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Kief is a thing that we all adore to accumulate. We grind and grind our cannabis, and then after a couple of months or months, open up the base of the grinder to discover a thick layer of those cannabinoid-rich crystals.

It is a definitely interesting time for the reason that that kief is made up of up to 80% cannabinoid material. It is really powerful and will certainly strike you quite challenging. It’s the sort of detail that’s going to place you down for the depend.

That mentioned, you may possibly not know particularly what to do with kief. Some people today could roll it into a joint and smoke it, place it into a bong, turn it into hash, or bake it into edibles. However, there is a little something else you can do with kief, one thing that many people do not know.

Certainly, you can dab kief. No, kief isn’t like a concentrate, this sort of as a wax or shatter, but it is nonetheless technically achievable to dab it.

Right now, we will discuss about everything you will need to know about kief and dabbing it. We’ll communicate about what his rewards and shortcomings are, how to do it, how to switch kief into a dabbing focus, and more.

Important Takeaways

  • Kief are the crystals, resin glands, or trichomes in cannabis.
  • Kief can have up to 80% cannabinoids.
  • It is probable to dab kief. 
  • Dabbing kief allows you delight in the gains of cannabis devoid of inhaling too considerably smoke.

What is Kief?

Kief is the trichomes or crystals, usually regarded as the resin glands, on the exterior of hashish buds or nugs. If you just appear at a refreshing hashish bud, that thick white layer of what appears to be like like fantastic sugar on the exterior is what we are chatting about below.

These trichomes or resin glands are also what contains the extensive the greater part of the THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis. Hence, you can assume kief to be exceptionally potent, up to 80% THC in fact.

Although person cannabis buds really don’t deliver much of it, it’s so potent that a tiny little bit goes a extended way. Several people pick to just smoke it as is, put it in some edibles, or even make it into hash. On the other hand, dabbing is a further choice that you have at your disposal.

Can You Dab Kief?

Kief dabs are not seriously a point. Shatter, wax, rosin, and all those people other cannabis concentrates are built specifically for dabbing and vaporizing. Kief is, even so, not 1 of these concentrates. It has not been processed into an oily or waxy product. Thus, lots of people today wonder how accurately kief can be dabbed.

Perfectly, kief can essentially be dabbed just like other cannabis extracts. You just place it onto the sizzling nail and permit it vaporize. Technically speaking, it does operate. The difficulty is that when kief is not appropriately processed, there may well be some leftover plant make a difference in it. This can go away a bad aftertaste in your mouth and even leave residue in your dab unit.

On that exact notice, that plant subject might essentially combust in its place of remaining vaporized, which is not a thing you want.

Not only does this depart residue driving and make a mess, but it is also not fantastic for your lungs. Moreover, contrary to wax or shatter, kief does not soften when it is dabbed. While strictly talking, it is possible, dabbing kief normally would make a little bit of a mess.

What Are the Positive aspects of Dabbing Kief?

Much better

Just one of the gains of dabbing kief is that it is pretty robust. It can contain up to 80% cannabinoids. Hence, it can be just as powerful, or at minimum virtually as potent, as most kinds of wax and shatter. It’s something that will absolutely help you sense the outcomes of hashish.

Fewer Smoke to Inhale

Kief dabs may possibly be a little bit much healthier, at minimum when in comparison to cigarette smoking flower. Combusting and inhaling something just is not very good for your respiratory tract. While dabbing or vaporizing is not 100% healthy, it is a great deal more healthy than smoking cigarettes.

Uses Up Kief in the Grinder

Some people today just never use that kief because they really do not want to go via the hard work of turning it into edibles or everything else of the sort. Thus, if nothing else, dabbing your kief is just a fantastic way to get it out of the grinder and use it up.

What Are the Potential Downsides to Dabbing Kief?

One particular of the greatest downsides to dabbing kief is pretty simply that it tends to make a mess. It does not vaporize effectively, it leaves behind residue, and it demands very a cleanup task afterward. 

On top of that, acquiring that high-quality powder on to the incredibly hot nail in the to start with put can be a obstacle. You will in all probability close up spilling a total lot of it.

Can You Make Dabs Out of Kief?

Certainly, you can make dabs out of kief. Ice water hash or dry sift is produced by separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant using chilly water. It’s then dried and pressed into dabs. Rosin is made by working with warmth and force to squeeze the trichomes out of fresh plant substance.

Other dabs also technically include kief, but are produced applying diverse processes this sort of as butane extraction or C02.

How A lot Kief Do I Require for Dabs?

If you are just dabbing some of your personal kief, a very little little bit goes a prolonged way. About the measurement of a quarter of a pea will do just fantastic. 

You won’t be in a position to suit substantially much more on the nail in any case. If you have a bucket for your rig, you can match a lot. On the other hand, if you prepare on generating your have dabs, you will will need a whole lot of kief, many grams, or even ounces.

How to Make Dabs from Kief?

If you want to make some wax or shatter from kief there are a few strategies to go about it. The most popular on the market place is butane extraction. As stated above, this is where butane is blasted by way of the hashish plant issue. The butane absorbs the THC and will come out the bottom.

At this time, it wants to be place within a vacuum chamber and then baked within an oven. This permits the butane to dissipate, leaving driving the wax or shatter entire of THC. On the other hand, this method is exceptionally risky and best avoided at property.

The next very best strategy right here is to make your own rosin. To make rosin out of kief, you are likely to use a warmth press or even something simple like a hair straightener. Set your kief inside of a 25-micron bag, press it concerning the heated plates, and collect the oil as it will come out. You can also get bubble luggage to produce your individual ice h2o hash.

How to Get Kief Out of a Grinder

The best way to get kief out of a grinder is to contact it as small as doable. If you can, just bang together the two halves of the grinder and allow the kief fall out into some kind of container or receptacle. You might also use a challenging utensil.

Anything like a knife or toothpick performs very well. Just never use your fingers or something damp, because you really do not want that important THC staying wasted. Many grinders even come with smaller brushes designed exclusively to clean up them out.

Last Feelings – Can You Dab Kief?

So, can you dab kief? The base line below is that technically talking, certainly, you can dab kief, and it will be a incredibly potent expertise! Having said that, it is tremendous inconvenient and can go away a distressing cleaning job afterwards on. But, it’s some thing we endorse striving at the very least when because the encounter can be fully distinct from what you are accustomed to.

Wherever to Invest in Kief, Grinders, and E-Rigs Online

If you really do not have any kief on hand but would like some, examine out this CBD Kief from Basic Jane. If you have to have a good grinder to make your have kief with, get a appear at this brilliant Royale G Grinder or this far more cost-effective Herb Saver Grinder. If you currently have your kief and require a way to dab it, you could be interested in this Ispire Dab E-Rig

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