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Social Media has truly become a place to reckon when it comes to promoting your work and business online. If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you will surely need to develop an effective marketing strategy that would produce fruitful results for your business and make the most out of every single penny that you invest. This calls for professional management of your social media and adoption of marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (SEM), Social Media Advertising, and Traditional Marketing. The key is in finding budget friendly digital marketing services.

Optimizing these channels would help your business rank higher in Google Search results, thereby driving more leads and conversions. Being a small business owner would mean managing things on a small scale. So why spend a fortune on hiring a digital marketing service for exorbitant rates when you can hire top-notch services under a feasible budget! 

Read on to gather more information on top budget-friendly digital marketing services that would zoom your business up to the pinnacles of success!


With AgoraPulse, you can easily manage all your social media accounts under one roof. Schedule posts across all your social networks in a few simple steps. Produce quality content with AgoraPulse to gain a better reach to your audience and engagement.  With an easy interactive user-interface combining all of your conversations from supported social media networks in a single thread, this makes it easy for you to keep track of the latest trends, brand mentions, and conversations.

Choose the best-suited plan for your business from AgoraPulse options starting out with free and moving to Pro ($79.00/month), Professional ($159.00/month), and Enterprise (Custom Solutions).

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is currently deemed to be one of the top social media management companies. Lyfe uses relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and achieve their goals. Lyfe helps you to understand your business, target audience, and competition. It further provides assistance for quality content creation for your social media platforms. Lyfe helps clients to create monthly content publishing calendars to save you more time.

Lyfe Marketing offers social media management services at very affordable pricing with 3 standard plans. The Good Plan costs $700/month, the Better Plan is priced at $800/month, and the Best Plan is slightly pricier, costing $1100/month.


The BuzzSumo platform operates on four key components – Discovery, Research, Identifying Influencers, and Monitoring. Use BuzzSumo’s content insights to generate useful ideas, create content that performs superbly, monitor your content’s performance, and identify influencers to power-up your brand.

BuzzSumo offers a free 30-day trial post which you can opt for one of the 3 plans offered – the Pro Plan for $99/month, the Plus plan for $179/month, and the Large plan for $299/month. One can also opt for the Free plan with limited features, that would be apt for small startups and businesses.


Fiverr is deemed a favorite amongst freelancers and business owners when it comes to the quality of services and low cost of work. Fiverr coupons open up an entire avenue of digital marketing services including SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, E-Commerce Marketing, and much more.

You can subscribe to Fiverr Pro services, and get exceptional and talented Pros to work on your next project. All Pros are personally verified by Fiverr for stellar quality and service.


Guru is significantly similar to Fiverr in terms of the types of services offered, yet is considered more secure owing to its strict security policies for buyers and sellers alike. Guru is a good choice if you wish to connect with multiple freelancers and manage your content and projects from a central dashboard.

Employers hunting for freelance talent on Guru can use their free Employer membership and gain access to a host of salient features like unlimited job posts, quotes from top freelancers, SafePay for secure payment, and more. Guru charges a standard fee of 2.9% for each invoice you pay.


Upwork, like Fiverr, is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers online. Upwork guarantees you access to some of the top freelancers in the field of digital marketing and social media management. Browse the profiles of the selected freelancers and connect with them to kick start your project. 

Upwork gives you access to a large pool of talent, suitable for all budgetary needs. So, if you are a small business owner, who cannot pool in for the services of a digital marketing agency, then Upwork is the place to start looking.

Digital marketing is the future when it comes to propagating marketing strategies and services. With a lot of businesses migrating to online platforms post-pandemic, it is very crucial to make your presence felt online and stand out in the ocean of small-scale businesses. Choose the right budget friendly digital marketing services to create and manage top-notch content and propel your business to the top of the Google Search results, and eventually, to the top of the game.

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