing ultimate relief. 

Best Citrus Scented

Uncle Bud’s CBD Body Revive Balm

Is there anything better than the sweet and acidic scent of citrus? If you agree, you’ll want to look out for Uncle Bud’s CBD Body Revive Balm. This ultra-strength balm is the perfect topical solution to aches and pains for many users, designed for quick absorption and an unmistakable citrus scent that will have you feeling like you stepped into a spa. 

Calmway CBD Pain Relief Cream Roll-On

CalmWay CBD Pain Relief Cream Roll-On is designed to create a soothing and calming cooling effect that can penetrate deeply into the skin, providing instant and lasting relief. The so-called “CalmWay freeze” promises to be effective thanks to its 1,000mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, along with menthol and Arnica, which is meant to work as an anti-inflammatory in the joints and muscles. Plus, Aloe Vera is included to soothe and moisturize the skin. Within minutes, you can expect to feel a sense of relief and calm after applying it to problem areas.

CBD muscle balms are a great way to soothe and alleviate muscle pain. If you’re looking for a good CBD brand that offers a balm specifically designed to target muscle soreness, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully our list of the best CBD brands for muscle pain can help you find the one that works best for you!

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