Choosing the best gaming monitor for your gaming needs can be a time tacking and difficult job, it’s not as easy as what you think, as there are several factors which need to be keep in mind before buying one.

There are a lot of things which separates gaming monitors then ordinary monitors in the market and the recent advancement in technology has made it even more a difficult decision.

But the good thing is; the life of monitors as compared to other electric gadgets is much better with typically some lasting for 15 years without any issues.

Best Gaming Monitors in 2023 Reviewed

The below is the review of best gaming monitors in the market

Acer 27 Inches XF270H Bbmiiprzx

Acer Gaming Monitor 27” XF270H Abmidprzx

Acer is a known name and reputed brand among those who know computers, laptops and computer accessories. This monitor is another product from Acer and by the looks of it, it is has started getting response on Amazon.

This monitor is full high definition one, which means that while it is good on resolution, it is not as good as a UHD 4K resolution monitor.


This monitor comes with a few good features that make it a perfect value for the money. But I am not going to talk about those features unless we have a look at the pros and cons, because this computer is might not rich in resolution, it is very rich in speed.


  • 27 inches wide screen display with FHD resolution.
  • 21:9 wide aspect ratio perfect for more windows and multitasking.
  • Super 144Hz refresh rate & 1ms response rate make it worth of gaming.
  • LED TN Panel with AMD FreeSync Technology.


  • Not UHD but still high price.
  • Size a little small for wide screen 21:9 aspect ratio computer monitors.

Dice has been cast:

But these precisely explained pros and cons don’t give you the bigger picture, do they? Let us examine each and every one of them:

27 inches wide FHD screen


Here lies the mediocrity. A screen 27 inches big is just okay, but then you make things difficult with FHD. Full High Definition means that it is not an average screen but a good one at 1920 x 1080P resolution.


This is not too good. Resolution could be too good with a 3480 x 2160P UHD 4K one and screen size could be bigger especially with the aspect ratio that this good computer monitor offers.

Aspect Ratio 21:9

This computer seems to be a mixed bag of everything and why I consider 21:9 aspect ratio a pro is because it is really good for multitasking, but Acer’s intention seems to make a mixed bag of everything.

They had to ruin this perfect aspect ratio with a screen size and resolution that comes with average computer monitors.

Mostly we see this type of aspect ratio with 30+ inches computer monitor, which makes things more interesting. Plus, those monitors are curved ones to make things more interesting and to make easier a multi-windows functioning as well as a better display.

Super 144Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response Rate

I had to admit and you will also:

If somewhere this monitor beats many other computer monitors 6 days to Sunday, it is in respect of the refresh rate and response rate.

And let us not take these factors so easy. They can make or break the reputation of a monitor and they decide whether a monitor is a gaming monitor or not.

With 144Hz refresh rate and 1m response rate, this monitor is worthy of being called a gaming monitor.

LED TN Panle and AMDSync Technology

To beef up the hardware and its effects, Acer choose an LED TN panel which is among the best ones. Likewise, it comes with AMDSync technology that prevents your gaming experience from broken frames and makes it stable.

As for cons, it’s enough to say that relatively small size and choosing FHD over UHD are somewhat cons to me and other users.

HKC 32” 4K UHD 3840×2160 LED ultrawide Gaming Monitor

HKC 32'' 4K UHD 3840x2160 LED ultrawide Gaming Monitor

For gaming buffs:

One of the most important piece of gear that they want to buy is a gaming monitor. A gaming monitor is not like your usual PC monitor, but it is equipped with technology that is focused fully on making your gaming experience better, faster and smoother.

We are talking about faster fps rate, response time, refresh rate and lesser flicker. Before we talk any further about the technical specs of this gaming monitor, let us have a look at over all pros and cons observed in examination of this product.


  • 32 inches Ultra High Definition 4 K video monitor.
  • Eye-Care technology takes care of your eyes with low-blue light and less flicker.
  • 8ms response rate, 60hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Technology offer a smooth gaming experience.
  • Samsung VA Panel – better color production, brightness and viewing angles.


  • Loser in brand war with giants like Asus and Samsung etc.
  • Besides the resolution the picture quality is not spectacular.


So this is pretty much everything about this monitor. Except we have to talk about the pros and cons separately and also why this monitor is losing an unfair fight with all amazing specs that come at affordable rate.

Screen Size and Resolution

This gaming monitor comes with a 32” UHD 4K video capacity and the screen as a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is pretty good considering the giants that exist in 4K category. The UHD result makes gaming a memorable experience.

Eye-Care Technology and Flicker-Less Technology

What are the two biggest concerns that you have while playing video games on big monitors? Yes, number 1 is your eyes. Too much blue or white light hurt the eyes and then comes number 2 which is a technical thing: flicker.

This gaming monitor comes with low blue light and a matte type surface that does not hurt your eyes so rest assured that you can play video games for hours and your eyes will not hurt.

Second big thing is the Flicker-Free technology. Flicker is the sudden change in brightness that hurts eyes and sometimes even causes headaches. This monitor helps you have a flicker-free gaming, which again, adds up to the overall gaming experience.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Well, response time and refresh rate are two most important variables that determine whether a computer monitor is worthy of being called a “gaming monitor” or not.

The response time on this monitor is 8ms, which is, honestly, just good, but not too good. This is where it gets tricky and people who favor IPS panels barge into the discussion because with those panels frame per second rate goes higher.

However, 60hz refresh rate is only standard one. You might enjoy a 4K video with it and most of the heavy games as well, but this is not the best speed. There are 120hz and bigger speed monitors as well.

And the cons of this monitor are not much of the cons. Well, it is a loser in a battler where big names win and secondly, the picture quality is still not the best because of average response time and refresh rate.

Acer G276HL Kbix 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA Zero Frame Monitor (HDMI & VGA Ports)

Acer G276HL Kbix 27" Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA Zero Frame Monitor (HDMI & VGA Ports)

Less bezels?

Yes, this trend has managed to creep into the mobile phone industry, but now it seems to be jolting the computer monitors industry as well.

Take Acer for example!

Acer alone has produced many bezel-free display designs and Acer G276HL Kbix 27” monitor is one of those monitors.

However, ZeroFrame is not only good thing about this monitor. It is packed and loaded with specs and features that any tech lover or tech geek would like to have in their personal computing or gaming monitor.

For starters:

It throws at its viewers a barrage of colors and perhaps colors is the best quality of this monitor, but we will figure out all the pros and cons in a jiffy.


  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution
  • 4ms Response Time
  • 7 Million Colors & 300 nit Brightness
  • Sleek & Stylish ZeroFrame Design


  • Not much of HD
  • Brightness no enough


Before we talk of the cons of this product, it is better that we “dissect” all the pros to get a bigger picture of the pros and cons.

Because cons are too few – they won’t take much time.

27” Full HD Monitor

The screen size is comparatively smaller as compared to other gaming and media computer monitors of this genre.


The resolutions of this one is Full HD. If you want to know the exact resolution real estate, it is 1920 x 1080p.

While it is not a 4K monitor, 1080p is not lesser than anything and the true video/picture quality of 1080p cameras and display panels is definitely very eye catching and attractive.

Response Time

The response time of this display panel is 4ms. This is the response time of all good gaming and professional/personal use computer displays.

This alone sets this display apart from those that have bigger response time and thus not considered ideal for gaming and media purposes.

7 Million Colors & 300nit Brightness


What is this number? 16.7 million colors! Are the colors as many as 16.7 million or it is an industry jargon?


16.7 million colors is just another expression of a 24 bit monitor that is capable of showing each of all main 3 colors used to create all the colors in 8 bits.


It will create 256 levels of each: green, red and blue.


You must be wondering about 300bit brightness. What is this? Another technical term. All you need to know is one nit is a standard unit of luminance and if number of nits is from 200 to 3000, then it is an acceptable to better level of brightness.

Sleek & Stylish Design

As you can see, this monitor, like a few others made by Acer, is based on their ZeroFrame design.

Frame or bezel is the border of a product like cell phone, tabs, laptops or computer displays. Lesser the bezel, better the quality of display.


This display is not anywhere near to be a perfect one. For starters, the customers report that the picture result is not as promising as a real HD and since the brightness is 300 nits, which is bordering inadequate brightness, some of the people find it inadequate.

Choice is yours.

VIOTEK GN32DB 32-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

For gamers it is hard to find out the best and ultimate gaming monitor. They want everything in it and it is almost impossible.

Even if you pick the best gaming monitor, it’ll be lacking this thing or that thing. You can pick any of them from Amazon and I bet that even the best one would have one or two negative reviews.


If there is one ultimate spec that all gaming lovers expect from their ideal gaming computer, it is a big curved screen. And this is where I will end the introductory note.

The display of VIOTEK 32” gaming monitor is a curved one. Here are all the pros and cons for you.


  • 144Hz Refresh Rate & 4ms Response Time
  • Big 32” Curved Screen
  • Bezel-less 2540 x 1440p WQHD Resolution
  • RTS/FPS Viewing Modes with Dynamics Customization


  • Awful Menu Interface & Speakers
  • Not 100% Compatible with PS4 – too pixelated

Let us talk about the problems first. Of the two cons, one that I actually, personally faced, is the speakers and menu interface.

When you open the menu you find out that you cannot find out anything at its place. It’s like there was a competition of making the most disintegrated menu and they won the first prize. The speakers are also pathetic for a monitor meant specially for gaming. There is no audio-jack so you have to live what you have.

The other problem has been reported by other users. They found out that their pieces were not 100% compatible with PS4. So, they can play game, but the video is so pixelated that they can hardly enjoy it.

144Hz Refresh Rate & 4ms Response Time

This is perhaps the best thing about this monitor. 144Hz refresh rate is insanely awesome. I mean this is like rocket science worked on gaming monitors.

This refresh rate says it all. That this is a gaming monitor and that this is perhaps one of the fastest ones.

The refresh rate is what takes your game from your console to your display, and if it is not a good one, you should be ready for a lot of lags and stuttering.


The 4ms response time is only good. If it was any more, we could call it hardly average. Lesser is better in this case.

Big 32” Curved Screen

The most noticeable best thing about this display is a big 32” curved screen.

For starters we know that curved display is considered ideal for binge watching HD movies and definitely for gaming.

Why? It is because the curved posture ensures that you do not have too much pressure on your eyes.  So is the case with this display, it will be easy on your eyes.

Bezel-less 2540 x 1440p WQHD Resolution

About the screen of this display, we can say without fear of doubt that it is one of the best ones.

For example, it is bezel-less display. The wide screen aspect ratio is ideal: 16:9, and the resolution is WGHD 2540x1440p.

RTS/FPS Viewing Modes with Dynamics Customization

The FPS and RTS viewing modes and dynamics customization improve your vision and your gaming experience. You can customize them as per your personal preference and your gaming experience will be automatically improved.

There are some other features like FreeSync and others that make it an ideal gaming display.

Conclusion on Cheap Gaming Monitors in 2023

A best gaming monitor is slightly different then an ordinary monitor because you need extra wide angles and faster pixels rate. Not every monitor can be a great gaming monitor, so that was the ultimate reason which convinced me to write a review on this. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please share it via comments section.


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